Top Ten Bleach Filler Arcs

Honestly, none of the fillers were good, but if one were to pick the best of the worst, or if you actually want to watch some it would be these top ten

The Top Ten Bleach Filler Arcs

1 Bount Arc

I put this as #1 because it actually defined filler arcs for Bleach. The invasion was dome pretty well and many parts were pretty tragic (rip bounts) - wren6

2 Gotei 13 Arc
3 Shusuke Amagai Arc
4 Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc
5 Forest of Menos Arc
6 Karakuraiser Arc
7 Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!
8 Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero
9 New Year Special
10 Ichigo and the Magic Lamp
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