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1 Ranbu no melody #13

The clashes at the ending are just awesome

SID are awesome. the song is by far the best bleach opening.

So hard to singgg ahh - Enmanu16

Awesome fast opening with the coolest video. Definitely not for immature kids who watch Naruto all time. - admister300

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2 Asterisk #1

This opening was pretty iconic. Amazing visuals that set the tone for the sweet beginnings of Bleach as well as one of, if not THE song that put Orange Range on the map. Despite post-Soul Society Arc not being the best, Bleach still was a huge part of my childhood. This will always be one of the greatest anime openings in my opinion.

Iconic, this helped make Bleach - Enmanu16

A good opening for FIRST impression. - admister300

Best of them all

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3 Ichirin no hana #

This has been my favorite bleach op since ever. Its perfect in my eyes

The part of Byakuya and Ichigo was too cool. - admister300

Best opening with best music

4 D-technolife #2

Incredible opening, the one I remembers the most, and it hits so deep feeling when it runs, I just want to see that arc over and over

I love it the best one when bleach was in its prime

Best of all


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5 Rolling star #5

Best one above all.

Best opning The voice is just perfect

What?. This opening is the best. It should be above Alones because all the things in this are perfect. Yui's Voice just completely mixed with all the characters. The video was just awesome. And the part when in the sunset ichigo standing with zangetsu in his back and his hollow appears abruptly was just wicked cool. And it is one of Yui's best songs too. So it definitely deserves a position above Alones.

6 Alones #6

This is obviously the best Bleach song like nothing can top it

This should be #1


Alones should be at the top

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7 chAngE #12

Its just sick

Describes the sadness of Orihime really well.

Wow it was really good. It described the Awesome fake karakura arc. Stark vs Kyoraku and toshiro vs hallibel and ichigo vs ulquiorra showed up. This had to be the best opening.

8 Velonica #9

Come on man,it should be higher

The best ever!

Best op ever

9 Afterdark #7

It's the best OP

Very fitting with the mood of the episodes at the time. It was a very sad sounding song.

Easily one of my favourite OP's in general. Somehow the actual video is even better than the OP. I hgihly suggest you check it out.


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10 Soujo S

It's between this and asterisk, this just edges it for me though

Only opening that I didn't skip

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11 Tonight Tonight #4

Actually this isn't even my favorite song, not bad, but not my fave. But somehow... It just worked really well for me. The animation was great - exciting and nicely timed with the music. It was a nice, light-hearted, feel-good opening, and that last image of ichigo and rukia sleeping by the picnic blanket with the plushies is so kawaii!

12 BLUE #14

This opening should definetaly get more credit, since it is one of my favorites

13 Harukaze

Can't remember the times I went hoarse singing this song - Enmanu16

14 Anima Rossa #11

I think the music is very delightful and the lyrics are astonishing. Nice job by Porno Graffiti

Good song. A really underrated opening.

15 Scandal #15

One of my top 3. I don't think it gets the love because people don't like the arc it's associated with...

I find it the best Bleach opening.Highly underrated.

16 Chu-Bura #8

Crazy visuals which go perfectly with the song

17 Hanabi
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1. Asterisk #1
2. D-technolife #2
3. Ichirin no hana #
1. Asterisk #1
2. Ranbu no melody #13
3. Ichirin no hana #
1. Ranbu no melody #13
2. Alones #6
3. Rolling star #5


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