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1 Ranbu no melody #13

Awesome fast opening with the coolest video. Definitely not for immature kids who watch Naruto all time. - admister300

Best video ever. Not for some ass Naruto fans. - admister300

I Feel like I am in the middle of battle, with cool, sad, and touch sensation. The best part is when comes to Gin and Rangiku section, I love it so much.

Very good!

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2 Asterisk #1

A good opening for FIRST impression. - admister300

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3 Ichirin no hana #

The part of Byakuya and Ichigo was too cool. - admister300

Best opening with best music

4 Rolling star #5

What?. This opening is the best. It should be above Alones because all the things in this are perfect. Yui's Voice just completely mixed with all the characters. The video was just awesome. And the part when in the sunset ichigo standing with zangetsu in his back and his hollow appears abruptly was just wicked cool. And it is one of Yui's best songs too. So it definitely deserves a position above Alones.

5 D-technolife #2 V 1 Comment
6 Alones #6

I discovered Bleach through this song.

Solid music with song. - admister300

7 Velonica #9
8 chAngE #12

Wow it was really good. It described the Awesome fake karakura arc. Stark vs Kyoraku and toshiro vs hallibel and ichigo vs ulquiorra showed up. This had to be the best opening.

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9 Tonight Tonight #4

Actually this isn't even my favorite song, not bad, but not my fave. But somehow... It just worked really well for me. The animation was great - exciting and nicely timed with the music. It was a nice, light-hearted, feel-good opening, and that last image of ichigo and rukia sleeping by the picnic blanket with the plushies is so kawaii!

10 Soujo S

Only opening that I didn't skip

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11 Afterdark #7



12 BLUE #14
13 Harukaze
14 Anima Rossa #11

Good song. A really underrated opening.

15 Scandal #15

I find it the best Bleach opening.Highly underrated.

16 Chu-Bura #8
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1. Asterisk #1
2. D-technolife #2
3. Ichirin no hana #
1. Asterisk #1
2. Ranbu no melody #13
3. Ichirin no hana #
1. Ranbu no melody #13
2. Alones #6
3. Rolling star #5



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