Top 10 Best Blind Guardian Eras


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1 Nightfall in Middle-Earth

1998-2002. In this era they got maximum credits (for a reason). - Metal_Treasure

2 At The Edge Of Time At The Edge Of Time

2010-2015. Perfection. A well established band still going strong. They tried a new genre again - symphonic metal - and nailed it. - Metal_Treasure

3 Somewhere Far Beyond

Difficult period for all metal bands (because of grunge) but Blind Guardian were doing great. This was their breakthrough album. The Bard's Song. Many shows even outside Europe.
They made several steps to Blind Guardian epicness as we know it, especially the song Theatre Of Pain. - Metal_Treasure

4 A Night at the Opera

2002-2006. The best things in this era:
1) the song 'And then There Was Silence' - their longest song by far and one of their best ever
2) the live DVD 'Imaginations Through the Looking Glass'
3) Hansi was in top form - Metal_Treasure

5 Imaginations From the Other Side

Released one of their most acclaimed albums and one of their heaviest. - Metal_Treasure

6 Beyond the Red Mirror

2015-present. This album is great. - Metal_Treasure

7 Tales From the Twilight World

1990-1992. A change of the style towards more complex compositions. - Metal_Treasure

8 A Twist In The Myth

Hansi was still in top form even though he was 40+. The best vocal harmonies by him are on this album.
Disadvantage of this era: they got criticised for this album because it was their softest album. Yes, it was softer than their usual stuff but not bad. It was a vocal-oriented album. - Metal_Treasure

9 Batallions of Fear

1988-1989. Their start was very promising although not perfect. Majesty is one of my most favorite songs by them.
Seems the beginning was the most difficult era for them. They are from a small city and were also very young - drummer was 17 when recodred their debut. - Metal_Treasure

10 Follow the Blind

1989-1990. Improvement without changing the genre so they created some classics in speed and power subgenres: Banish From Sanctuary, Valhalla. - Metal_Treasure

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