Top 10 Blind Guardian Songs With the Best Choruses


The Top Ten

1 The Throne

This song has a chorus and pre-chorus, several amazing melodies, each one deserving to be a chorus to different songs. I've never heard anything like that! - Metal_Treasure

2 Majesty

Yeah! That chorus! - BlindGuardianValhalla

"Oh Oh Oh Oh Majesty". - Metal_Treasure

3 The Bard's Song (In The Forest)

This song is just... Pure magic - BlindGuardianValhalla

Oh yes this ones very good - christangrant

"Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain" - Metal_Treasure

4 Valhalla

"Valhalla - Deliverance
Why've you ever forgotten me" - Metal_Treasure

5 Nightfall

This is simply beautiful:
"Nightfall quietly crept in and changed us all". - Metal_Treasure

6 Thorn

This song is so intense, dark and powerful that sends shivers down my spine.
"Oh at dawn
I'll face the edge of thorns
Oh at dawn
I'll pray at the edge of thorns". - Metal_Treasure

7 Banish From Sanctuary

"No no turning back
I'm banished from sanctuary
The darkness in me is filling me with pain
There's no way to turn back for eternity". - Metal_Treasure

8 The Holy Grail

In this song I like more the pre-chorus that appears 2 times but with different lyrics: available pre-choruses and especially with different lyrics are signs of progressive songwriting:
1 version
Don't call it hopelessly insane Oh Oh Oh
I go and grasp the grail Oh Oh Oh
But in a graceful way Oh Oh Oh
Illegally, my aim
The grail will cross the border now

2 version
So after all, in vain Oh Oh Oh
I've met him and found the grail Oh Oh Oh
Cause in a skillful way Oh Oh Oh
I'll change to keep alive
Eternal lie, I'll be the one - Metal_Treasure

9 Mirror, Mirror
10 And Then There Was Silence

The Contenders

11 Time What Is Time
12 Into the Storm

I agree with the visitor - this is one of the most intense Blind Guardian songs, including the chorus. - Metal_Treasure

Come on, how is this not in the top ten, that epic chorus chant sends shivers down my spine every time I hear.

'We are following the will of the one,'
'Through the dark age and into the storm! '

13 Bright Eyes
14 The Ninth Wave

@ISP - thanks for adding this. Yes, this is a perfect song, including the chorus. Blind Guardian are one of the masters of choruses in metal, if not The masters. Blind Guardian create melodic and powerful choruses that are catchy but they are never excessively catchy. Most of the other power metal bands don't know where to stop and lots of their choruses tend to sound poppy cheesy. - Metal_Treasure

Always catch myself singing this one. Very catchy yet so epic and powerful. - IronSabbathPriest

15 Valkyries

Chorus sounds epic and beautiful:
"When the battle is lost and the slain ones are chosen, Valkyries will guide us home". - Metal_Treasure

16 The Last Candle
17 Ride Into Obsession
18 Time Stands Still

The fate of us all, lies deep in the dark! When time stands still at the iron hill!

19 Sacred Worlds
20 Welcome to Dying
21 Lord of the Rings
22 Age of False Innocence
23 A Past and Future Secret
24 Noldor
25 The New Order
26 Another Stranger Me
27 The Script for My Requiem
28 A Voice In the Dark
29 War of the Thrones
30 Mordred's Song
31 Ashes of Eternity
32 Wheel of Time
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