Best Blitzwinger Videos

he is a youtuber and he is awesome here are his top 10 playlists

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1 Lego Dimensions

I love this he made it look so great he deserves the one million subs plus he does great on his blitz toys channel why won't that get one million subs too

This could be the best game of the year possibly ever like he makes it even better than it was great and I will be able to watch all the videos from now on

We want Dorothy we want Dorothy we want Dorothy

I loved this while the real stuff happened

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2 Disney Infinity 3.0

Not only is this the best toy to life game of the year blitz does it so well he is just amazing in these

I am so glad this is on the list I hope it becomes number 1 soon people need to vote for this game

Woohoo go Disney infinity 3 he was awesome in this

I love this one especially the blitz box

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3 Skylanders Trap Team

He is so much better than pewdiepie

I loved this series

Loved this one too

And this is ok

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4 Advent Calender 2015

Why is this over octodad he was amazing in this also if you are looking at this list you must subscribe to blitzwinger (maniacal laugh)

5 Disney Infinity 2.0

Guess I just loved everything

I love that he does all 3 play sets and completes them.I really wish he would do a lot of free roam,do vs,and play more.

6 Lego Marvel Superheroes

he nice

This one was hilarious did not like the bad words but the game was amazing

7 Lego Batman 2

Really funny and great customs

8 Octodad the Dadliest Catch

He was awesome in this I wish there was a free roam

9 Lego City
10 Itry

The Contenders

11 Disney infinity 1.0
12 Yolocraft
13 1 Million Subs

This video was so nice by Max :-)

This one was amazing

I hope he makes that new video about this soon it is so amazing that he made it yes yes he is up there with Chris smoo be and channel federator also do a top ten 107 facts from the channel frederator videos

14 Splatoon

This was great I loved it I thought he did a wonderful job - Jordan01

The game was awesome when it lasted

15 Star Wars Battlefront
16 Lego Indiana Jones the Adventure Continues
17 The Future of Videos
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