How to make a good blog post

If you've ever thought of making a good blog post about something, or a rant/elimination series like "(Username goes here) Rants", or "TheTopTens User Elimination", or just a story about the TopTenners, then you have came to the right place. Here is where you will learn how to make a good blog post, if you want to have one on this list, of the best blog post series. However, this isn't fun and games we're talking about, as this blog post is for those who are serious about wanting to make a good blog post, and it will take some hard work. I will be giving you three tips on making a good blog post, that it may turn out high quality, or be very popular. Let's begin.
  • Put it in the right list - When I made my "Reviewing Every Iron Maiden Album" blog post series, I put it in the best Iron Maiden albums list, because it's about the Iron Maiden albums, and will fit great there, so people will find what they are looking for, and not something random. When you are making something, ask yourself what the blog post is about, and find a list about that same topic. For example, if you are doing a user elimination series like Total Drama, then you can put it on the "Top Ten Episodes that would be made if TheTopTens was a Television show".
  • Be Creative with your post - It is creativity that makes a blog post really good, and that is why PositronWildhawk has the top spot on the best blog post series list, with his "Sarcasm Series". Try to be funny with yours, but not using the same jokes with other ones, and don't do something that has already been done numerous times. You can do a rant series, but I suggest you give it a more creative title such as "Abominable Artists" or "A Darkened Analysis on Atrocious Stuff" (Do not use that one I just put, which I will probably use sometime If I decide to make a rant series).
  • Patience is important - When you make a blog post, it isn't just going to get high quality automatically, and it may actually take several days or even a week before it gets there. What you'll need is patience for this to work. If you just think that admin didn't like your posts and delete them after a day because they weren't high quality, you are not going to get anywhere, because very rarely does a post get high quality that quickly. It took like a week for my blog posts to get high quality, and it will be the same for you, so be patient.
So those are all the tips I have for you for now when it comes to making blog posts. I hope this helps you make better blog posts, and gives you an idea of how to make a good one, and I guess now you can start making some really good blog posts, and maybe some day, will your blog post series be remembered, as one of the greatest. Thanks for reading this blog post, and once again, I hope this helps. If not, then I don't know what to tell you. That's all for now.


Thanks for the post. - visitor

Good advice, I'll use it if I forget everything about this website. - Skullkid755

Looks like I put in my own tutorial in the "wrong list". - visitor

One more thing, grammar is important. Some of my posts weren't marked as HQ post because of grammar. I didn't gave space between lines. - zxm

Sorry, "give" not "gave" - zxm

Thanks for your solution! 👍😺. I named my blog posts series are "Cataclysmic Presentation"(used this series to review what did I hate and makes me angry) and "Lucky Charm Report" (used this series to review what I love and makes me happy, I uses this soon) - visitor

I turned it into "Cataclysm Essay" check it out. Thanks for a clue - visitor

Nice post. - visitor