Top Ten Best Blog Post Series On TheTopTens

We have a number of these now, and I think we have begun a trend with them.
Some of these are ones which I think deserve another chance after failing.

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21 Controversial TopTenners - JaysTop10List
22 I'm A TopTenner, Get Me Out Of Here! - Puga

This was done REALLY well, but the big flaw was that the characters were kind of bland and didn't have a distinct personality.But I'm sure this can be remastered and made better. - DapperPickle

23 Toptenners In Prison Life - DapperPickle
24 Total Drama TopTens - Simpsondude

His series is pretty good and well written. even though I'm not in the series, I would like to be In one if there's a squeal. - Mumbizz01

25 List Failures - Mumbizz01

Thanks whoever added my series. - Mumbizz01

26 Band Arguments - VelitelCabal

I personally believe that this series is way better than VC Rages.

27 Admin's Second Vacation - Puga
28 Mikey's Game Reviews - GarytheSnail

Thanks to whoever added this one! I really think I started to do better work on them with my Ratchet and Clank 3 review, and more are to come in the future. - Garythesnail

29 Talking 'Bout My G - Generation - PetSounds
30 TheTopTens: The Mole - SubliminalMessages
31 The Angry Outlaw - Htoutlaws2012
32 TopTenners in Tribal Island - DapperPickle
33 TheTopTens TV - Puga
34 Alternate History - Turkeyasylum
35 TheTopTens Family

I like this series. - Pony

36 TheTopTens In Cyberspace! - Nintendofan126

This is a good series! To bad it ended:( - nintendofan126

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37 Random Challenges 3 - Therandom

It's also the last one as well. - Therandom

38 The Ship - DapperPickle
39 TF2 Series - Pony

My post series is on here twice. Wait, what? - Pony

40 Ask TTT Users - UltimateHybridX
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