A Sarcastic Overview of The Internet

2015, a year were everything is still the same with an aura of electronic volts running through the ever-galactic generations of 'Le Wrong Generaton' cult that welcomes everyone with knifes, scars and Canadian flip kicks but just like everything from Thomas Crapper getting crapped on by the crap foundations of other's imperialism to a mass suicide of every teenage girls over Zayn Malik's departure of the great resident band with Simon Cowell banging his bangers on their mashes, it comes with the Wi-fi paradise cafeteria known as the Internet (or if you're a boarding school preppy, the Interweb).

It's a fun community, really! Everyday, financially broke people surf the waves of hot trending headlines to give them a healthy future on their healthcare and get scammed by companies (or should I say, 'recruiting them without their decisions') to help improve the community enough to send in welcoming and open-hearted letters to the proxy servers, like this letter that was made by a fellow companion with a hentai profile picture:

"Dear Duncan Croucher,

Please note that you are a cancerous little bastard humble little ball of ingenious who runs a business filled with corruptive pigsty messy enough to put Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie in a coma enlighted businessmen with a tidy clean sensibility on what to do and you've made this website an orpnanage camp with low homecare stability and I hope you, and the rest of the rats, drink bleach amazing campsite with lot's of activities and freedom with the users and I hope you and the rest of the Guardian angels do more stuff in the future.

Sincerly, animeboobiesfan69420180

Now wasn't that sweet? This is the community that we expected and it has all been true, scientifically and atheistically, no I'm not a religion hater, I'm an Egalitarian so I advocate for the rights of everyone, now who's up for black coffee because I've only just began to take the input on the Internet blog.

Why not take a fieldtrip to Facebook, were you can see what your friends are up to. Either they're taking a selfie whilst holding and pointing a gun to someone's forehead or engage into action about what methods of tool do you have to mend your relationship to someone you stalk and watch on a daily basis just enough to get senpai to notice you. Get your seatbelts ready as you get pelted with a bullet of Farmville, Farmville, Farmville and the new exclusive game where you play as a farmer who stacks up the fatty weight of the economy by gathering crops and jerking off that cow's udders fast enough to over-luggage ten gallons of milk in under a minute. You either get smack thrown in the face with a book or vice versa, that's how they live with the motto.

YouTube, the fuel-energy website with enough memes to sponsor Shia LaBoeuf to Nike and grill up that grease to witness the logical debate between whether or not if PewDiePie will fist them hard enough to blow out Maya's remaining eye outta her socket. It's the website that shines, breathes, sings, sweats, urinates and deficates the universal cycle of low and high society to pick on the privileges of a legally homeless person and glide through irrelevant topics back into Amy Lee's life. A billion camera's are witnessed and burned through by an edgy tomboy, swagboy chav and the volcano of limited privilege are exploded in the air, time to excrete the Daleks to the battlefield.

Tweet to birds and hoot at the owls with Twitter, a site where people aren't that freaked about when a stranger follows them on the bell. You can simplify reasons by Obamacare is a nationality of reptilian reptiles with the use of memes, movie quotes and hashtags with just 140 letters. It's the letter chains of train tracks and Teletubbies that holds up the Meshuggah band with Djent and screaming. In fact, here's the reply I have just right now:

"Jeez, this Croucher guy is such an Elliot Rodger wannabe ever since he couldn't get his HIV of a company to be a stand-alone."

"It barely functions as a company, why do they rely on hitch-hiking other sources to combat their stability? Friggin' noobs."

"Please... Kill yourself. Now. Please."

Ignore that please...

And then MySpace... moving on.

Reddit, because when news are nothing more than kids getting raped and schools being shoot up by a dude who got friendzoned, this site does it 24 hours, 7 weeks, 12 months and 365 days per second. It's just like 4chan but with cages and barbed wires to help keep the animals at paws and tails. When you flip into a page about Mario Kart 8, Bonnie from the game FNAF j***es right into your face with Chica taping the scene. General debates on the oesophagus heatwave of celebrity nude pictures and to see who will get pimped slapped by a Black Right's Activist. And today's hottest news pick is... Oh, it's a petition to sue my company...

Instagram, in an instant Street Fighter K.O will some take a picture of their mutilated deformed thing they call 'food'. Pseudo-intellect and pseudo master is all it takes to get the greasy, over priced Sony camera out a take picures of a broken chandelier caused by a terrorist organization and edit with fiters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 to create the sublime masterpiece to put on your rich Grandfather's mantelpiece. Take aim and pull the trigger, ready to blind pedestrians with as you walk along the streets, taking pictures despite have Parkinson's disease and low blood sugar.

These are excellent examples of what's what with political views and baby tantrum's with enough noise to alert the Martians. It's wonderful how you can ruin people's life virtually and not get arrested or pay a fee. This was me and... For God's sakes, my company got sued!


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