A Sarcastic Overview Of People Who Don't "Believe" In Climate Change (Rap Style)


**chicka chicka chicka chickaa**

Interlude: 2010-on record, was the hottest year,
but I choose to believe that the warmin' ain't there!
Sure, the wo-orld is really heatin' up,
but its got nothing to do-o with the sciencey stuff!

It's simply the heat-from the Sun! Really-that's all!
It's gotten hotter-I promise!-it'll cool in the fall!
So y'all can stop actin' like the world's gonna end,
98% of scientists are just playin' pretend.

1.4 degrees?
What difference does THAT make?
the same number could come from just a simple mistake!
Pah! The whole "warmin'" thing has happened before!
Sure, everything died-but that wont happen anymore!
Fossil fuels are great! And they cause no harm,
so why stress all of us with this false alarm?

I can't FEEL the change-it's the same as it's been,
and if I can't feel it then of course it's gotta be pre-tend.
I can SEE the data -all- with my own two eyes,
but I choose to believe that those facts are lies (lies!).

The ice caps are meltin'-that proves nothin'-I'm sure.
if anything, this has probably happened before.
and guess what?
We're still here!
it's no big deal.
Just one more winter and I'm sure that the earth will heal!
The acidity of the ocean is rising too??
due to all of the ex-cess CO2?
The sea levels are risin'? Floods have swept away homes?
No more! Stop these lies from enter-in' my bones!

Interlude x1

SCENE. Cha1n-Dawg Out.


As a scientist myself, this is the kind of ignorance that annoys me a lot. Dammit, Joy! - PositronWildhawk

I think I could do the opposite version. But 2 problems:
1. I can't rap (or rhyme) to save my life.
2. I'm not exactly sarcastic. - RiverClanRocks

What, the rap or the ignorance, Positron? - CityGuru

Keycha1n's new nickname is Slim Cha1ny - bobbythebrony

You're a ducking genius. I'm takin' it. - keycha1n

😄 - bobbythebrony

That was hilarious! First off, Hawkie hats rap. And then, the sarcastic overview was something about science where he know a lot about. So I wonder how he'd think of this overly annoying and sarcastic post. - visitor

You called him Hawkie just to annoy me, right? Because that's my nickname for him, not yours. Silly Jared. - RiverClanRocks

So report me to admin for "name-calling". Go ahead. - visitor

Meh,better rapper than Kazaam. - DapperPickle

You should drop by the desert sometime - styLIShT

But but I want to burn the polar caps and kill humanity! *cries like a kid* - FladevousEniker