sarcasm series contest: Kanye West

I usually hate music, but when a man has much passion as Kanye West, I am utterly gripped. Many people say everything has beauty, but sometimes inner beauty, what not everyone sees, however Kanye West has mastered the art of being the most genuine, kind, gentle man ever. Anyone who has the disrespect to say a bad word against him should take a look in the mirror. And ask what went wrong in your life.

So, we have had Lincoln, Washington, but they would have competition if people regain their intelligence by the year 2020, as Kanye announced in a very emotional, moving speech he was running for president in 2020. All the economic, political, terrorism issues will all just fly away as Kanye West gets the title of the 46th American president. And you know the saying: 46th time, the best. Wait, that isn't a phrase yet? Just wait until 2020. That phrase has been around as long as Kanye West's chance of winning. Vote Kanye 2020!

"I am Axl Rose, I am Jim Morrison, I am Jimi Hendrix". No Kanye, don't put yourself down like that. We all know that level of musicality would drag down your carrier. Carry on as you are. "My greatest pain in life if I can not see myself perform life". Well, don't we all share that pain, Kanye? As all your concerts are sold out. I feel the pain. "I am one of the impactful artists of my generation". You inspire me Kanye. You really do.

So, his music. Have you ever heard of Elvis, the Beatles, Deep Purple, Queen, Hendrix, Rolling Stones, the Doors, the Who? Some of the biggest musical influences of music throughout the 50's to the 70's. But those days are gone, we need modern influences for the future of music, and what better than a unique artist of the best and most talented genre ever: rap. His rhymes move you to a different place. like if they play his music in a shop: you move to a different shop. Pure legend.

And have I told you his complete kind-hearted nature? He is not afraid to say his opinion, but do it in the nicest, most constructive way possible. Such as the famous (not infamous) incident with Taylor Swift. He gave her complete constructive criticism in an attempt to motivate and inspire her, not as if his music alone can do that. And he has the highest respect for women, especially his true love, Kim Kardashian, who he married not the fame or looks, but they married because of the kindness and the deep bond they share, evident in his tweets about his sexual intercourse with her, rather than his deep connection, as he wants to keep that private and personal.

So, no one can quite deny the legendary reborn Jesus Christ, or as logical people call him: the real messiah, or as normal people call him: Kanye West. He will solve all famine and terrorism, just wait for 2020, he will one day have a book printed full of his quotations, he will motivate many with his musical art, and will flatter people with kindness. I guess Kim Kardashian does have a big arse, and his name is Kanye West.


"A God. Who do I think I am? I just told you. A God." -Kanye West, Vote president, 2020 - keycha1n

*sniffle* I cry every time I hear that quote... - Garythesnail

You have met the greatest rock star in the world, Justin Bieber! - visitor

Thanks for this beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy. Guess you're four-five quips from winnin'. Or not. You'll find out. - PositronWildhawk

Kanye Yeast is the perfect candidate. - visitor

Sarcasm sends messages much stronger than serious ones. - Songsta41

Can you imagine Kanye West running against Donald Trump? - PetSounds

I never thought I'd say this, but Trump. - PositronWildhawk

I never thought I'd say this, but

I'd rather my stuffed bear. - keycha1n

Deez Nuts is looking good now.

Also, is KanyƩ old enough for presidency? - Puga

Vote Kanye West for president. - Delgia2k

I'd rather have important political issues be resolved by flipping a coin. Then there's at least a 50% chance we'll do the right thing. - keycha1n

Hey, I was kidding. - Delgia2k

I'm aware D - keycha1n

Now prepare to get tortured by his blessed voice for not voting him. - Delgia2k

Wow Gemcloben you really like Kanye West! But why would you worship him? I mean, you may think he's a nice guy and all, but worship him? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

He was being sarcastic. - Delgia2k

Maybe she answered his sarcasm with sarcasm. - visitor

Kanye West is my favorite thrash metal band. I mean think about it. Lil Wayne and Nick Jonas on guitar, Nicki Minaj on bass, Justin Bieber on drums and vocals, and many great albums and hits. Thrash metal is true futuristic vegan rape-core! - Skullkid755