A Sarcastic Overview of Sarcasm

Sarcasm, huh, It has gone out of its limits,

I have been thinking to make this post for almost an year but though that it may prove to be offensive, but the time has come. As soon as I opened this list in my TopTens account (yes, I am a member), It was uncontrollable for me to not log out and make this post.

Sarcasm has gone beyound its limits, on this site its about everything that you dislike: Summer, London Underground, PE, Wasps, Mc Donalds, Camping, Rap Music. What the f***? And I see kids blindly agreeing and commenting on these kind of posts.

Surely we all hate some things, and they may be popular but they may be good for you, What the hell is wrong with the London Underground (you don't have to walk or take the stress to stay out to find a bus in rainy winter days)and it is a hundred and fifty years old, the oldest method of transport we nowadays use. Camping, it is just a fun time out for merely a night at the woods with your family or friends, do a bonfire and interact with each other like never before and nowhere else. Summers, they are the time when you can truly relx staying out in the open as long as you can, a break from college and the longest beak of the year from school, and when it comes to hating insects they are annoying, especially mosquitoes, but sarcasm is not the way to get rid of mosquitoes. Just make sure that you don't leave a window open in the evening and night or if you can't do that then spend some money on buying some mosquito repellant devices.

Sarcasm is indeed out of its limits on this site when it comes to blogging, important topics are left behind and the ones that get popular are mentioned above: senseless

Sarcasm is not only on this site but is in today's generation, can't we just accept what's there because it is still there because it is not that bad. If you want to change the world then change yourself first and then work out for the change and stop complaining about pity thing by being Sarcastic.

My english is not very good but rather than misunderstanding and complaining, ask a question (both: in life and on this blog)


You aren't half annoying, buddy. - PositronWildhawk

Someone is taking jokes way too seriously. - visitor

Relax. It's for entertainment. Gosh, Why do you make a big deal out of sarcasm? - JaysTop10List

What's so bad about sarcasm? - visitor