Top Ten Bloodborne Weapons


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21 Kos Parasite

Its damage is rather underwhelming, but it's one of those weapons that are really fun to use. What it does is amplify your barehand attacks to some degree, and when combined with the Milkweed rune, you become an all-powerful mushroom that has a devastating AoE attack when transformed. The only problem with the Milkweed form is how slow the thing is. - MKBeast

22 Boom Hammer V 1 Comment
23 Beast Claw

This thing is so much fun to use, especially with the Beast's Embrace rune. Like the Saw weapons, it can do crazy DPS, but unlike the Saw weapons, it doesn't have a transformed mode that gives it more range. - MKBeast

24 Stake Driver

Fast, great versatility, and the most powerful charge attack in the game wrecks any enemy.

25 Hunter's Torch

Great you light!

26 +5 Chaos Zweihander

GiantDads choice of stunlocking overpoweredness you filthy casul

27 Fist

Beat the game with it and by that I mean smashing the disc

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