Best Bloons TD 6 Towers

This is btd6 not btd5
You can vote and add new items
Think of power and cost effectiveness to vote

The Top Ten

1 Submarine Monkey

So good! infinite range

Yay - Dpoopoop

A swarm of darts will kill anything
Pre emptive strike kills ddts - Dpoopoop

2 Tack Shooter

The tack zone and inferno ring - Dpoopoop

Better than anything - Dpoopoop

Wow - Dpoopoop

3 Spike Factory Spike Factory

Even after the nerf, parmaspike still kill BAD with village and alchemist support. - Solacress

Perma spike kill anything - Dpoopoop

4 Druid Monkey

Everything pop druid - Dpoopoop

5 Dart Monkey

Plasma monkey fan club is op - Dpoopoop

6 Alchemist Monkey

Strongest 0-0 tower
Can pop ghost bloons - Dpoopoop

Alchemist - Dpoopoop

7 Super Monkey

Eww yuck bad tower

8 Bomb Tower

Moab eliminator can pop every bfb and moab - Dpoopoop

9 Boomerang Monkey

Moab domination and permacharge combined will stop every moab - Dpoopoop

10 Wizard Monkey

Dragons breath - Dpoopoop

The Contenders

11 Helicopter Monkey
12 Banana Farm
13 Village
14 Sniper Monkey
15 Glue Monkey
16 Ice Monkey
17 Dartling Gunner
18 Mortar Monkey
19 Plane Monkey
20 Ninja Monkey
21 Boat
22 Quincy
23 Gwendolin
24 Striker Jones
25 Bloonsday Device
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