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1 Secret Treaties

It stands above all the Oysters - Ninjaturtlesforpresident

This whole album rocks subhuman may be the best blue oyster cult song

Astronomy and Subhuman appear in one album and the vinyl didn't explode?!? That deserves props on its own

I have to choose between Secret Treaties and Tyranny and Mutation? I could not decide for the longest time. Secret Treaties barely wins, and for good reason. It has not one, not two, but THREE riffy, badass rockers, them being Dominance and Submission, ME262, and Cagey Cretins. Then, you have the more classic-styled Career of Evil, Harvester of Eyes, and Flaming Telepaths. Subhuman is a slower one and arguably the weakest on the album, but it's still pretty good. Astronomy is one of BOC's best songs. It has everything in it that characterizes the band. Basically, this album has nothing wrong with it. Every second of it is good. - dlbk03

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2 Fire of Unknown Origin

It's a tough choice between Fire of Unknown Origin and Secret Treaties.
In the end, Fire of Unknown Origin probably has more songs that I'll listen to on their own frequently.

One of my Desert Island discs. Shows sonic depth and terrific production.

An unbelievable catchy trip into a world of fantasy. Highly recomendable!

Best album - #1

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3 Agents of Fortune

Don't Fear the Reaper is the greatest song ever created; it's a hit for a reason. And it's not all this album has to offer. Some splendid cuts like The Revenge of Vera Gemini and Tattoo Vampire, not to mention E.T.I., This Ain't the Summer of Love and Sinful Love.

I have never gotten tired of listening to this album. The music is so original I constantly find myself being in the mood to listen to one song or another, never the same one over and over again.

Agents of Fortune represents the band at their best, most creative and most versatile. It's one of the great albums of the 1970s.

My favorite by the band because it shows off their versatility so well. This was the first BÖC collection of songs that showed what a bunch of great writers they could all be by contributing such a diverse amount of material. Equally rocking as it is subtle, to my mind, this strikes the perfect balance.

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4 Blue Oyster Cult

A very complete first album with all listenable cuts. Some really good cuts and excellent guitar playing.

Their best, hands down.

I would choose this and Cultusarus Erectus as the Best Covers they have

5 Tyranny & Mutation

The first three tracks are a bit weak, but the rest of the album is stellar. Fire of Unknown Origin is a bit more consistent and has a better sound, but the high points of Tyranny and Mutation are higher, and it rocks in a way that their later albums don't.

Underrated album. Every tack is so good, in my opinion this album is better than BOC and Agents of fortune...

6 Spectres

This is probably their most accessible album, and "I Love the Night" is such a great song! So are "Godzilla" and "Fireworks"

An outstanding record, subliming all the best of the sound of the 1970's + exceptionally modern playing at times, foreseeing what was to come some years afterwards. Nosferatu always brings back the thrill of the first listening.

Best BOC album hands down my friends!

7 Cultosaurus Erectus

The most complete and inspired BOC album.

Clever lyrics- disparaging, melancholic, sci fi. Typical for the band. Also some good hooks. The best production with Martin Birch at the board- nice bass and lower mids. Overall, their best album. Fire Of Unknown Origin a close second. Way better production than the thin albums they did from the 70s. Cultosaurus, Fire, then Mirrors, are the top three.

Some great BOC song writing and musicianship

This album has THE best collection of songs by B. O. C. ever. - fireinside96

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8 On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

The solo guitar on Last Days of May is one of the best things in the entire story of rock!

The best live album by anyone, EVER!

One of the most underrated live albums of all time.This is great stuff!

9 Imaginos

Great heavy metal album!

10 Some Enchanted Evening

My introduction to BOC. Always my first and best...…..Now Buck is my life really is fantastic at times.

Great version of Don't Fear The Reaper amongst some other Cult classics. Still stands up well as a fine live album.

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11 Mirrors

Underrated and overlooked. In the, The Vigil, The Great Sun Jester, the title track.

Yes it is

Great album. I Am The Storm, to me, is the only weak song. Moon Crazy is brilliant. Even You’re Not The One is great. This one and Cultosaurus Erectus are two albums where you practically never have to hit the “skip” button. Their two best albums, with Fire Of Unknown coming in a close third.

12 Club Ninja

White flags, spy in the house of the night, dancin in the ruins, madness to method are great songs that deserve more credit and of course there is perfect water this song is legendary just hear it you will know why.

This album certainly deserves more attention. It's right up there with Cultosaurus in my opinion, and that cover artwork is awesome. Of course, that's not the best thing about it. I'd like to compare it to Fire of Unknown Origin (if I may, please) for it's keyboard-filled sound that fits the songs well and serves as a great part of the music. Even for a rocking' band like BOC, this album is good, despite its keyboard sort-of-fallicies. If you want to see an album that doesn't do it well, look at Revolution by Night. - dlbk03

It contains more dreamy, minor key songs that are the trademark of the 80s. Definite shift from the rock and roll but awesome

Love this album,white flags, perfect water and best of all when the war comes- most underrated album ever

13 The Revolution by Night

If this album had more songs like Take Me Away, it would be awesome. Unfortunately, there's just too much 80s to go around. - dlbk03

14 Heaven Forbid

Simply awesome, not a bad track on it

Better Than Club Ninja


15 Extraterrestrial Live

Best of their love albums

16 Curse of the Hidden Mirror

Great lyrics!

17 A Long Day's Night
18 Live 1976
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