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61 She's As Beautiful As a Foot
62 Madness to the Method

Great song on their weakest album, which you'll find at the end of the disc. Oddly enough it has the feel of some of the songs from Imaginos, which in hindsight hinted at great things to come.

63 White Flags

This song is absolutely incredible, I never get tired of it. Deserves to be high up on the list!

Great cover- better than the original! Drives!

64 O.D.'d On Life Itself
65 Baby Ice Dog
66 Wings Wetted Down
67 This Ain't the Summer of Love

Great opening track on the classic Agents of Fortune album. No holds barred rock right here!

68 Tattoo Vampire

Proto-punk enigma. Such menacing lyrics!

69 Death Valley Nights

Love the Albert Bouchard vocals on this gem off the Spectres album.

70 Celestial the Queen
71 Goin' Through the Motions
72 Mirrors

This should have been a big hit because "pretty girls can't look away"! Awesome pop effort from BOC... They could do it all!

73 Deadline V 1 Comment
74 Dr. Music

Another underappreciated rock masterpiece off Mirrors. Too poppy? Hell nah!

75 The Marshall Plan
76 I Am the One You Warned Me Of

Creepy concept, great opening salvo from Imaginos! Definitely rocks!

77 In the Presence of Another World
78 Pocket
79 Sole Survivor
80 Don't Turn Your Back V 1 Comment
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