Top Ten Blues Related Lists on TheTopTens

Noticed quite a few Blues related lists on here. Thought it was about time I compiled a list of some of the best ones. If I've missed any which you think deserves to be added, feel free! :).

The Top Ten

1 Best Blues Rock Bands (zxm)

Thanks for putting one of my lists on so high - zxm

No problem, zxm. It's a good list. One I'm always going back to. - Britgirl

2 Best Blues Artists (Anonymous)
3 Best Muddy Waters Songs (Powerfultekin)
4 Most Badass Blues and Blues Rock Songs (BrianScott01)
5 Best Blues Rock Songs (Rpemk)
6 Most Underrated Blues Guitarists (Rambles)
7 Best Blues Rock Artists (shatti)
8 Top Ten Songs to Get You Into The Blues (BrianScott01)
9 Most Talented Blues Guitarists (Anonymous)
10 Top Ten Most Chilled Out Blues Songs (Britgirl)

Number One! Das'rite... Numero Uno.
Any fool wanna argue, talk t'mah bulldog;).

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Sexiest Blues Songs (Britgirl)
12 Top Ten Paul Butterfield Blues Band Songs (Britgirl)

Britain's burgeoning blues babe:).

"Blues babe" ha! Thank you for adding this list. I kind of hoped you would ;). - Britgirl

13 Top Ten Greatest Blues Albums of all Time (Anonymous)
14 Best Bonnie Raitt Songs (maggot-104)
15 Top Ten Best Chicago Blues Musicians (Britgirl)
16 Best Acoustic Blues Songs (BrianScott01)
17 Top 10 Blues Songs With The Best Guitar Solos (BrianScott01)
18 Best Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs (copkiller)
19 Best Instrumental Blues Songs (BrianScott01)
20 Best Muddy Waters Lyrics (BrianScott01)
21 Best Buddy Guy Songs (Anonymous)
22 Top Ten British Blues-Rock Bands (Britgirl)

I'm proud to add my own. - Britgirl

23 Best Blues Harmonica Players (BrianScott01)
24 Best Blues Artists of the 1920's and 1930's (Rambles)
25 Top 10 Saddest Blues Songs (BrianScott01)
26 Top 10 Blues Riffs of All Time (higgsboson2142)
27 Best Covers of Blues Songs by British Blues /Blues-Rock Musicians (Gg2000)
28 Best Howlin' Wolf Songs (BrianScott01)

The only list about the Wolf's music. It deserves more attention, especially because the Wolf is one of the most legendary figures in blues. - Gg2000

29 Top Ten Questions to Ask Blues Music Fans on TheTopTens (Gg2000)

What a great list! Little envious that he beat me to it, but I'm glad it was made by someone who really appreciates this amazing music genre as much as I do. It's a must-see list for any Blues fans out there. - Britgirl

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