Same with me. I have had my diamondback for about 2 or 3 wish years now and it still works almost perfectly, there is a couple minor things that could be better like the sprocket is too easy to break since its aluminum but its lighter than steal and the whole bike is allot more lighter than other bikes I've ridden before. Not entirly the best bmx stunt bike but its fast and can get some really decent air. I would recommend this bike to allot of you. I started with a huffy when I was younger then I got a diamondback and that thing is epic. Been looking forward to a link bike but I can wait for now. The diamondback also has really good durability, I've crashed so many times on that thing trying to do stupid things, its got a couple scratches here and there but its still really good.

Dionondback Rocks! The last DB that I owned was the 2010 Lucky24. Someone liked it so much it got stolen. Everything about DB is top notch. Never had any problems with it ever. Great for both on and off road. If you know what your doing. Next month I'm going to be buying a SessionPro24. It replaced the Lucky24. I will also be buying my 7year old either the SessionPro20 or the DB Grind Pro. Go Diamondback!

They are amazing! I've got a Venom and it is fantastic! They are very strong and also quite light. Been using mine for 3 years now and there are no signs of wear or tear. I don't go down the skatepark on it anymore but I used to and it was perfect. Would say is much better than mongoose and I also recommend it for any beginner or intermediate. Eventually you will get better and will probably buy a WeThePeople or something but I seriously have no complaints about this BMX because they are perfect for everything, from going up town on it or doing tricks on, they are just brilliant. I love mine and am not getting rid of it anytime soon.

the diamondback is a great bike I go on mine all the time and I never have any problems with it its easy and great to use anyone that does not know what the diamondback is they should go out and buy one they are really cheap as well.

I've got a diamondback and I've had it for a while now and it hasn't broke and the tires and flattened considering I've been bunny hopping and drifting so if anyone's looking for a bike go to the nearest bike shop and get a diamondback

I've got the diamond back venom and when I ride to school every day everyone always says where did you get that bike from it is the best bike in the world

I got a diamondback session mag, it is amazing for cruising around the city I've had it for 2 years and it is in mint condition

Amazing bike, I've had a viper for years. I is very light, great color combination, good tires, etc... I did swap out my mongoose tires with my diamondback tires because they were better tires.

I have a diamondback and it rocks I do some cool tricks and it is a good price for A. Bmx so it is very good if you are looking for a bmx diamondback is the brand

Me and my older brother ride a diamondback and it had been remodeled from a bunch of other bike parts and it works great it light weight and is a good jumping bike

Diamondback, the most AMAZING bmx ever, I have 2 Diamondbacks and 4 other brands, I have to say Diamond back beats them all by a LONG shot.

I got the 2013 grind blue diamondback bmx it is awesome it looks better than it did online I was so happy no I mean I AM so happy beats my old mongoose by a billion

I have a diamondback signature and it is the best bike you could ever own. I owned 8 we the people bikes in the past 10 years and this diamondback tops all them

I had a diamondback joker its the best bike I have rode.
I have rode a gt fly, mafia kush, mongoose, gt slammer and a haro I think its better than all of them

I have the Diamondback Session bmx bike and it is the best bike in my neighborhood. It's very light for jumping dirt or park.

I got a Custom green and black Diamondback Grind PRO And it's. Perfect. It's not to light and not to heavy. Excellent for Grinding. (Ironically. ) If your at a Park, You'll be getting some airtime. I suggest you go old school and Get a diamkndback. They are Strong and Durable and Great for park OR Street.

I have a diamond back gringo pro and a venom, nothing bad has gone wrong with them yet I think this should be top bike

I've had a joker 2002 and have had it for about 3 and a half years now
And its still working like a dream, I reckon they should be higher up the list.

I received a Viper for Christmas in 1983 and now my 8 year old son is riding it today! It has been the best bike ever!

I have this bike and it is awesome you need to buy one now! It looks so sick and it lasts a very long time and has a great frame

Diamondback's are the best I've hare mine for over 16 years and it still rides great and looks great.

My Diamondback is the best bike I ever had in my life. It is in the good price range of a Bmx and the bikes are just awesome

Diamond back is the best I don't know why mongoose is up there but you know the bike is bad when you can buy it at walmart

I've had my diamondback viper limited edition for 3 years now and it feels like it is brand new

I got a diamondback last year and it worked perfectly but I would recommend getting better tires and not skidding