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21 Specialized Specialized Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American brand of bicycles and related products.

I have a specialized vegas and I have ridden it harder than any bike I've had, which includes GT, diamondback, giant, tony hawk, and mongoose. My specialized has had 0 problems, none what so ever. Mine is more on the heavy side because its not really meant for jumps and tricks, its more for off road racing. Its fast and built to last forever. I honestly don't know how mongoose is up so high, when you can buy a 50$ bike at WALMART that should say something.


It's 2016 as of writing this and after regular torture at the tracks, my 1999 Fatboy Vegas doesn't show any signs of dying... it's a mother@#$% TANK!

I have a specilized p20 and I love it that bike has gone through hell and back and it is still all stock parts I would definitlly buy another and reccomend then to othes

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22 Odyssey

These bikes are hella tight! They also have great tires worth the money. They last a long time too

Great bike brand. Very nice and fly bikes. I would advise to get an odyssey.

You know your getting a high quality product

its boss

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23 Redline

Is this top ten bikes for showing off in a parking lot or on a ramp or is this about racing a BMX track and coming home with 1st place trophies and state ranked expert class racing? If we're talking BMX RACING, Redline has to be top 5 hands down! Cyclecraft, Supercross and maybe another name or two frames may be liked better by some. But when you're 6'6" tall and 245# of muscle (football/soccer/baseball all star player) Redline IS THE ONLY ANSWER! I've got a flight pro 3XL with a 22.4" top tube and I need every bit of that 22.4. Got back into BMX 3 years ago, got a GT Speed Series XXXL and the rear dropouts snapped when landing of a set of doubles at Sarasota BMX. The only other frame in that size range was Redline. So I purchased the 2015 FLiGHt PRO 3XL aluminum and WOW! Its geometry is awesome and this frame made the need for extra large stems, bars, seatpost etc GONE! Now I'm riding it and winning every heat I run. Gone are my 11" rise S&M bars because I only needed ...more

My 10 year old has a triple xxx Redline great bike and takes a beating. Awesome.

I grew up riding redline BMX. Awesome bikes! Now my son is continuing the tradition.

Oh ya

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24 Forgotten

Best bike out I love my forgotten I have a forgotten victim have had not a problem with it great for jumping and really light it should definitely be ranked higher then 28

It is like the best bike you would ever ride and it is amazingly good

Forgotten bikes at the best out. There light weight and perfect for jumping doing tricks or racing bmx.

Forgotten is a epic brand of bike I have one an you should get one to

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25 Free Agent

Free Agent BMX bike are the best, when you by one you will be amazed at how smooth it is and how many tricks I can do on it happy thanks giving present it warn. I am really surprise that not many people have this bike, by it now today?

Had this bike when I was younger and running bmx courses, its was amazing. Now that I am older and ride mountains, wish they made a bike for me. But I will make sure to purchase this bike for my son when its time for him to ride.

As a first time single mom of two boys, I'm thoroughly impressed with their new FA bikes. The quality for the price was surprising. Do they make one for moms?

Great quality bike

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26 BSD Forever

It's the best bmx brand ever and it should be at the top

Bsd the best bmx brand ever gods quality parts for a reasonable price

Why ride anything other than bsd you goons

It's gay

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27 S&M

I have and s&m for a wile and it's pretty dam good and light weight the only probably with mine was the paint stared to chip off but other than that it's a good bike and should be number 1

I rode a HOLMES back in the early 90's, Best bike I had ridden by far. Glad to see S&M is still doing there thing! I'll be getting one for my son now

Not only do they great bikes themselves, they build great parts for most of the others listed here too

Should be in the top ten flat out

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28 Black Eye

I have a pisola 2011 and it is very light and gets you a lot of attention, as it is a very good looking bike. The only bad thing is the brakes are on the back tire and the seat is plastic.

BEST BIKE I've HAD... EVER! I recomend the pro ride. I honestly got it beginning of January, and its STILL Aholding up! My freinds at school try to take it.

I have the renegade,
And its AWESOME!
I've justvhad it for three days and I know how to do a handle bar spin, tail whip, bunny hopp and much more... You guys should try it out!

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29 Shadow Conspiracy

Strong Parts that look good at the same time! I recommend Shadow parts to anyone!

I think that shadow has some of the lighest, strongest, parts out on the market for bmx today. Most of my setup on my own bike is shadow. I highly recommend their products.

I think they are good bmx bikes from Garret Reynolds

Very Great Quality! Awesome To Ride Also

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30 Norco

I have a 2011 norco volt and it's a light bike and very strong.I will never regret buying it.I think norco could make it to the top 5.

I have a norco volt I think it is epic I think it is very well equipped. I think haro and norco shouldswap places on the list because norco is very light and strong. They are very well styled. You get really nice rims with it. More people should buy this bike. This bike is sick yo! :-)

I ride a norco every day there fun they have awesome style and not a single problem

There style is great and there light

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31 Apollo

I have a apollo and they are really good but heavy the best thing about the are the breaks they are really sharp

Nobody cares who good the brakes are

My friend Liam has one I don't like it

They suck that all I have to say

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32 Premium

They are the best bikes in the world I don't know why they ant it the top 10.

I think this is an awesome brand there better than gt

Premium bmxs are the bomb and are better than Haro and Mongoose because I got one and they ride sick and are light!

best - isaacwathieu

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33 Academy

These bikes are so sick I didn't even know of the brand until I saw it on this list and if you've seen the bikes you wouldn't believe they were on the second page of this list just one month ago but these bikes are sick light and appear to be good. I ride a fit now but after seeing these bikes I want one for my next ACADEMY for the win!

This bike is so sick there is a 2014 addition the best bike brand ever please vote fore this bike

Best bike ever I love time to ride hard and stable best for dirt jumps. light and smooth in my opinion this is the bike you want

The best bike I have ever owned

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34 Animal

Good bike it ride smooth and sturdy with good handle bars fast the smallest spracket for rider in the trials

Animal good frames and bars won't break it ya

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35 Supercycle V 2 Comments
36 Ruption

Best bike ever you should all buy one if you don't its stupid and hows all of the other makes above this?! I have one of these breaks are great tyre tread and very smooth ride, I spent 1500 pounds on the bike that a last had and seriously my ruption is a lot better and it costs 240 pounds! I have the ruption friction so all of you guys ned to got one of these!

I got it and its really cool and light

This is a really cool bike my friend has one jake

Very good bike, got a nice smooth ride

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37 Radio

Good make + reassuring bikes

Amazing brand I have a griffin 26 and it is such sooth and nice bike to ride!

Great bike best I have ever ridden so lite and smooth for jumping

Love this bike amazing colors style and feel.Great for doing tricks and riding in style.

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38 KHE

I have a KHE Equilibrium. Off the shelf spec. I know of few people who have a better performing custom bike.

KHE should at least be in the top 10!

I have one and it will challenge you on hills well I'm from utah the whipped cream pancake so I go up hills a lot but very good brand

KHE Bikes are the lightest bikes around and not too expensive. Should at least be in the top ten

I have the khe root 20.75 and I have loved the way it feels for tricks

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39 Mafiabikes

It's a great bike, smooth and light for the price but few parts break easy

Very light, the tyres are durable as hell and the compelete bikes are very cheap.
Totally worth the money and could easily give United or Haro a run for their money

I'm getting another mafia it's a great bike but I would recommend the mafia madman it's really good and reliable


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40 SE

I have a ripper and they are and always will be the dogs bollocks. Young or old you can always appreciate the amazing looks and ride experience.

Ripper, quad angle, om flyer... All old school but timeless...

There the best bikes ever made and don't argue. My dad used to have two and he says he wishes he had never sold them!

sick bikes

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