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61 DC
62 Amber

Amazing bike 20lb. Cool colors and patterns fast shipping and great service

Best value for bike! Full chromoly frame for just $350
Excellent service too

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63 Federal

Federal is a really good bike it is reliable and light weight

Best bike brand! Parts are super clean!

Federal has the best of the best.

64 Felt

I have the felt chasm, very good stock bike. I have changed the bars, stem, tires, peds, pegs, chain, and still adding. It never needed anything new besides tires just from riding. It weighs less than most bmx bikes, very good bike to get. Not a starter bike though.

My son had two mongoose bikes and both stunk in comparison to this Felt. Felt is well known for road racing bikes and the bmx bikes are second to none!

I have a felt and it is awesome. It is so smooth and has good friction at a park!

I have a felt and it's a great bike its pretty light easy to 360 on and most of my friends ride felt

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65 Tesco

Tesco bikes are trash and what is really dumb is that they bother to add a gyro brake system, because of there weight it makes it very challenging to bunny hop or to get air and your not going to be able to do tricks so unless they amnage to get a bike that weighs a decent amount, using gyro brakes is POINTLESS!

Tesco bikes are incredibly heavy and the ones that are ok are seriously over priced this is coming from a seven year old does not do bmx but has a 18 inch trail or park frame bsd bike whick is like 19 lbs which really light but tesco bikes are still really rubbish and mag wheels seriously lolololololol

66 Rad V 3 Comments
67 Supercross
68 2Hip

Two hips are great bikes. I had a verde vex and shortly found out it had single welds on the frame and forks two weeks later my frame snapped ever since I got my twohip playboi I haven't had any problems except I can't get off it

how is diamondback above fit and we the people?
and how did mongoose even make it on here?
2hip is the best though

I got a 2hip soul it is awesome people trash on 2hip all the time but fact is they're the best should be in the top ten

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69 Volume

Volume makes the best bikes. Not the most popular - but who wants popular?

Volume is awesome and they make great parts! Light and they look sick!

I am getting the volume vessel frame and I have herd they are a great company

Volume is light fast and looks sick

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70 Thruster

I had a Thurster the bike is light feels good to ride but the parts break easy the handle bars would never stay in place when I would bunny hop off of stuff no matter how I landed you could hear the Handle bars moving plus the wheels don't hold very well

I just got a thruster and it works fine on rode it's smooth

It was the best bmx bike I had until some one stole it :-(

My friend has one and it's light and strong

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71 Mafia

Nice bike really light weight and can do nearly every trick

Amazing bike sexy look and better than my left testicle

The light weight helps do lots and it's a nice ride

I'm just a beginner and mafia bikes gets me going

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72 Mutiny

Riding a mutiny lucky strike v3.5 and let me tell you its the best frame I had... Light, strong and good looking

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73 Rooster

I'm totally for the big daddy rooster neon It rides smooth and is the best looking I think this should be at least in the top five. Hope people also think the same it's a fantastic bmx you don't want to miss out on.

I own one blue and white they are really good over all but because I like to skid a lot on mine I undid the back brake but you have to fully take the brake off otherwise it catches on the chain. Other than that design floor its pretty good

I used my friends big daddy rooster neon wow it just amazing bike I am thinking of getting one soon round about 150 it's a quality bike maybe the best bike out how know people only like tge bike they got they should try different ones to find out.

Some land rovers are lighter than those heavy monsters

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74 Amity

I have amity ratchet 13 its light weight and so far pretty strong, rides smooth all the time, never had any problems with it.

Your totally right amity is a graet brand I'm really picky the bikes I buy have to be brakelaess and under 25 lbs and amity totally does the job

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75 ABD

Really good very long lasting with a seriously long durable brand and I highly recommending you to get one now so start begging your mum and dad to get one right now so go do it NOW!

My ABD is so strong and light! I can jump it on basically anything! Vote ABD

I have on and I have changed the grips, back wheel sprocket and seat it is pretty light as well

A bit too low, it deserves higher than 81

I had an ABD bike and it was one of the dopest bikes I've ever ridden.

They were also called bunny bikes, because of the ABD wording logo being turned to the side looks like a bunny, which was clever

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76 Primo

I had some primo handle grips I GOT BLISTERS!

Awesome bike parts I'm getting new wheels for my bmx and I think it will be the most best thing I've bought for my bmxs

Great parts all round and the best guy rides for them, Tony Neyer he is the hard acting street machine.

77 Stereo

Good bike big wide handlebars really comfortable

Just got one, and feels good in my opionion.

Gerbils enjoy the ride especially the seat ohhnahh hurtsnsongood

Best BMX I have had it’s the “Plug in” 2015
Super light, super durable.

78 Dyno

Old school Dyno best bmx bikes ever then got 6 of them and they can't be beat by the way Hoffman sucks

Very light and sturdy

One of the best bikes love the slammers.

My midschool dyno detour 2001 flatland beats out many modern flatland bmx bikes,
That really says something doesn't it?

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79 FBM

This should be on the list of the top 10. I have an fbm outsider and its and amazing bike. I love fbm

My FBM has lasted 3 years an I haven't changed a thang an its still going strong

FBM, S&M and T1 are all handmade in the USA. Pretty much everything else is made in factories in Taiwan. The quality control can be very high in the factories, but there is no love compared to a bmx rider building your frame in a workshop! So these three are top 10 straight up!

Really though it should be

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80 Muddyfox

It's really good and looks really nice

Got the fracture good bigginers bike does everything I want my bike to do

Good bike for medium experience divers song begginers

Muddy fox is terrible I mean I saw one of there bikes right and the cross bar was rectangler that wanst even a joke I think it was the x ray bike but still they are no good

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