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81 Zinc

Best sleek bikes out there and are extremely good for tricks and freestyle

Zinc bikes are not only cheap but also they look nice and are amazing for ramps and tricks.

Good frame for the money and better looking than most bikes that cost twice as much.

This bmx has a really heavy frame.

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82 Failure

Lightest frame I have ridden on and also harry main rides failure to

Awesome bike I don't ride faliure but I know that harry main does and they look epic

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83 Stranger

Take stranger to the top ten they are really good but also really underrated

No words to explain

Best way better than Sunday

Rich Hirch best company in the hole bmx community

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84 Ideal BMX

All most everyone that is a teen has a bmx bike why aren't they at the top of the list. ?

Bmx bikes are awesome and should be the number one bike of all time.

85 Standard Bykes

These frames should be right at #1 great quality and customer service.

Love this company and buying one tomorrow

Rick builds the highest quality product available in the market today. Stat

Super awesome BMX company! I am so glad that I own Standard Lenghty frame and some other SBC parts.
The best company BMX in the world!

86 Sims

A very good bike. I don't know why it would be in a low rate but a good bike just for fun. A little heavy but it's not for tricks so overall and a good bike

The people who say sims is good are either being payed or have just been hit by a train

I found a way of telling if a bmx brand is bad or not
If it has a website its good
If not then its automaticly bad
Example: bsd has a website, x rated doesn't
Fit has a website, voodoo doesn't
Oh by the wy sims is a bad brand because if its "not desinged for tricks" then it doesn't deserve to be known as a bmx brand end of story.

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87 Magna

Brilliant bike! Long lasting heavy however very strong and I would highly recommend this bmx

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88 Kawasaki

I have a kawsaki and its heavy but perfect for trails and if your really strong then Kawasaki is the way to go. And they are sort of beginner bikes for strong people. I'm not that strong so I just use it for bike rides and trails to.

89 Polygon

Made from indonesia is the best

90 Total BMX

These bikes are brilliant. Mark Webb even has a Total Bmx green voltron frame. You should check them out because they give the top spots a run for their money. They are also very light and look awesome!

My ten year old son could instantly do better tricks once he up graded to total

Great free style bike and best value for money

Should be in the top tem

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91 Method

Great bike to have so good

92 Empire

empires are the best they look good there very strong and light gr8 for tricks best bmx ever better then we the people vote for empire I garanted you so vote for empire bmx trust me best bike I have - stunter500

93 Race Inc.

I might have picked SE Racing, but I thought that Race Inc. need to be on the list. Those are the two BMX brands that everbody wanted back in the period 1980-1983 when I was into BMX. Too bad they were both too expensive. I had to get a Mongoose instead and then when they lowered the prices, I got a GT. - votemaster

I had the baddest bike in Stamford Ct. Race Inc. Araya rims. Siguno cranks. Uni seat. Superhighway... $600 worth every penny in 86...

94 Piranha

"My mate has one of these. Very nice looking bikes and to me beats a mongoose anyday!

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95 Urata
96 Skavenger

Amazing frames and forks. If you want a street frame then get either a tunnel or a bridge. I got the bridge and I ride it for park and I LOVE it. Light and strong. I don't get why there are brands like united and S&M that are closer to the bottom rather than the top.

Amazing! I love my skavenger bridge frame! Extremely light, farely durable and perfect geometry!

97 Venzo

Don't know why this is 100th my friend has one and I have a we the people, I don't want to make anyone angry but it can compare.

98 Ambush

I have won a race against a gear bike with this bike

There not good bmx bikes

99 Ross
100 UMF
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