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101 Crossrider

This an Australian bike and is made in melbourne

102 Lombardo
103 Python
104 Crane
105 Reebok

I think reeboks is not the greatest for great riders but for a new person they are pretty good so if you are new to bmx this might might be something your looking for

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106 Kuwahara

Epic bike.. the bike that every other bike was trying to be when I was a kid.

One of the first bikes I can remember with a aluminum frame

Had one as a kid, some bunghole stole it, that's how epic they were

Had hb mongoose gt schwinn db haro and many more. My kuwahara bravo beats em all. Value for money!

107 Bullet

Its too heavy that's why I don't like it and it has a very big and heavy body but it has good wheels

I think there are very good and cheap for a beginner

108 Apache
109 Silverfox
110 Raleigh

Super good quality reasonable price very underestimated

Seriously in the eighties they were massive...why so low!?

Probably the best with mongoose!

111 Vandals Bike Co

Best bike ever light well built smooth ride

Well built and good for your money

Well built and good for your money depending on your taste if I were you u would give them a try

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112 Kent

Kent is a great bike company but when buy make sure everything is put on right

Rides smooth and a good looking bike

113 Division

Division is one of the best companies, they are very light, durable, and comes with 4 pegs, fully chromoly - JeremyS

114 Blade
115 Oyama
116 Jamis
117 Vertical

Smooth ride and are quite light but leave it outside for 2 days and starts to rust

Nice to ride although it is not the best ever, I have one in my back garden.
And the wheels on mine popped by there self but I have had it for about 4 years but don't try something major

118 Unknown

I have a chrom and a black unknown they are light fast and sturdy

119 CycleCraft

Good luck finding one of these great ones

120 Torker

My 1987 "Torker Racing 5.5" constructed out of 7005 aluminum alloys & dual pipes center bar, is still running strong today. Although built for dirt track racing, I myself still have the original gearing which requires a higher level of physical conditioning when riding for any extended distances beyond just track racing. I have only had to seriously service it about 4 times over all these years, & each repair related with external parts, & so far no serious problems with the frame, front forks, or wheels. I myself do maintenance service of my bike twice a year spring and fall since I do ride my bike year round.

These are awesome don't now why aren't in top ten

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