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141 Shimano
142 O'Neill V 2 Comments
143 Radius
144 K2B
145 Gary Fisher
146 Dartmoor

It's probably lightest and strongest bike maker!

147 Vibe

Vibe are beast had one for years great bikes nice and tough good for tricks and great parts...should be higher

148 Royce Union

I've owned a few of these and have no complaints. They are heavy but make perfect off road and long ride bikes.

149 DV8

Cool bike just need to be. Bought with a smaller sprocket

Cool bmx it is strong and great for tricks

V 2 Comments
150 AVP

This bike is the best

151 Iron Bull
152 Merritt

Merritt is the name of my bæ

153 The Industry

Never get it because it broke on me and I advise you to buy a better bike

Budget complete, upgraded a few parts, great bike.

V 2 Comments
154 BSD
155 Trax

It is awesome can do well good sporting ability

156 Bent V 1 Comment
157 Fiction BMX

I think that are good bikes and they ride smooth and that are fast and reliable

I think every bmx lover can effort an Fiction BMX. I've one. I love it.

This is a cheaper brand from Stolen BMX

Heavy but cool price

V 2 Comments
158 Schwinn
159 Huffy

Huffy is the cheapest most far behind bike company put a huffy and any other bike outside and see how fast your huffy rust apart!

My fried has one he thinks it is the best bike in the world

It was my first bmx and it was GREAT! Heavy frame but I still have it and its number 1 to me.

I had a huffy but I took it to the skate park and I did 2 jumps and it snapped

V 14 Comments
160 Firefox

Firefox means quality ^^ stunting strength. It costs 85,000at its maximum cost. Awesome stunts which will gain some earn some. In 1 word its rocking...

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