Best BoA Songs


The Top Ten

1 Be with You Be with You
2 Love Letter Love Letter
3 The End Soshite And
4 Every Heart Every Heart

Heard it on Inuyasha for the first time. Simply amazing.

5 Eien
6 Your Color Your Color
7 Is This Love
8 My Sweetie
9 Only One Only One

Amazing song with an amazing video - YOUnique253

10 Eat You Up Eat You Up

The Contenders

11 Long Time No See Long Time No See
12 Control Control

This is one of my favorite songs, even if I like more rock songs. It is so underrated, yet so good. This also gives me the nostalgia feeling, if you like to feel nostalgia, listen to this song. Just listen to the sample and tell how is this song not awesome, because it is. - AnimeDrawer

13 Brand New Beat Brand New Beat
14 Masayume Chasing
15 Energetic Energetic

Great song to dance to, and very underrated. - AnimeDrawer

16 Obsessed Obsessed

I like the beat of the song and the vocals, despite the fact that it has autotune. The song is really catchy and can get stuck in your head. This was the first song from BoA I have listened to. - AnimeDrawer

17 Adrenaline Adrenaline
18 Hypnotic Dancefloor Hypnotic Dancefloor

This song makes me dance. One of the most nostalgic songs ever. Just listen to the sample, it is so awesome. - AnimeDrawer

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