Forget what you know, expand your horizon and experience real board games.

About 4 years ago, I would have looked at this list and thought this is spot on. I was one who looked at games like Monopoly, Chess, Battleship etc and thought they were the best as they were all games I grew up with and didn't know any better. How wrong I was!I was invited to a games night 4 years ago expecting the usual, Monopoly, card games etc but what I got has changed my opinion on board games forever. They introduced me to Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne, Bohnanza, Dominion and other games I'd never heard of. All these games are fantastic and far exceed many of the games on this list (In my opinion).I thank Monopoly, Battleship, Chess and all these types of games everyone knows of for the good times when I was growing up. But if I knew about these other games, Monopoly would have been long forgotten about.For everyone who picked Monopoly as number 1, I'd assume most of you would never had played or even heard of Settlers of Catan (my favourite game). I would highly recommend playing this and once you do, your opinion on board games will change very quickly as did mine.


I still like Monopoly - JaysTop10List