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21 Snakes and Ladders

For those of you that are saying it is chutes and ladder not snakes and ladders, a little fact is that in North America the game is called Chutes and Ladders and in the rest of the world, it's called Snakes and Ladders. Same game but if you're wondering, Snakes and Ladders came first. It's really fun for youngsters.

My mom bought me this game (Shoots) in 1978 when I was 3 to show me that counting does not go from 29 to 100. And there is a number called 17. It was a tipping point in my life.

It's chutes and ladders not snakes and ladders to be honest - Liv1

Knock off of chutes and ladders

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22 Guess Who?

Good even for younger children about 4+. Helps develop observation skills and discerning skills. Plus, it's just fun. Easy to learn.

23 Mastermind
24 Scattergories

Never get bored with this one

It's fun to think of something and compare at the end!

Love love this game!

:) I can't say more.

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25 Munchkin

If you want to have a fun while back stabbing your best friend and than offering to save him for a reward naturaly. You should get a copy of munchkin. More players you have, better it gets.

I like the adventure time version of this game.

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26 Dominion

Dominion is extremely easy to teach and anyone could have fun playing it no matter how much experience they have with board games. It's also filled with decision making, as every card combination will make for a new game, and those who can pick apart strategies and combos will have a great advantage. It works with people who want to play a relaxing game, or people who want to strategise - everyone loves the feeling of building their deck. If you pick this up you will play it many, many times. Without a doubt my favourite game ever.

Never gets boring. Especially with an expansion or 3.

Simply the best game ever

Will never grow old

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27 Cluedo

Great old classic good for various ages. Strategic if you want to be or pot luck, Great fun, I always love asking repeatedly for something I have in my hand as it makes everyone think I don't have it either. So much fun for all.

Great game never gets boring. Can have as many people as possible to play the game!

Cludo is a great game where you have to catch the murderer. use the clues and solve the mystery!

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28 Chinese Chess

What many people is that. I bet less than 1% of the population actually know how to play this.

Many peoples agree that they like xiangqi way´╗┐ more than chess.

29 Rummikub

Fun game, makes you think, but super enjoyable.

Fun family game and game night game.

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30 Carcassonne

Another gateway game which is based on tile-laying and worker placements. Easy to learn, yet can get complex with strategies if you so choose. - RedArmyIan

Number two on my list. This game get even better when you start adding the expansions.

Infinitely replayable and expandable. We play a myriad of rules changes and its always still fun


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31 7 Wonders

One of great games I have played!

32 The Logo Board Game

You will love this game! Questions on all your favorite brands by it now at your retailer target

HAAARRDDD. Ex: in what year did safeway open. Or who wrote the first jingle for jack in the box? Unless u look up random garbage as a hobby I do not suggest this

33 Nothing Personal
34 Bingo
35 Trouble

There is no skill involved, so might as well flip a coin. I like using my brain. - Kaboom

Should be #3, after chess and monopoly

What is this doing at #27? Should be top 10!

It is very fun

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36 Agricola

The best strategy game out there. It DOES NOT deserve to be this low on the list. In my opinion this game should swap places with monopoly. SO MUCH FUN!

37 Jenga

Good family game night game.

All you do is place blocks.

JENGA! And the tower fell - Mii24

Top ten definitely played g his all the time

38 Monopoly Empire

Faster than Monopoly and all the better for it

Loved to play

I am getting this for my Birthday!

So... Monopoly?

39 Scene It?

! Love this game so much! I used to think I was a Simpsons whiz until I played it! (And sucked at it, thank you very much! )

I own a Disney themed version of Scene It?

The Disney themed version of Scene It? DVD game (Mattel) had various clips from various Disney films and T.V. shows. - playstationfan66

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40 Dungeons and Dragons

I love this game because it does drive your imagination. It brings structure to anything you can think of and immerses you into a fantastic world. It is the largest influence on role-playing games, without Dungeons and Dragons games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls wouldn't exist. More people should play this game; with the proper guidance casual players can learn to enjoy this game and critical thinkers will feel right at home with the strategic options and builds they can make within this game. I believe it deserves to be scored higher because it has influenced so many games; but only too few see the true value of what an amazing game this truly is. Pick it up and play with your friends and family; you won't be dissapointed.

Monopoly is obviously voted first. How come Dungeons & dragons is so low? I'd expect people to vote this in top 40 at least. I probably like this board game more than most video games. - Feirceraven

Convoluted and fantastic, gets your mind working, and imaginations running. It may be your classic version of hardcore nerd gaming, but it WILL surprise you. And you WILL end up getting in touch with your inner RPGer. Everything possible from mid-evil to zombie apocalypses... Never under estimate this game!

GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Without Dungeons & Dragons, Thora Birch could have gone downhill. - playstationfan66

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