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41 Monopoly Empire

Faster than Monopoly and all the better for it

Loved to play

I am getting this for my Birthday!

So... Monopoly?

42 Scene It?

! Love this game so much! I used to think I was a Simpsons whiz until I played it! (And sucked at it, thank you very much! )

I own a Disney themed version of Scene It?

The Disney themed version of Scene It? DVD game (Mattel) had various clips from various Disney films and T.V. shows. - playstationfan66

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43 Dungeons and Dragons

I love this game because it does drive your imagination. It brings structure to anything you can think of and immerses you into a fantastic world. It is the largest influence on role-playing games, without Dungeons and Dragons games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls wouldn't exist. More people should play this game; with the proper guidance casual players can learn to enjoy this game and critical thinkers will feel right at home with the strategic options and builds they can make within this game. I believe it deserves to be scored higher because it has influenced so many games; but only too few see the true value of what an amazing game this truly is. Pick it up and play with your friends and family; you won't be dissapointed.

Monopoly is obviously voted first. How come Dungeons & dragons is so low? I'd expect people to vote this in top 40 at least. I probably like this board game more than most video games. - Feirceraven

Convoluted and fantastic, gets your mind working, and imaginations running. It may be your classic version of hardcore nerd gaming, but it WILL surprise you. And you WILL end up getting in touch with your inner RPGer. Everything possible from mid-evil to zombie apocalypses... Never under estimate this game!

GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Without Dungeons & Dragons, Thora Birch could have gone downhill. - playstationfan66

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44 The Resisitance

You need a good poker face for this one

45 Balderdash

A great game, players are required to dream up either plausible / implausible definitions (sometimes being obscure scores well in a round), for words no one has ever heard of, to fool the other players. It's hilarious, first there's all the self-giggling while players quietly dream up their own definition, then keeping a straight face as others scrutinise your existence, followed by the self congratulatory smirk of having lied successfully, to someone at least. (Board is just a running total for each player, scored after each round for older teenagers and adults).

Especially with the newest edition, nothing is as fun as making up definitions, laws, movie plots, and more, resulting in hilarious scenarios and lots of laughs!

With a quick whit of people late at night... Nothing else is better than playing this game!

With a large group of people nothing is funnier than a game of balderdash - Bombers

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46 NFL Monopoly
47 Othello

I only recently learned how to play this great classic. Wow! I was hooked immediately!

48 Catch Phrase

Best game in the world!!! If you are looking for a game for laughs this is the one! Just make sure you are in a place where its okay to be loud. Also, its fun if you get together and play it with a group of close friends!!! Good drinking game too! ;)

So much to play with a group of adults. Exciting and easy. No Set up! Just the hand held game and a lot of laughs! - davidthenurse

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49 El Grande

Not very well known outside hobby boardgamers, but hands down, the best board game ever designed. It's a medium-length boardgame (90 to 120 minutes is typical), with a fair share of both tactics and strategy, and just a little dose of luck.

Plus, it's very high on player interaction. - afpabon

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50 Carrom

try it. you will never get the red one!

51 Twilight Struggle

A semi-war, semi-politics game based around the cold war. The concept is genuine while the game play is challenging and enjoyable for eurogamers and wargamers alike. - RedArmyIan

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52 Uno Attack
53 Operation
54 Go

Go is the oldest game known to man. 2500-4000 years old while remaining virtually unchanged in rules. Chess may have thousands of possible combinations of games, it's been scientifically proven that there more possible games of Go than there are atoms in the universe. Screw chess teaching you about sacrifice and life, play this game at a local club if you live in a big city and try and keep an open mind

Even the fastest, strongest computers in the world still lose to amateurs.

Number one game in the rest of the world. Has several 24 hour television stations devoted to it.

"After chess, there is only Go"

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55 Puerto Rico

Not only on boardgamegeek, all charts of real boardgamers i know list PR as number one. Absolutely deserved!

The number one game for over 100,000 registered users of Board Game Geek and over a million viewers a month, for a damn good reason.

56 Summonaria

Fun fantasy strategy game with different teams to chose from. Good replayability as resources can definitely alter your plans. - cornpop

Little known fantasy strategy game that can be played by casual and serious gamers alike. I'll meet you at the center tower!

57 Diplomacy

I believe Diplomacy is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated games of the 20th century. The gameplay and game mechanics are still innovative by today's standards. The only real element of chance once the game has started is the personalities of the other players, unlike many other classic games of war which use dice to help decide the outcomes of conflicts. It is a classic game of strategy, tactics, negotiation, trust and betrayal. Simply put, Diplomacy is a staple of strategy and war games.

The core rules of Diplomacy are so simple but the intrigue and backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes is what makes this such a good game. Insanely addictive and guaranteed to consume many a rainy day.

If everybody understands the rules and has a knowledge of what the game is, this is one of the greatest board games of all time. - Donut

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58 Mahjong
59 Would You Rather

The best game with the best choices to pick! They can be really funny at times, but on the internet, some are inappropriate.

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60 Fluxx V 1 Comment
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