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61 Summonaria

Fun fantasy strategy game with different teams to chose from. Good replayability as resources can definitely alter your plans. - cornpop

Little known fantasy strategy game that can be played by casual and serious gamers alike. I'll meet you at the center tower!

62 Mahjong
63 Would You Rather

The best game with the best choices to pick! They can be really funny at times, but on the internet, some are inappropriate.

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64 Fluxx V 1 Comment
65 Risk Legacy
66 Diplomacy

I believe Diplomacy is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated games of the 20th century. The gameplay and game mechanics are still innovative by today's standards. The only real element of chance once the game has started is the personalities of the other players, unlike many other classic games of war which use dice to help decide the outcomes of conflicts. It is a classic game of strategy, tactics, negotiation, trust and betrayal. Simply put, Diplomacy is a staple of strategy and war games.

The core rules of Diplomacy are so simple but the intrigue and backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes is what makes this such a good game. Insanely addictive and guaranteed to consume many a rainy day.

If everybody understands the rules and has a knowledge of what the game is, this is one of the greatest board games of all time. - Donut

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67 Ludo

This game is awesome! Not like any other, Absolutely LOVE it!

The greatest game, l

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68 Pictureka

That became a T.V. game show on Discovery Family. - playstationfan66

69 Game of the Generals

its so exciting especially that u dont know what piece is your opponent using.

Chess is great but it needs strategy and brains but this game doesn't need it anymoreall you need is a great memory

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70 Loaded Questions

It can be tons and tons of fun, especially if you try to give more creative answers and you'll learn many new things about your friends!

71 For Sale
72 Battle Line
73 Civilization V 1 Comment
74 Bananagrams
75 Heroscape

Heroscape is a really fun game. I like the original version more then all of the secondary ones. Unfortunately these days it's very expensive. I don't have any expansions but I don't need them.

I got a version of it at a garage sale for ONLY 1 DOLLAR worth about 20-25 great game love the build your own battlefield concept.

Heroscape is amazing. You can still get some of the expansions and boosters for relatively cheap. Do so, and you will enjoy the game so much more. Even if you don't have the game at all, you can still play free online at

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79 Scotland Yard

It is real fun. You have to think very cleverly and deeply about each move you play in order to win. It is the best detective game.

Oh my god it should be in the top ten, it is really interesting...

80 Pandemic

The best game out there. Everyone should own this.

Great game in which you have to co operate with each other instead playing against each other. Nice and suitable

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