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161 Nine Men's Morris (Mill)
162 Vampire Diaries
163 Top Trumps
164 Descent
165 Boggle

The best skill-based word game. Scrabble is all about the luck of the tiles you pick, but in Boggle all of the players have the same board. You have to see who can find the most within the time limit.

166 Scribblish
167 American Trivia
168 United States Bingo
169 Le Havre
170 Atmosfear: The Harbingers

This is my all time favorite game - VenomxShocker

171 Clarissa Explains It All Game
172 Sorry! Disney Edition

Oh No! Not Another Disney Board Game! - playstationfan66

173 Jumanji

Not the real game where everything got crazy! But the actual board game version! It's so awesome. I play whenever I have a friend over or at a friends house, it's the best!

Jumanji is the best game ever I played it it's awesome even the movie is awesome but the game is better

I used to have a copy of Jumanji (the movie) on VHS (which is based off the book of the same name) but I lost it. RIP, Robin Williams (the Jumanji guy). - playstationfan66

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174 Twilight Imperium 3

Best epic space game out there! Best game full stop.

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175 Don't Wake Daddy
176 Backgammon

I think that this is one of the best board games ever!
Pretty easy to understand and demands some strategic thinking and yet a good luck with the dice...

Wow! Thought this would be rated higher.

Simply the best 2-player game ever.

Popular for 5,000 years for a reason!

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