Top 10 Best Board James Episodes

Board James is a series created by Cinemassacre the same people who created the Angry Video Game Nerd. The series is about a character named Board James (Played by James Rolfe)
who during the first two seasons up to the Dreamphone episode was just a guy who reviewed Board Games from his childhood, he also had two other characters"Motherf***er" Mike (Played by Mike Matei)
and Bad Luck Bootsy (Played by Bootsy Spankins. P.I.) and everything was all normal untill the Dreamphone Episode which is when the series takes a darker path and becomes a much deeper story than the previous episodes.

The Top Ten

1 Dream Phone (Episode 19) Dream Phone (Episode 19)

This is one of the best videos Cinemassacre has ever made, this one starts off as an innocent episode but then takes a darker tone much like the Mr. Bucket episode it's hard for me to explain so just go watch it and you'll see why this episode is number 1. - christangrant

2 NIGHTMARE and Beyond (Episode 27) NIGHTMARE and Beyond (Episode 27)
3 Video Games!! (Episode 25) With AVGN Video Games!! (Episode 25) With AVGN

This episode is cool since it features the Angry Video Game Nerd and makes the fact that both Board James and AVGN are the same person (Which they are both played by James Rolfe) - christangrant

4 Full House & Erkel Games (Episode 24) Full House & Erkel Games (Episode 24)
5 13 Dead End Drive (Episode 26) 13 Dead End Drive (Episode 26)
6 Weapons and Warriors (Episode 4) Weapons and Warriors (Episode 4)
7 Tornado Rex (Episode 9) Tornado Rex (Episode 9)
8 Mr. Bucket (Episode 8) Mr. Bucket (Episode 8)
9 Crossfire (Episode 3) Crossfire (Episode 3)

I beileve this was the first time Mike Matei showed his face on camera without playing as another character - christangrant

10 Ouija / Domino Rally (Episode 22) Ouija / Domino Rally (Episode 22)

The Contenders

11 Donut Disaster (Episode 12) Donut Disaster (Episode 12)

Best episode

12 Splat! (Episode 16) Splat! (Episode 16)
13 Wacky Blasters (Episode 23) Wacky Blasters (Episode 23)
14 Omega Virus (Episode 20) Omega Virus (Episode 20)
15 Deadly Danger Dungeon (Episode 6) Deadly Danger Dungeon (Episode 6)
16 Shark Attack (Episode 18) Shark Attack (Episode 18)
17 Lie Detector Game (Episode 21) Lie Detector Game (Episode 21)
18 Doggie Doo (Episode 17) Doggie Doo (Episode 17)
19 Monster Madness (Episode 14) Monster Madness (Episode 14)
20 Loopin Louie (Episode 13) Loopin Louie (Episode 13)
21 DragonStrike (Episode 2) DragonStrike (Episode 2)
22 Battle Masters (Episode 15) Battle Masters (Episode 15)
23 Key To The Kingdom (Episode 11) Key To The Kingdom (Episode 11)
24 Fireball Island (Episode 5) Fireball Island (Episode 5)
25 Hero Quest (Episode 7) Hero Quest (Episode 7)
26 TMNT Games (Episode 10) TMNT Games (Episode 10)
27 Mouse Trap (Episode 1)
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