Best Bob the Builder Vehicles in the Main Team

Yesterday I made a list of the most obscure Bob the Builder vehicles and today I thought of doing the opposite, ranking the most common vehicles in the series, AKA the ones in Bob's main team. Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Lofty Lofty

Lofty is, in my opinion the best vehicle on Bob's main team. He is the one character most little kids can relate to as he is often scared and has that iconic catchphrase "I think so" that is so awesomne! He is also blue, my favourite colour. He is so relatable and one of the reasons Bob the Builder is so fun to watch, and thisis why I will never be a fan of the reboot due to waht they did to his character there, in my opinion: No scared loft = no Bob the Builder. He is one of the reasons I love the show so much! - darthvadern

Ahhh. My childhood just came back for a second there. - ParasN2000

2 Muck Muck

At second place we have good ol' mucky muck. Oh well. I think what stands out so well about him is his awesomne design! He has a beautiful red colour that is reconizable and he is always entertaining! He's like the opposite of Lofty, more extroverted and carefree. His personality isn't my favourite but it fits him! - darthvadern

3 Roley Roley

Roley was the first one I got as a toy and that makes him very special for me! To be honest the top three was so hard to decide because they're all great! He has a simple design and great voice and I love it! Such a beautiful green color! You can truly relate to his calm personality! It's a shame that in the reboot they barely give him any screentime (and this goes for Dizzy as well). Roley was close to being at the top! - darthvadern

4 Scoop Scoop

Alright, bob's main vehicle and his first, Scoop, it's funny because he was the one vehicle on bob's team (excluding Scratch of course) that I got last in any type of merchandise. Despite that, Scoop is an excellent character who really developed and is truly sensible! This is one thing the reboot did wrong because in that one he was immature and careless. In the real show he is very sensible and truly fits as the leader - darthvadern

5 Dizzy Dizzy

In my opinion Dizzy is a bit boring. Outside of cool design she is very small and feels a bit boring. She neither has as much personality as the others and really just is a cement mixer. However she's still quite good and funny. - darthvadern

6 Scratch Scratch

Scratch is the newest vehicle in the team and only appeared in the Ready Steady Build series. I'm not the biggest fan of her since her personality is just very similar to rebooted Scoop and since she isn't nearly as relevant to the series that is why she's at the lowest spot - darthvadern

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