Top Ten Bob the Builder Vehicles Who First Appeared in Bob the Builder: Project: Build It

Bob the Builder: Project Build It is the bob the builder series where most of the vehicles made their first appearences, and only a few of them even appeared in the series after known as Ready Steady Build, without further ado, let's start

The Top Ten

1 Dodger

Well, the series turned 20 years old yesterday.

Well Dodger is my favourite Bob the Builder vehicle of all time so it's no suprise he is first one my list, he has an incredibly awesomne design and funny personality and is hilarious and despite being clumsy as times he realizes his mistakes and just wants to have a purpose, the best one - darthvadern

2 Bristle

Bristle is another comendy machine, except not that funny, but he's still an excellent character anyway, mostly due to his awesomne design, he is shown to not be as smart as the other vehicles as well as you doesn't really know what to clean and what to not - darthvadern

3 Gripper

Gripper and Grabber are two brothers who look awesomne and have cool personalities, I think both are equally good, the only reason Gripper is higher is because when people mention their names togheter people say Gripper before Grabber. Gripper is an orange crain with some green on him and he looks awesomne - darthvadern

4 Grabber

See my comment for Gripper, same thing applies here except he's a green grabber (no pun intended) with some orange on him - darthvadern

5 Benny

"It's unreal, banana peel", such an iconic line. Benny is a magenta skid-steer loader who looks pretty awesomne and has a good personality, I espially loves his friendship with Scoop. Now some people will say that he shouldn't be on the list since his first appearence was in Snowed Under, but technically that movie was like the pilot to the series, and he did actually appear in episodes as well (this is why R.Vee can't be on the list as he only appeared in a T.V. special) - darthvadern

6 Tumbler

He was the biggest vehicle of the bunch until his size was beaten by Rubble who only appeared in the Ready Steady Build movie The Big Dino Dig. But Tumbler will always have a special palce in my heart as he looks awesomne and his voice rocks - darthvadern

7 Sumsy

Sumsy replaced Trix for the Project: Build it series as is to an extent even better than Trix. She looks even more badass with that dark red colour and yellow stripes and is overall more enjoyable - darthvadern

8 Packer

Packer is kinda like the replacement for Skip in the series, and he's a great character in my opinion, while I think Skip is somewhat better I still think Packer is great too. While his voice can get a bit irritating, both in the UK version and the US dub, he looks pretty cool - darthvadern

9 Flex

A very underrated character from the series, Flex is a yellow cherry picker who makes a lot of mistakes as seen in the episode Fantastic Flex, I think his voice is a bit annoying to listen too in both the UK and US versions but he looks cool - darthvadern

10 Scrambler

Not a big fan of him to be honest. Although I like her, she can get annoying, and do not get me started on the swedish dub where the actress decided to make her hip and cool for the kids, that ruined her character - darthvadern

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