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1 Sheesh! Cab, Bob

Tranies, trophies, and Tina's sweet 13th Birthday. What's not to love about this episode where Bob gets a second job to pay for his eldest child's gaudy birthday party which revolves around an impending first kiss with Jimmy Jr.

Bob tells Linda he "may or may not have tried crack"... ohmygod its hilarious. Then he calls her a sick idiot. Classic.

Bob doing his "Mhmm" "mm" and "no" to everything Tina says at the beginning alone makes this the best episode ever.

How is Food Truckin ahead of this. This episode is way better

2 Burgerboss

SO funny, he gets high off painkillers, beats a bunch of kids and gets addicted to a video game.

Bob gets addicted to a video game. Extremely Funny

Hands down best episode

Chicken leg!

3 Glued, Where's My Bob?

The song is beautiful, the part where the interviewers come is amazing, and it's an overall amazing episode. Beautiful.

Great song and very happy episode. Great season finale.

O love the song and stuff happens in the bathroom 🚻 and it shows how much Louise cares about Bob

This episode is LIT

4 Two for Tina
5 Boyz 4 Now

This episode really developed Louise's character and Boyz 4 now is a mockery to all boy bands. Great episode and it was hilarious

Any episode featuring Boyz 4 Now is good, but the first was the best

I'm no hero, I put my bra on 1 boob at a time, like everybody else

Terrible and over done. Overdry and done

6 Human Flesh

#1 in my heart. This pilot is way too funny! Couldn’t think of any other way to usher in the special Belcher family into our hearts!

7 Bad Tina

What could be funnier that the awkward Tina going through a rebel phase?

Tina becomes a bad girl

Don't have a crap attack!

Wheres fort night

8 The Frond Files

Louise did the Terminator and Tina did Night of the living Dead

And gene did rock n' roll high school.

! I forgot about this one!

It was hilaious

9 Art Crawl

Louise forcing Andy and Ollie to make art is 1 of the best moments in the whole show

Why isn't this the top episode? Dem rectums be tops!

This is my favorite season 1 episode of all time!

What isn't funny about animal anuses

10 World Wharf II: The Wharfening (Or How Bob Saves/Destroys The Tow - Part II)

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11 Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part I)

Best episode

12 Moodie Foodie

Patton Oswalt is hysterical as the the Moodie Foodie!

Loved this episode

I always laugh when gene draws a smile on the moody foodies tape and he growls at gene but still looks like he is smiling

13 Beefsquatch

Why isn't this at the top? It is the best episode EVER!

14 Stand by Gene

Wonderful parody of stand by me

15 Food Truckin

So funny. Mocks millenial culture in the best way possible.

Oil spill. That's all I have to say.

Dina needs to return!

Oh its hot and wet and slick

And its making everybody sick

Oil spill

16 Full Bars

Amazingly funny

17 Fort Night

I laughed so loudly when Bob and Linda went trick or treating

What is that godzilla's ding dong? no it's a dragon

Gene got high off of spray paint. pretty funny.

Fort night is so awesome I love at the end where the belcher children scared millie away BEST PART EVER

18 The Oeder Games
19 O.T.: The Outside Toilet
20 The Equestranauts

How the heck was this not number 1, or at least in the top ten, what is Pony Danza making this list!

Great episode that makes fun of bronies

I loved the ending

The equesticles

21 Turkey in a Can

The best episode ever

22 Dr. Yap

Your tooth is a king now, it has a crown on it.

This episode was horrible...

The prince of persuasia 3-step plan to getting a girl

23 Topsy

This episode is awesome! Louise is my favorite character, and the song is great. I don't love the spiceps/spice rack side plot as much, but the main story is flawless.

This has to be in the top 10

This episode is epic.

Why is this episode all the way down here...hands down it's the best episode.

24 The Belchies
25 A River Runs Through Bob

Looks like the squirrel has become the idiot!

This show is very underrated.

How? it's won 5 emmys.

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