Best Bob's Burgers Episodes

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1 Burgerboss

Chicken leg!

Bob gets addicted to a video game. Extremely Funny

SO funny, he gets high off painkillers, beats a bunch of kids and gets addicted to a video game.

Hands down best episode

2 Sheesh! Cab, Bob

This is by far my favorite episode in season 1 maybe not the best episode either but it was a great episode because this was the first episode that really developed tina's character and it was very funny as well

This episode was the first great episode of bobs burgers

How is Food Truckin ahead of this. This episode is way better


3 Boyz 4 Now

This episode really developed Louise's character and Boyz 4 now is a mockery to all boy bands. Great episode and it was hilarious

Terrible and over done. Overdry and done

Any episode featuring Boyz 4 Now is good, but the first was the best

I'm no hero, I put my bra on 1 boob at a time, like everybody else

4 Glued, Where's My Bob?

Great song and very happy episode. Great season finale.

This episode is LIT

The song is beautiful, the part where the interviewers come is amazing, and it's an overall amazing episode. Beautiful.


5 Moodie Foodie

I always laugh when gene draws a smile on the moody foodies tape and he growls at gene but still looks like he is smiling

Patton Oswalt is hysterical as the the Moodie Foodie!

Loved this episode

6 Two for Tina
7 Art Crawl

What isn't funny about animal anuses

Louise forcing Andy and Ollie to make art is 1 of the best moments in the whole show

Just a great episode

Why isn't this the top episode? Dem rectums be tops!

8 Turkey in a Can

The best episode ever

9 Human Flesh

#1 in my heart. This pilot is way too funny! Couldn’t think of any other way to usher in the special Belcher family into our hearts!

10 Bad Tina

Wheres fort night

What could be funnier that the awkward Tina going through a rebel phase?

Tina becomes a bad girl

Don't have a crap attack!

The Contenders

11 The Frond Files

Louise did the Terminator and Tina did Night of the living Dead

! I forgot about this one!

And gene did rock n' roll high school.

It was hilaious

12 Food Truckin

So funny. Mocks millenial culture in the best way possible.

Oil spill. That's all I have to say.

Dina needs to return!

Oh its hot and wet and slick

And its making everybody sick

Oil spill - aidantheduck

13 Fort Night

Fort night is so awesome I love at the end where the belcher children scared millie away BEST PART EVER

I laughed so loudly when Bob and Linda went trick or treating

What is that godzilla's ding dong? no it's a dragon - cadespencer

Gene got high off of spray paint. pretty funny.

14 The Unnatural

Espresso Tina is best Tina

I love the Deuce of Diamonds! Mr. Manoogeian is hilarious!

The prince of persuasia.

15 Beefsquatch

Why isn't this at the top? It is the best episode EVER!


16 Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part I)

Best episode

17 Full Bars

Amazingly funny

18 The Equestranauts

Great episode that makes fun of bronies

How the heck was this not number 1, or at least in the top ten, what is Pony Danza making this list!

I loved the ending

The equesticles - cadespencer

19 World Wharf II: The Wharfening (Or How Bob Saves/Destroys The Tow - Part II)

My favoite

20 Dr. Yap

Your tooth is a king now, it has a crown on it.

This episode was horrible...

The prince of persuasia 3-step plan to getting a girl

21 Topsy

This has to be in the top 10

Why is this episode all the way down here...hands down it's the best episode.

Why did I have to add this?


This episode is epic.

22 A River Runs Through Bob

This show is very underrated.

Looks like the squirrel has become the idiot! - cadespencer

How? it's won 5 emmys.

23 Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

Non-stop laughs with the best songs of the series, leaves me wishing Broadway would turn this episode into a real musical. Brilliant spin and mix of Die Hard and Working Girl!

My 10 favorite episodes
10: Human flesh
9: Glued where's my bob
8: The Quirk-Ducers
7: Burgerboss
6: Wagstaff school news
5: Easy Com-Mercial easy Go-Mercial
4: The Deepening
3: Flu-ouise
2: Wharf horse and world Wharf 2
Honorable mentions
Every other episode besides 4 of them
3 Worst favourites
3: Ear-sy rider
2: Dr Yap
1: The equestrianauts
DisHonorable mention
Can't buy me Math

24 An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal

This Episode Is Awesome! “Duck Bob! You’re A Turkey Lance! ”

25 Ear-sy Rider
26 Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks

Tina is hilarious is this episode

When Tina crashes the car it made me laugh sooo hard.

27 Synchronized Swimming

There is a goof in this episode louise says she only poops about once a week and yet was able to poop right there - cadespencer

Honestly best episode of the series by far.

"Wait, you don't know what a caddyshack is? " "No." "oh, your poop looks like a candy bar." that part is so funny.

"And I told you, I have a raging staph infection under here. Touch this hat and we all go down! You wanna play dogdeball in the hospital? " That is something my close guy friend Louis (his name is a coincedence) would say. He is just like louise: they both wear hats, Their dads own a resturant, their hair is rather short and they don't like their possesions to be taken. Other than that I love this episode, after Mother Daughter Lazer Razor and The Kids Run Away.

28 Mazel-Tina

This episode is one of the best ones, it's so funny and Fun to watch as the party creates a excitable atmosphere and is satisfying to watch

The episode that one an Emmy, hilarious!

29 Bob Day Afternoon
30 The Hauntening

Laughed almost from start to finish!

31 O.T.: The Outside Toilet
32 Lice Things are Lice
33 Housetrap

Very god episode - funny throughout! The ending was very good, too

Very good episode - funny throughout! A very good ending, too

34 Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?

This was a very fun episode. I’m surprised that this didn’t make the list. (Is it because it’s one of the “newer episodes? ”) We get three entertaining stories in one. First we get a hilarious episode where Bob and Linda accidentally eat pot cookies in their account’s office. The look in their eyes are priceless! Next, we get a weird love story between Tina and a boy who gave her brief contact and she deliberately gets detention to make a love connection with said boy. Finally, we get a thrilling story with Gene and Louise when a day of throwing a rotten melon out of their window goes horribly wrong and they avoid Logan’s wrath at Lobsterfest. The ending to that story was heartfelt and explored a relationship between Gene and Louise we never see. I definitely recommend this episode.

🎶Nothing lifts a pal up like a scallop
It’s not selfish to love shellfish🎶


35 The Deepening

This is on the list twice.

36 Bob Actually
37 Broadcast Wagstaff School News

"The mad pooper. The mad pooper." Still better than believer by imagine dragons

38 Bob and Deliver

The best episode of season 4

39 Christmas In the Car
40 Bed & Breakfast
41 Ambergris

Felix Fischoeder was hilarious in this episode.

42 Can't Buy Me Math
43 It Snakes a Village

How is Linda's parents becoming swingers not on this list?

44 Burger Wars
45 Dawn of the Peck
46 Lobster Fest
47 The Kids Rob a Train
48 The Kids Run Away

I'm not even suprised of how perpared louise was to run away...!

49 Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now
50 Eat, Spray, Linda

Eat, spray, linda is the best episode of bob's burgers hands down - KingFab

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