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21 A River Runs Through Bob

This show is very underrated.

Looks like the squirrel has become the idiot! - cadespencer

How? it's won 5 emmys.

22 Topsy

Why did I have to add this?


This episode is epic.

This episode is awesome! Louise is my favorite character, and the song is great. I don't love the spiceps/spice rack side plot as much, but the main story is flawless.

23 An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal
24 Ear-sy Rider
25 Synchronized Swimming

There is a goof in this episode louise says she only poops about once a week and yet was able to poop right there - cadespencer

Honestly best episode of the series by far.

"Wait, you don't know what a caddyshack is? " "No." "oh, your poop looks like a candy bar." that part is so funny.

"And I told you, I have a raging staph infection under here. Touch this hat and we all go down! You wanna play dogdeball in the hospital? " That is something my close guy friend Louis (his name is a coincedence) would say. He is just like louise: they both wear hats, Their dads own a resturant, their hair is rather short and they don't like their possesions to be taken. Other than that I love this episode, after Mother Daughter Lazer Razor and The Kids Run Away.

26 Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks

Tina is hilarious is this episode

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27 Mazel-Tina

This episode is one of the best ones, it's so funny and Fun to watch as the party creates a excitable atmosphere and is satisfying to watch

The episode that one an Emmy, hilarious!

28 Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl
29 Bob Day Afternoon
30 O.T.: The Outside Toilet
31 Lice Things are Lice
32 Housetrap

Very good episode - funny throughout! A very good ending, too

33 Bob and Deliver

The best episode of season 4

34 The Deepening

This is on the list twice.

35 Christmas In the Car
36 Bed & Breakfast
37 Ambergris V 1 Comment
38 The Hauntening

Laughed almost from start to finish!

39 Can't Buy Me Math
40 It Snakes a Village

How is Linda's parents becoming swingers not on this list?

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