Best Bob's Burgers Seasons

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1 Season 2

9- The Belchies
8- Synchronized Swimming
7- Food Truckin
6- Dr Yap
5- Beefsqautch
4- Bob Day Afternoon
3- Moodie Foodie
2- Bad Tina
1- Burgerboss

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2 Season 4

I know it isn't finished but it has episodes like
- Fort Night
- A River Runs Through Bob
- Bob and Deliver

The best season. It had great holiday episodes (Fort Night, Christmas In The Car, Turkey In A Can ). Episodes that seemed completely different to every other episode ( The Frond Files, Wharf Horse, World Wharf II ).
My Top 5 Episodes From This Season Are-
1- Christmas In The Car
2- Fort Night
3- World Wharf II
4- The Kids Run Away
5- Wharf Horse

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3 Season 3

I didn't like this season it was just too weird

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4 Season 1

Season 1 wasn't perfect but it was a great start to the series

Ah Season 1, the best season ever

5 Season 5

This season looks great

Can't wait to see this season

When will this air

6 Season 6
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