Top Ten Body Parts That Shouldn't Switch Places


The Top Ten

1 Crotch and Mouth

Ow! Plus you'd eat poop.

How would you have sex is my question. - Swiftdawn

How did I go from "Top 10 Stevie Wonder songs", to this?

2 Brain and Breasts
3 Eyes and Breasts

This image in my head promises nightmares to come! - RockFashionista

That would be so gross

4 Nose and Crotch

Imagine going to the bathroom

Nose and vagina? Not a combination worth imagining!

You'd look like squidward... - gemcloben

I'll never wanna smell ever again! - nintendofan126

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5 Ears and Eyes

That would be very creepy and gross.

6 Mouth and Bellybutton
7 Ears and Breasts

I'm scarred for life. - Minecraftcrazy530

Imagine boobs hanging off on the side of your head

8 Eyes and Butt
9 Butt and Breasts
10 Nose and Butt

The Contenders

11 Crotch and Butt
12 Brain and Penis
13 Butt and Mouth
14 Butt and Stomach
15 Ears and Penis

This couldn't happen to me, thank goodness. - Minecraftcrazy530

16 Eyes and Balls
17 Ears and Balls
18 Foot and Nose

Imagine this: You're an innocent 13 year old girl, walking down the halls of your school, quite awkwardly since you're born with an extremely rare birth defect that only affects 1/20 people. You have 2 noses for feet and a foot for a nose. You can miracously breathe and smell out of your foot due to pore holes. You need custom shoes made to fit the shape of your noses. You have to hope you don't get a big foot, but yours is moderate. Would've been a size 8. And you're just walking, holding all your books when somebody reaches out and tickles your foot. You immediately laugh, dropping your heavy textbooks on your noses and yelp. Then, your sister who's a year older comes and starts tickling your toes. 'Aw, doesn't it suck having a foot for a nose? ' She taunts as your crush and endless classmates gather around, staring.
Yes that's why it would suck

I can't even imagine that. Whoever thought of this leave this in your imagine.

19 Nose and Penis
20 Voicebox and Brain
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