Top Ten Body Parts You Probably Didn't Know the Name Of

Whilst I made this list, I had an itch on my glabella. Find out what this is plus 9 other parts of your body you didn't know the name for.

The Top Ten

1 Pinna

The part of the ear that's visible - Cazaam

2 Glabella

The space between your eyebrows which is also the thickest part of the skull. - Cazaam

Didn't know about the terms Galbella, Philtrum, Hallux, Lunula and Canthus. Brilliant list. - Kiteretsunu

3 Philtrum

The indentation between your nose and your upper lip. - Cazaam

4 Canthus

The point where your eyelids meet. Basically the proper name for the corner of your eye - Cazaam

5 Duodenum

The first part of your small intestine. It follows the stomach and the liver, gallbladder and pancreas join to it in the digestive system. - Cazaam

6 Lunula

The light parts at the bases of your nails. - Cazaam

7 Hallux

The proper name for your big toe. - Cazaam

8 Cecum

The first part of your large intestine. Your appendix joins onto here. - Cazaam

9 Gnathion

The lowest part of your mandible (jaw) situated at the end of your chin. - Cazaam

10 Intercostal Space

The space between your ribs. Taken up by the intercostal muscles which help with breathing. - Cazaam

The Contenders

11 Weenus

Elbow bone. (Sounds a lot like penis. ) - Connor360

12 Glans
13 Sclera

The white of your eyes - Cazaam

14 Ulna bone
15 Gastrocnemius

Located in your lower leg. It is actually a muscle. Very fortunate I can name every bone, muscle, and organ in the body. - RockFashionista

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