Top 10 Body Parts You Shouldn't Name Your Kids

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1 Butt

That Ass person is such a big trouble maker! - YouShallEatPoopy

2 Penis

Penis is my biggest inspiration becoming a president someday. Penis for president! - YouShallEatPoopy

3 Vagina
4 Anus

Butthole, you're getting so big! Stop growing! - YouShallEatPoopy

5 Head

Hi, my name is Big-Head Anderson and you're watching Disney Channel! - YouShallEatPoopy

6 Elbow

What up guys, I am Elbow Grease and welcome to my YouTube channel (Please excuse my name, my parents gave me this name) - YouShallEatPoopy

7 Boob
8 Belly Button

Belly Button: Hey, mom, what is that hole on my tummy?
Mom: That is your belly button, sweetie!
Belly Button: My name is Belly Button...?
Mom: Yes, sweetie. Belly Button is such a nice name for you!
Belly Button: I really got to rethink life...
Mom: Yes, you should. - YouShallEatPoopy

9 Feet

Those names sound like twins on a DisneyXD show. The Dumbass Adventures of Feet and Foot. - YouShallEatPoopy

10 Throat

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11 Nipple
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