Top 10 Boku No Hero Academia Characters that Deserve Their Own Spin Off

This is not a list of best characters. Don't vote your favorite character, instead, vote someone you think needs more development or needs a backstory explained more vividly or something.

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1 Shoto Todoroki Shoto Todoroki

He is a great character, not my favorite student, but he is good.

Yes, I think even all might would agree with me on this

Obviously, he is the best he is icy hot boi and he is amazing okay

Just because I ned more of him

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2 Katsuki Bakugo Katsuki Bakugo

He deserves to have a character arch because he has so much potential. He's one of those character who just have THAT kind of vibe. Also he's best boy 10/10

There are so much things about him that Horikoshi didn't show us yet: his hero name, his dorm, why had he actually start bullying Deku?

3 Ochaco Uraraka Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco, for sure, would be the character who I would like to see a spin off show of the most. Her backstory hasn't been explained too well yet, and I would love to see it more developed.
Ochaco isn't my favorite character in the series, but I think she's the one that most deserves a spin off. - Solacress

I don't know much about her childhood - Kirishima

4 Momo Yaoyorozu Momo Yaoyorozu


I want to see her livin lavish

I'd actually like to see more into her rich life honestly - Solacress

5 Hitoshi Shinso Hitoshi Shinso

He is a very underdeveloped character that I would like to see more of. - Solacress

We didn't really know much about his backstory, I think it'd be cool to see the bullying he got through ;D

I would LOVE to see a spinoff of Shinsou since I KNOW he's working super hard on becoming a hero under Aizawa's coaching~! He's also so similar to Izukun in how he views things :') It'd also give us a little more insight to the General Ed. Department!

6 Eijiro Kirishima Eijiro Kirishima

He is a character that keeps the bakusquad and even class 1-A from falling apart and he is an overall amazing person!

I hope we'll get a spin off episode of his childhood - Kirishima

He need spinoff because how Kiri and Mina meet as kids

I really want spin off episode of Kiri - Kirishima

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7 Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu Asui

Sure, we already saw one spin off episode of her, but I NEED MORE - Solacress

8 Shota Aizawa Shota Aizawa

Honestly, I want to see a spin-off it would be very interesting, seeing how he develops and grows as a character, seeing how his quirk works, seeing how Aizawa grows as a whole, he is a wholesome character, he isn't a energetic enthusiastic hero, also not a happy one sorta. He pushes his class to the limits. As a whole he is a equal hero, he is also badass so... Yeah.

This badass doesn't get enough screen time!

Yes to see his point of view of the crap his students get into.

9 Minoru Mineta Minoru Mineta

He is a perv -shimmer from the tri pizza squad

I wanna see that

Yes, I know he is the most hated character in My Hero Academia, but come on, he at least has an interesting story. I would actually like to see him get a spin off to tell more of that story. (expecting replies saying I'm 100% wrong) - Solacress

10 Mei Hatsume Mei Hatsume

Hatsume is a fun fearless character happy to get into shenanigans. A spin-off of Hatsume would open up a whole part of the Hero Academia world as she's not part of the Pro Hero bracket, but deals with the behind the scenes R&D stuff.

Like Hitoshi, Mei is underdeveloped and I would like to see a spin off of her. - Solacress

The Contenders

11 Denki Kaminari Denki Kaminari

Just because it would prove he's not the traitor - dels

We need to show all the blind he's not the traitor

I think Denki needs his own spinoff episode - Kirishima

I don't know much of Denki - Kirishima

12 Dabi Dabi

We don't know much about him so why not

I don't know that much about Dabi - Kirishima

Well, maybe to confirm or deny the theory that he's related to Shoto... - Solacress

13 Himiko Toga Himiko Toga

How she get crazy

14 Kyoka Jiro Kyoka Jiro

I think we definitely need a backstory of some kind...

15 Kota Izumi Kota Izumi
16 Midoriya Izuku

Best Ever

17 Itsuka Kendo Itsuka Kendo

I don't know much of this girl - Kirishima

18 All Might

I want to see how he became #1

19 Hanta Sero Hanta Sero
20 Fumikage Tokoyami Fumikage Tokoyami

Best character but so underrated, needs more attention

21 Slime Monster

Best character

22 Class 1-B

Honesty, I’m really curious to see what Monoma is like when he is not being annoying and making fun of us. - Of_Her_Acid_Ways

23 Yo Shindo Yo Shindo


24 Ms. Joke Ms. Joke
25 Inasa Yoarashi Inasa Yoarashi
26 Endeavor
27 Tomura Shigaraki Tomura Shigaraki

He is Izuku's villanous foil, so why not?

28 Tenya Iida

His whole family their history as Pro Heroes - they even have their own agency. Come on - Randomanimeness

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