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1 Shouto Todoroki Shouto Todoroki

He's the deepest character with the best character development and background. Not to mention despite his dark past, he's still kind and caring towards everybody, and he has a funny side to him as well. He's also determined and badass, and is the one who suffered the most and trained the hardest. I truly think that he should be the one to become the greatest hero after everything he's been through, and I wish All Might had given One For All to him instead, since to be honest he deserves it the most. - Goku02

Wow I'm so surprised to see how quickly Shouto got from #10 to #1! When I created this list, it was made right after Season 1 finished and Shouto didn't have much character development in the first season, but I agree with everyone here. Shouto is the deepest character so far in the series and arguably currently the most overpowered in class 1A. That is, until Deku really gets strong like in the manga, but still, Shouto is an awesome character in the anime. - Mcgillacuddy

Shouto had gone through a lot as a 5 years old kid. He could't be like other kids; couldn't play with his siblings; had to train everyday; being beaten by his own father; saw his father abused his mother, the only person that he can be close with, while protecting him; and being burnt by his own mother, the person he loves the most. However, he did not hold any hatred against her, instead he understands clearly that was his dad's fault even Shouto was just a little kid. He is one of the strongest character that I have ever known, not because of his power, but because of his great and caring personality. For his classmate, not mention about Deku, he always cares for his classmates, concerning about Iida when they start the internship, helping and encouraging Iida to become the hero he wants to be, helping Momo be more confident about her power, voting for Momo to become the president for the class (everyone in the class just vote for themselves), using his fire to help the girls for ...more

He has cool quirk - Kirishima

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2 Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya

Izuku is most selfless and caring person in the entire series. He's intelligent and an incredibly developed character. His instinct to put others before himself is something that greatly motivates his dream to become a hero. The story holds so many well developed and interesting characters, but Izuku is the perfect protagonist. He's not your typical jock, not the mysterious quite boy with the dramatic child hood (We all know who that's is) He's the shy, determined underdog that no one really expected to be able to kick so much ass. The boy who proved everyone wrong when people doubted his capabilities, but simply because it was dream since he was child- an element of innocence, which is rather refreshing. He saves the people who doubted him, who bullied him, he saves who he can because that's what is most important to him. But he can be badass, powerful hero when he wants to be - it's the perfect balance. But he fights at the cost of his body- going out of his way every time to save ...more

Yeah, yeah, Shouto is cool, Bakugo has potential and is a whirl wind, but Izuku is the embodiment of what it means to be a hero. He's fought with his body broken and twisted, withstanding pain and torment from those that doubt him - especially from Bakugo when he was younger. He's fought without powers, he's about one of the few hero's that uses his head and is able to win through critical thinking, where most rely on their powers for support. I believe he could have become a hero without getting Almight's one-for-all. He's the kind of person with enough drive, passion, and creativity to make any of his dreams come true, especially such a selfless endeavor - saving others. When he gets serious he becomes the most chaotic zombie-like being, doing whatever it takes to achieve his goal at the cost of his body. His whole demeanor changes into a raw monster, whether he has a chance or not he will fight until he dies.

He's absolutely adorable in every way. He knows what he wants and is determinant to get it, while hurting as little people as possible. He's my hero.

He's stronger than allmight so he should be number 1

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3 Katsuki Bakugou Katsuki Bakugou

He's badass, and it's always hilarious when he gets angry. He's also very intelligent even if his attitude would make it seem otherwise.

Savage and funny

Has the best development out of everyone - Yuxune

I can relate to him

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4 Toshinori Yagi Toshinori Yagi

He is the main character's mentor, who is not a pervert and he is the coolest hero.

Absolute badass. Stands for everything righteous in the show and serves as motivation for the rest of society as the symbol of peace.

All might is Life

All Might should be #1 he is my dad the hell, he's so loving and supportive, makes you cookies, and tucks you into bed, especially Tokoyami <3
Yeah. Dad Might for life

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5 Ochako Uraraka Ochako Uraraka

She is the character that you will love if Your waifu tags is "cute". Some of her scene is really memorable (especially when she trying to help izuku in the 4th episode of anime). She really a big help when you need it. And plus that she is the girl version of izuku (you can say like that) make her the best girl in this anime in my opinion.

Ochako Uraraka is great. Don't let people tell you otherwise. - AzkaNesia

She's amazing! I'd want to be her best friend just because she's so cool and nice. Low key badass too

Best girl.

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6 Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu Asui

She's the best girl in the show - Goku02

Like her quirk and personality, hope she gets more development.

Wholesome family frog

Honestly my favorite character

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7 Tenya Iida Tenya Iida

Not so complex of a character, but still so much going on. He is smart, strong, and has a cool, unique power. Overall a great character

I'm failing no nut november and its all his fault

I love this boy

He’s so pure and cute, I love my dear boy Tenya

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8 Eijirou Kirishima Eijirou Kirishima

Literally the best there's no arguing he's such an amazing character

One of the the most underrated yet interesting characters of the them all. I think it's obvious to everyone that he needs more screen time and character development. His personality and"manliness" are so creative and productive - I wish I got to see more of it. All his fights are so inspirational, I'm glad to see a punch from him every once and while.

He's a male and brave hero! He deserves at least top5.

so manly.

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9 Shouta Aizawa Shouta Aizawa

He's really funny, and though he's strict, he's actually a real nice guy! I feel he's a little underrated, because he's done tons of cool things in both the anime and manga, and doesn't get too much recognition. And of course, his quirk, which isn't flashy, but is overall super cool! And he's pretty hot haha.

Even the villain said he was cool

He is brave, caring, cool and powerful. Some may argue that he is sometimes strict and mean but he does this for his students to reach plus ultra and for the future success of the hero association. He doesn't care about fame, money or rank, only for justice and for his students. plus he's sick

Best character in the show hands-down

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10 Denki Kaminari Denki Kaminari

DENKI MUST BE #1! He's the best character!

Other than his quirk, Its good to know an idiot like him can also be able to enroll in a academy of gifted students. It makes me feel good about myself.

He is just fantastic!

I like Denki - Kirishima

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11 Momo Yaoyorozu Momo Yaoyorozu

Her power is very useful and very cool, and she is a very intelligent character in the ensemble

I'm not going to lie and say that the posts saying that they 'ship her' are not a bit dishearting. It's acceptable to ship a character but it appears as if she's popular solely because she shipped with such in such. She's so much more than that.

Her power is helpful

Is cool

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12 Fumikage Tokoyami Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami is one of the strongest character in class 1A and his quirk can be used as both offensive and defensive. If he learns to manage his dark shadow in night time as well as increase its endurance in day he might become stronger than the pro heroes. Also he is fast, quick decision maker and a mid range attacker which gives him advantage over physical attackers. Not to mention his dark shadow's only known weakness is fire or light. Hope mangaka give him some attention and love.

He's so quick witted, and mysterious that he is clearly the coolest character.

This guy is seriously OP. Just imagine having a quirk like that, able to TAKE OVER you if you lose control. I love his design, and his quirk is so creative that he's one of my favorite characters! Dry humor is a plus.

My god this dude is a awesome dude I’ll be so tick off if there a arc similar to the tournament of power from dB Super and he wasn’t a member

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13 Mina Ashido Mina Ashido

She's fun easygoing and best female character in My Hero Academia

She's funny cute and most my favourite character in My Hero Academia

She's my most favourite character ever

Mina's awesone girl - Kirishima

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14 Yu Takeyama Yu Takeyama

She looks awesome. I wish she had a better role than being fanservice. - girlcool

Mt. Lady is best girl

I like Mt Lady

15 Yuga Aoyama

One of my personal favorites. He hasn't done too much but he's such a funny and memorable character that it's hard not to enjoy him. - Garythesnail

Most underrated character - fiftythousandtoes

Strangely relate able

Best boi uwu

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16 Kyoka Jirou

Best girl ever. I will punch if don't think so

She is adorable get over it

She is annoying.


17 Mei Hatsume

When it comes to attitude and having unique persona She instantly wins, none of the others manage to make Ochako annoyed in the way that She does, and most other character interactions are unique

She is amazing

Honestly one of my favourites. She may be selfish but her craziness and creativeness make up for it

18 Mirio Toogata Mirio Toogata

Coolest and responsible guy

The guy that should have received All for One

You mean One For All, right? That would be scary if you meant what you wrote. - Solacress

I didn't know tintin was in my hero academia

The anime should be on him

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19 Inko Midoriya Inko Midoriya

Mama Midoriya is TOO PURE!

She is adorable PERIOD

She just so pure

I agree so much

20 Stain

Best boy


21 All for One All for One

I love him so much

I love him.

One of my favorite villians of all time.

god of sex

22 Tomura Shigaraki

Really interesting villain, he's very creepy, I love watching him

I think his quirk is amazing and his appearence along with everything about him is badass

handy man

Honestly, Tomura(lol it autocorrected to Tom USA) deserves so much more love.


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23 Hitoshi Shinso Hitoshi Shinso

He deserved to beat Deku to be honest..

He is in A class now!
So proud!

He deserves more love

He is one of the only characters who’s strength is not about physical power. I personally think that he is a very well developed character and should appear more. He’s my favorite.

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24 Dabi Dabi

He's definitely one of those characters who barely gets any screen time in the beginning of the story but later gets their upbringing revealed. Interesting and mysterious, I think he's definitely going to have a huge arc based on him that will reveal his motivations and how he got those scars!

He’s just super interesting! He also has that same mysterious yet charming vibe you get when you see Levi from Attack on Titan. Dabi is smart as well and pretty strong with his quirk. Love his physique 100%😍


He is FAB AND CUTE AND AH >:000000

25 Toga Himiko

When you see her you know the chapter is gonna be fun. Bit of a sadist but that's easily overlooked - spittershark

Adorable, childish and fun. Just makes every scene she's in a blast and there's not much you can hate about her.

Crazy, sweet and dangerous.

Best girl

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26 Pico Pico Pico is from the anime "Boku No Pico". Pico was produced by Natural High. Pico (ぴこ Piko) is a blonde boy who works part-time at Tamotsu's grandfather's bar in the summer. He's often shown swimming, usually naked or in a blue Speedo. He has worn girls' clothing ever since Tamotsu gave some to him more.

You thought this was list of Boku no Hero Academia characters, but it was me, Pico!

He's more stronger than all mighty

Deserves the top spot.


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27 Tamaki Amajiki

His personality and attitude represents all introverts that's what makes him a really good character

I can relate to him so much...

He's gay and ugly

Tamaki is a beautiful bean who is trying to over come his anxiety and represents Kohie Horikorshi in many ways and has helped many people with there anxiety and is also gay! :3

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28 Itsuka Kendo Itsuka Kendo

Kendo is the best

29 Toru Hagakure

Invisible Girl Is Best Girl

Toru best girl, fight me.

30 Himiko Toga Himiko Toga
31 Hanta Sero




32 Kai Chisaki

He has an amazing design and is a great villain.

He's beautiful

33 Hizashi Yamada Hizashi Yamada

Cockatoo man

All hail banana speaker man

Best boi


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34 Mezou Shouji Mezou Shouji

He’s such an underrated character, when really he’s only ever seen to be trying to support or help his classmates. Without him the training camp arc wouldn’t have been able to work and both Tokyami and Bakugo would have been taken by the villains.

35 Hawks

He is a new hero from the manga he has big wings that make him fly and do the hero work for him, he says whatever he likes but his design is simple amazing to look at it.

36 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

He's so sweet,

The most adorable!
And when meets kirishima, he's even more adorable!

37 Ugne

What a brilliant character. - SpicyYurio

best boy


A villain hero who loves being gay and loves yaoi and yuri and hentai, Catch phrase -STOOOP- and -SHUT... UP-

38 Kurogiri Kurogiri

By far one of the best villians ever. He seems to have a pretty deep history and he has impeccable manners despite being a villain. He tries to watch over Shigaraki to advising him to good decisions, so he is a somewhat mentor to the boy. His quirk is awesome and makes him to near invincible. - Sentimental

39 Inasa Yoarashi
40 Nejire Hado Nejire Hado
41 Mashirao Ojiro

Ojiro is so underappreciated for me qwq please love this tail boi he's cuteee

42 Nomu

A strong villain that all might couldn’t beat easily

I think nomu is the best. he has saved so many oppas and unnies. he is my senpai. saranhae

He has had the most character development and his outstanding looks tend to help his popularity! like dang he is so HOT///////// And he is super strong too he needs more love and I will help him! if you don't think this is the best character then get fat!

43 Gran Torino Gran Torino


44 Tensei Iida (Ingenium) Tensei Iida (Ingenium)
45 Koji Koda
46 Camie Utsushimi

Best girl cute sexy and amazing overall

47 Yo Shindo
48 Ms. Joke Ms. Joke

She's a cool character and definitely deserves more attention.

49 Rikido Sato
50 Enji Todoroki
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