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1 Shouto Todoroki

He's the deepest character with the best character development and background. Not to mention despite his dark past, he's still kind and caring towards everybody, and he has a funny side to him as well. He's also determined and badass, and is the one who suffered the most and trained the hardest. I truly think that he should be the one to become the greatest hero after everything he's been through, and I wish All Might had given One For All to him instead, since to be honest he deserves it the most.

He's my favourite character not just because of his looks, I love his personality and how he cares about his friends and he's always there for them. For me he had the best character development. First I didn't like him , I thought he only cares about himself, he was cold towards his classmates and everyone. But after the sports festival he changed! I love that he is making friends and I hope he keeps the same way!

I honestly think he could have had one for all. I love his personalities and the backstory is just cute. SPOILERS Alert: He actually might forgive Endeavor he's changed. It takes guts to do that.

What's not to like about this guy? He's got looks, awesome power, always calm and everything a dreamy anime boy needs!

2 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

Izuku is most selfless and caring person in the entire series. He's intelligent and an incredibly developed character. His instinct to put others before himself is something that greatly motivates his dream to become a hero. The story holds so many well developed and interesting characters, but Izuku is the perfect protagonist. He's not your typical jock, not the mysterious quite boy with the dramatic child hood (We all know who that's is) He's the shy, determined underdog that no one really expected to be able to kick so much ass. The boy who proved everyone wrong when people doubted his capabilities, but simply because it was dream since he was child- an element of innocence, which is rather refreshing. He saves the people who doubted him, who bullied him, he saves who he can because that's what is most important to him. But he can be badass, powerful hero when he wants to be - it's the perfect balance. But he fights at the cost of his body- going out of his way every time to save ...more

He is extremely selfless and determined. Yet innocent and kind. He may not have the dark backstory that most heroes have. But he most definitely has the ability to act on his choices. He the correct judgement of a true hero as well. Midoriya is willing to sacrifice his body, in exchange to save someone. He KNOWS the consequences of saving someone, yet he still tries his best every time to save them. He is most definitely the best character, and the best hero. He may not have been able to smile at the face of danger as quick as All Might does, but he is going to make a fantastic hero one day. I for one, can wait to see it.

Deku in my opinion is the greatest! He may be the main character, causing many people to root for him, but he provides an explicit example. Hard work isn't easily achieved, that's why it's called hard work! His passion to never give up is greater than any quirk. Shouto is at the top, but I feel it should Deku. Everyone loves a good backstory, which would give Shouto an easy advantage among others. Him being to mysterious can make him more intriguing. Deku shows that even if you're not someone special, you can excel just like the rest. Deku was the runt of the pack. Anyone else when watching feel super excited to see what happens next! Not to mention how funny he can be! I'm just a person commenting why I choose Deku. What do I know? Well, there's one thing I do know, and it's that Deku IS THE BEST!

The reason I think Izuku Midoriya should be in the top ten because he is 1. Caring and always puts his life on the line 2. He tries his hardest no matter what 3. He wants to encourage others to do the right thing 4. His actions encourage other to do the right thing 5. He tries hard to become the best hero 6. He is smart and tries to figure things out even in the weirdest moments 7. He never gives up even if there is no hope 8. He doesn't let his anger git the best of him 9. He think carefully about his quirk and tries not to use is arms that much and also tries not to go above eight percent 10. He is strong but never to careless.

3 Katsuki Bakugou

NOW DIE!. In all seriousness Bakugou deserves to be the strongest hero. He started the series as a bully and his rude arrogant nature made everyone think he would become a villain. Yet when the villain talk to him he told them off. Bakugou is strong, smart, proud and strives to be the best pushing himself hard to reaches his goals. He want to become The undisputed strongest hero in his own way. I hope he overcomes he people issues character flaw and reaches the top of the hero ranks.

Bakugou is the funniest character and the meanest as well. He's so rude and arrogant but basing on some scenes from the show he is actually very smart and has a lot of potential in him. He has such good character development. The fact that he's determine really makes him stand out. I love him very much! Plus he's hot.

Why isn't he #1? LOL Bakugou is an entertaining character, and he is a good foil to Deku. It is great to see his character development

Bakugou is powerful, strong, and has a bad mouth, but he is an awesome character! He's also sexy and hot.

4 Toshinori Yagi

If him smiling doesn't make you smile then are you OK. Those pearly whites flash you and make your heart light up.

Makes my laugh all the time especially when he told Young Midoriya to eat his hair to inherate one for all. He is an amazing role model

All mightu is all the types of super hero's in the modern day world that we know and love and put all into one, he keeps a level of composure and seriousness but still the adaptivity in any situation to randomly make you laugh. I think its cool how he picked Deku to take on the power because he saw himself in Deku. Not only is he a symbol of Peace, but he is the symbol of what everything means to truly be a Super Hero

"United States of Smash! " That's one of the best names for an attack ever

5 Eijirou Kirishima

He's a precious cinnamon-roll. Fight me.

Kirishima is just an amazing character! When I first started watching mha I would have never thought he would be my favorite character. I don't know why, but sometimes I look back in the manga or anime just to watch/ read his back story again. Honestly his past self reminds me of myself now, and it pushes to keep going, even when its hard. Kirishima is also very friendly (I mean he did manage to become best friends with the hot-head Bakugou). I feel like Kirishima could be friends with anyone if he tried! So overall Kirishima is best boi and a cinnamon roll! Fight me!

Kirishima is the most inspiring character in this whole show! I know you might be thinking, "wELL wHat ABOut DeKu?" NO. Kirishima's backstory is too relatable. *Spoiler territory* The fact he was afraid to go up to that villain is realistic and he used that as inspiration in a way. He said he was never going to be "weak" again which is just too precious.

One of the the most underrated yet interesting characters of the them all. I think it's obvious to everyone that he needs more screen time and character development. His personality and "manliness" are so creative and productive - I wish I got to see more of it. All his fights are so inspirational, I'm glad to see a punch from him every once and while.

6 Ochako Uraraka

She is very sweet and yet, she hasn't done anything wrong. Some people dislike her which I don't really care since we all have different opinions and I really respect that. When I realized she is kinda forgotten after a few seasons, I'm kinda upset since why would you forget something so carefree and sweet? She is also strong mentally and physically. When she tried to push away her feelings for Deku and keep on focusing to be a pro hero, it shows us that she is a very determined girl and I'm very sure she will reached her goal (I don't know why I commented a lot lol)

I've seen a few comments saying that's she's nothing better than fangirling over deku, but that's really not the case. Uraraka doesn't necessarily "Fangirl" over deku. Liking him was natural. She's a teenager, it's normal. And I feel like people are actually missing out the point that she thought her feelings for her was affecting her hero training, and decided to push them down? It shows true character development for her and tells us that she cares about becoming a hero.

I've also seen comments saying that she's a good-for-nothing character with bad development. I understand why people would think this. They COMPLETELY forgot about her after season 2, which is upsetting. We didn't get to see much screen time from her. It shows why people would think she's useless. But trust me, she gets better. I've read a bit of the manga and she's a complete badass! She shows that she actually wants to be useful to deku, and it makes her stand out.

Over all I really like Uraraka and ...more

Ochako Uraraka used to be my least favorite character, but slowly her character development changed me from despising her to actually enjoying her presence, sure shes not my favorite but shes in my top ten! Shes sweet kind outgoing generous, but she did become a hero for a different reason than everyone else, Sure she still wants to save people! but she also wants money for her and her parents!

Ochako is sweet, cute, and an airhead all in one amazing character

7 Tsuyu Asui

She may be a frog, but she is best girl all the way. She would never hurt anyone and if she thought she accidentally did she would tell very bad. She is so nice to everyone, even people who don't deserve it, like a certain grape pervert I know of.

She's so cute and I love her quirk.
She is very nice to everyone and I love her voice.

Tsu is amazing in her personality, quirk, and power. I really like her

I hope I get to see her fight more and get new skills and maybe adjust her outfit a bit, also give her more lines on the show and if not give her more screen time.

8 Shouta Aizawa

The best teacher you could ask for, also the best dad you could ask for.

Everyone wishes the teacher could be this cool all I have to say.

How is he not at least in top 3 I mean it is eraser! Best parent there is

I just do. I always have. I don't know he is tired and I'm tired so like yeah. That's all really.

9 Tenya Iida

Iida is such an amazing character! I hate how people push him aside, especially because he is a very well developed character. I hope he gets another arc.

At first, Iida was just presented as the lawful good character who loves rules blah blah blah. But he is so much more than that... His development was amazing, yet he is stuck to the sidelines because of characters like Todoroki. (Who is overrated, in my opinion.) He deserves so much more love.

He is the representative for class 1-A and he always tries to keep his class together, he is a great friend and his quirk is awesome.

MAH NERDY CHILD! He's so cute, I wanna meet him! He's my speedy child too!

10 Denki Kaminari

Denki is definitely one of the best bois of Class 1-A! While often being the butt of his classmates' jokes and known for his lightheadedness, he is kind, devoted and caring towards his classmates. And his hero name, Chargebolt! By far, it's one of the coolest hero names in the bunch. Once he can finally master and control his quirk well, there's no doubt that he would become a great pro hero in the future. He's just so quirky and goofy it's hard to hate him or get annoyed at him for a long time. He's also got a certain charm that makes you want to forgive him for all of his mistakes, if you get my drift. Overall, he's a charismatic character that everyone should notice more! I hope he'll get more character development soon!

Other than his quirk, Its good to know an idiot like him can also be able to enroll in a academy of gifted students. It makes me feel good about myself.

Honestly Denki is best boi and theres nothing you can say to change my mind! He's just so cute and funny! Most of my friends say he's stupid because he can't even use his quirk without going dumb, and their right, but that makes him cute in a way. Anyway he's my favorite character by far!

Adorable human Pikachu! He can be real weird some say stuff or do something at the worst timing, but he is one of my favorite characters! So cute!

The Contenders

11 Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo is a very smart, poised character. I really enjoy her interactions with Todoroki.

Yaoyorozu, while not being my favorite character, is a great character. She's smart, kind, and has a great and very useful quirk.

I like her as a character already and I think she has the potential to be even better than she is now

Need more screen time and love her quirk and was a useful character from the 1st movie two heroes

12 Dabi

He's definitely my favorite. He has an interesting and mysterious character, so I can't wait to see more of him.

Also, he's hella sexy. I could stare into his beautiful eyes forever. I would not hesitate to commit arson to smooch this boi.

He is so interesting and I want to have more info on him and more screen time

Dabi is a mysterious character. The theory about him being a Todoroki is one of the greatest mysteries in the story. I'm excited to see his backstory.

One of my favorite villians in this anime
His blue flame quirk is pretty awesome.

13 Fumikage Tokoyami

He's so mysterious, when they did the room contest thing when they got their dorms and they looked at his he was so embarrassed and it was so cute! I absolutely love him! Dark shadow is really cool too! And who knew a bird man could be so hot? He is COMPLETELY underrated. He needs more screen time!

I think Tokoyami is really underrated for how good of a character he is. Not only is he badass and extremely powerful with his quirk, he always has a cool air about him and has pretty funny and cool lines.

Honestly, I never knew I would like a character that's a bird. He's got a nice quirk and he's got nice skills! Like when he plays the guitar.

He has to be one of my favorite Class 1-A characters with that amazing quirk of his.

14 Hitoshi Shinso

He's way to misunderstood by the people around him. Any quirk can be a villains, unless you use it for good

I like this charter because I just like his personality and I hope he joins class 1 A soon

He deserves more screen time, I just love how he hasn't given on his dreams no matter what people say.

I feel like he gets misunderstood, just like Slytherins so I mean we're in this together.

15 Tamaki Amajiki

I love my shy boy so much, and I can relate to him a lot! He's so cute when he's shy!

ok. I can relate to this character so much it is crazy. With his anxiety and like only having one friend he really clings to is all too familiar to my life. Otherwise, I just think he is pretty cool and lucky that his quirk is food-related lol.

I love him he is quiet, shy, and sweet I don't understand why you wouldn't like him

I can relate to him and so can other people, he's shy but cute, strong and has nice hair, he's not very good with socialism like lots of people.

16 Yuga Aoyama


So I personally think Aoyama has to be my 2# favorite. Sure, lots of fans kind of find it creepy when he stares into the camera and acts all full of himself and all, but I LOVE it. He's one of those character who truly expresses himself with no shame unlike most anime characters and that's the kind of development I admire very much.

People think he's weird but I love my French boy for being the stalker he is <3

NONONO I just read the end of book 18 Yuga is a STALKER of Deku He weirdly fed Deku cheese. Its HIS true colors, this is not Toga. Even YaoMomo cannot change my mind.

The greatest most badass character ever
"Never stop twinkling"

17 Yu Takeyama

She looks awesome. I wish she had a better role than being fanservice.

big lady

That was my debut

Mt. Lady is best girl

18 Kyoka Jirou

She's so shy but talented. She would defend her friends no matter what happens. I love her so much!

Wife love her best girl best thing to happen to me cried when she was singing

I swear this girl is a bi disaster and I love her so much. Also she is like the lady protector.

Pretty epic girl right here! Love her character and wanna see how her powers are used in the future. Would LOVE to see some more boom box like development from her!

19 Mei Hatsume

I like her curiosity and her "babies" (Inventions/Creation) She makes! Shes kinda weird and crazy sometimes but shes a fun gal.

All I can say is that I would really wanna be friends with her. Do I have a small crush on her, maybe. But that's not the point.

Fun fact if you translate to English it says nails so she born to build (and make commercials inside the tournament)

When it comes to attitude and having unique persona She instantly wins, none of the others manage to make Ochako annoyed in the way that She does, and most other character interactions are unique

20 Kai Chisaki

I don't know. I always liked him. I have legit no reason to. I mean I guess I like his mask and shirt but, as for most of the characters I like, I have no clue why I like him.

He reminds me of Kageyama from Haikyuu. He's soo determined, but you have to admit that what Shigaraki did to him was too harsh. *Spoiler Warning* Why would Shigaraki get rid of Overhauls arms so he couldn't use his quirk anymore!? You have to admit you feel sorry for him.

He is just awesome as hell even though he got wiped out who cares!

He's only evil because he wouldn't stop taking drugs. Bad child. >:C

21 Keigo Takami

Frickn best character and deserves more screen time in the future

He makes everyone else quirk in show look 'okay' but he's so lovable!

I just love him

Just look at him.

22 Shoto Todoroki

Ma icyhot boi is amazing

23 Tomura Shigaraki

Yes he is a villain but he did want to be a hero before everything went down hill. He is my favorite character in the anime.

My favorite my hero academia character. Because he has a interesting power which I haven't seen before in different animes I've watch. And because he has the guts to attack the USJ

He is one of my top favorite characters. First, I can sorta relate to him, and second has a very nice backstory and good motives (considering how he was raised). It's weird I like him because I really despise hands.

THIS IS OBVIOUS he is powerful, and does his best to reach his goal. Has anyone seen the cover of the new book with white hair shigaraki with books all over his face? I hate it

24 Inko Midoriya

She’s such a cinnamon bun and the most underrated character please protect her.

Pure Mama Midoriya is best girl and no one can tell me otherwise.

This absolute Cinnamon Roll deserves love and affection!

Mama Midoriya is TOO PURE!

25 Stain

What type is his blood and also what if he licked his own blood

He’s one of my favourite villains in the series. He’s also kind of like a hero ?

Oh this guy is just amazing one of MHA BEST villain and characters he show he's resonse and why he is THE hero killers.I was mad to the fact he got DEAT by three kids, I exctremly wish he come's back in the series and interac with Toga and the league of villains.Bring back the man Stain

Best boy

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