Top 10 Boku No Hero Academia Characters

The Top Ten Boku No Hero Academia Characters

1 Shouto Todoroki

He's the deepest character with the best character development and background. Not to mention despite his dark past, he's still kind and caring towards everybody, and he has a funny side to him as well. He's also determined and badass, and is the one who suffered the most and trained the hardest. I truly think that he should be the one to become the greatest hero after everything he's been through, and I wish All Might had given One For All to him instead, since to be honest he deserves it the most. - Goku02

I didn't pay attention to him much at first. I just thought he was a guy who was smart and lucky enough to have such a powerful quirk. But he is a very complex character and his past was terrible. He deserves to be one of the best heros.

In my opinion he is one of the most complex characters throughout the whole story. His character development is amazing, at first I really didn't pay attention to him except for his quirk being impressive due to season 1 not paying much attention to him yet. But after the Sports Festival and his fight with Midoriya, and seeing his backstory and upbringing I became attached to him and his story. Despite initially being cold, distant, and calculating Shoto has shown that he is also gentle, kind, observant, insightful and ironically funny with his obliviousness to certain situations. His relationship with Midoriya is one of the reasons why I'm so rooted to the story due to how much he has shown care for him and has shown pure dedication and support to him due to Midoriya practically changing his whole life for the better (he even admits how special Midoriya is to him to his mother in one of the light novels) while also not sugarcoating his flaws for him or anyone's for that matter (he's ...more

He does have the best character development. People say he's overrated but he deserves to be overrated.

2 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

Izuku is most selfless and caring person in the entire series. He's intelligent and an incredibly developed character. His instinct to put others before himself is something that greatly motivates his dream to become a hero. The story holds so many well developed and interesting characters, but Izuku is the perfect protagonist. He's not your typical jock, not the mysterious quite boy with the dramatic child hood (We all know who that's is) He's the shy, determined underdog that no one really expected to be able to kick so much ass. The boy who proved everyone wrong when people doubted his capabilities, but simply because it was dream since he was child- an element of innocence, which is rather refreshing. He saves the people who doubted him, who bullied him, he saves who he can because that's what is most important to him. But he can be badass, powerful hero when he wants to be - it's the perfect balance. But he fights at the cost of his body- going out of his way every time to save ...more

The fact that he always had hope becoming a hero even though he knew he didn't have a quirk warms my heart. He so cute, selfless and super caring when he came to others in the entire series. What shocked me the most when I started watching the series is when he attempted to save Bakugou even if he didn't have a quirk and bakugou always treated him rudely. He's one of those boys with cute character features which I love the most about him! He's very smart and I feel like he will become a great hero in the future!

Deku in my opinion is the greatest! He may be the main character, causing many people to root for him, but he provides an explicit example. Hard work isn't easily achieved, that's why it's called hard work! His passion to never give up is greater than any quirk. Shouto is at the top, but I feel it should Deku. Everyone loves a good backstory, which would give Shouto an easy advantage among others. Him being to mysterious can make him more intriguing. Deku shows that even if you're not someone special, you can excel just like the rest. Deku was the runt of the pack. Anyone else when watching feel super excited to see what happens next! Not to mention how funny he can be! I'm just a person commenting why I choose Deku. What do I know? Well, there's one thing I do know, and it's that Deku IS THE BEST!

The reason I think izuku midoriya should be in the top ten because he is 1. Caring and always puts his life on the line 2. He tries his hardest no matter what 3. He wants to encourage others to do the right thing 4. His actions encourage other to do the right thing 5. He tries hard to become the best hero 6. He is smart and tries to figure things out even in the weirdest moments 7. He never gives up even if they're is no hope 8. He doesn't let his anger git the best of him 9. He think carefully about his quirk and tries not to use is arms that much and also tries not to go above eight percent 10. He is strong but never to careless.

3 Katsuki Bakugou

NOW DIE!. In all seriousness Bakugou deserves to be the strongest hero. He started the series as a bully and his rude arrogant nature made everyone think he would become a villain. Yet when the Villian talk to him he told them off. Bakugou is strong, smart, proud and strives to be the best pushing himself hard to reaches his goals. He want to become The undisputed strongest hero in his own way. I hope he overcomes he people issues character flaw and reaches the top of the hero ranks.

Bakugou is the funniest character and the meanest as well. He's so rude and arrogant but basing on some scenes from the show he is actually very smart and has a lot of potential in him. He has such good character development. The fact that he's determine really makes him stand out. I love him very much! Plus he's hot.

My top favourite character. He struggle through a lot and learn from his mistake, and accept Izuku as a friend (rival) through their complicated history to UA. He cares much of others, and is talent in everything - cooking, music, academic, combat etc. A cute tsundere which got a bad boy appearance with his attitude and low pants but sleep early like a good boy internally and teaches his friends before exam. Polite to elders, adore All Might, and guilty when All Might retire after the fight.
I can't clearly describe how much I love him and how good is Katsuki, but I adore him and looking up to him become number 1 Hero in future.

I think that Bakugou is extremely competitive in being a hero that he basically yells "Die!" A lot in throughout the first and second season. He's pretty motivational when it come to Midoriya telling him to never give up

4 Toshinori Yagi

All mightu is all the types of super hero's in the modern day world that we know and love and put all into one, he keeps a level of composure and seriousness but still the adaptivity in any situation to randomly make you laugh. I think its cool how he picked Deku to take on the power because he saw himself in Deku. Not only is he a symbol of Peace, but he is the symbol of what everything means to truly be a Super Hero

"United States of Smash! " That's one of the best names for an attack ever

if you translate Toshinori Yagi at google translate it meand goat

The number one hero deserves number one. He is basically superman if he was well written and interesting.

5 Eijirou Kirishima

Kirishima is just an amazing character! When I first started watching mha I would have never thought he would be my favorite character. I don't know why, but sometimes I look back in the manga or anime just to watch/ read his back story again. Honestly his past self reminds me of myself now, and it pushes to keep going, even when its hard. Kirishima is also very friendly (I mean he did manage to become best friends with the hot-head Bakugou). I feel like Kirishima could be friends with anyone if he tried! So overall Kirishima is best boi and a cinnamon roll! Fight me!

He's a precious cinnamon-roll. Fight me

Kirishima is a strong relatable character, has a lot of problems with low confidence but still try's to make everyone else happy and never fails to boost the group up. He is always cheerful with a smile plus very loyal, and how can we not love our Hardening Boy who can even befriend our Blasty Boy Bakugou!

He's an absolute cinnamon roll and probably one of my favourite characters as he's friendly enough to even befriend Bakugou. He's enthusiastic and joyful nearly all the time and that is just great in my opinion. He definitely deserves more character development accompanied with screentime. His quirk is rather interesting, at least that's what I think. They could have easily just made him have the power of creating rocks but then they made it even more interesting, which I absolutely adore. So yeah, long comment short, Kirishima is great and anyone who disagrees can fight me.

6 Ochako Uraraka

She is very sweet and yet, she hasn't done anything wrong. Some people dislike her which I don't really care since we all have different opinions and I really respect that. When I realized she is kinda forgotten after a few seasons, I'm kinda upset since why would you forget something so carefree and sweet? She is also strong mentally and physically. When she tried to push away her feelings for Deku and keep on focusing to be a pro hero, it shows us that she is a very determined girl and I'm very sure she will reached her goal (I don't know why I commented a lot lol)

I've seen a few comments saying that's she's nothing better than fangirling over deku, but that's really not the case. Uraraka doesn't necessarily "Fangirl" over deku. Liking him was natural. She's a teenager, it's normal. And I feel like people are actually missing out the point that she thought her feelings for her was affecting her hero training, and decided to push them down? It shows true character development for her and tells us that she cares about becoming a hero.

I've also seen comments saying that she's a good-for-nothing character with bad development. I understand why people would think this. They COMPLETELY forgot about her after season 2, which is upsetting. We didn't get to see much screen time from her. It shows why people would think she's useless. But trust me, she gets better. I've read a bit of the manga and she's a complete badass! She shows that she actually wants to be useful to deku, and it makes her stand out.

Over all I really like Uraraka and ...more

Ochako always looks on the bright side of things. Anyone who would show hate towards her is foolish for not following in her footsteps.

Well News flash guys she is annoying why isn't she added to the most annoying character in anime . - dr_badass419

Kind, positive, and caring what more can you ask for. She puts her self down and makes everyone happy. She deserves the whole world

7 Tsuyu Asui

She may be a frog, but she is best girl all the way. She would never hurt anyone and if she thought she accidentally did she would tell very bad. She is so nice to everyone, even people who don't deserve it, like a certain grape pervert I know of.

Best girl ever, best girl quirk, the best, cute, ad emotional support 10/10 will get body pillow of her

Just a very cool character who I tink needs more time in the spotlight

I hope I get to see her fight more and get new skills and maybe adjust her outfit a bit, also give her more lines on the show and if not give her more screen time.

8 Shouta Aizawa

I just do. I always have. I don't know he is tired and I'm tired so like yeah. That's all really.

he has a very serious personality but he does of child qualities

Very serious personality, but at the same time kind of childish. It's kind of difficult to explain but he is just one of my top 10 favorite characters..

The dad who acts like he doesn't care till he shows that he does care

9 Tenya Iida

His an amazing character I like how he admire his brother and he can be very strict because he is worried about his friends his also a good class representative and he is serious but very funny at most of the times and I really like him his my favorite character!...these are my thought for him

I love both Tenya and Shouta but since Tenya is farther down on the list and is so underrated, I just had to pick him. This boy had to go through so much like he almost lost his brother, his own life, and he's clearly so ashamed of everything that happened with Stain. Of course, a lot of people have chosen to ignore this. You would think that since he's the 2nd smartest student in class 1-A, attractive, strong, and also almost became a villain that people would pay more attention to him. But nOpe! In all honesty, Tenya is actually an amazing character and deserves so much more.

Very smart, strict, student. I really LOVE Tenya because he's awesome in so many ways. His past is well, sad but I'm impressed he grew up and brushed it all off, unlike Shoto ;-;. But then stain had to exist._.).

I really think his character development is excellent! His appearance, just everything.

I love how tenya looks up to his brother and no matter what happens he never gives up

10 Denki Kaminari

Denki is definitely one of the best bois of Class 1-A! While often being the butt of his classmates' jokes and known for his lightheadedness, he is kind, devoted and caring towards his classmates. And his hero name, Chargebolt! By far, it's one of the coolest hero names in the bunch. Once he can finally master and control his quirk well, there's no doubt that he would become a great pro hero in the future. He's just so quirky and goofy it's hard to hate him or get annoyed at him for a long time. He's also got a certain charm that makes you want to forgive him for all of his mistakes, if you get my drift. Overall, he's a charismatic character that everyone should notice more! I hope he'll get more character development soon!

Honestly Denki is best boi and theres nothing you can say to change my mind! He's just so cute and funny! Most of my friends say he's stupid because he can't even use his quirk without going dumb, and their right, but that makes him cute in a way. Anyway he's my favorite character by far!

Kaminari! My boy is in the top 10! He has such an incredible power, that could be used for some pretty radical attacks out side of just plain shocking people. What I would love to see, is a Kaminari centered episode, where we find out more about why he wants to be a hero, and what his motivation is behind using his quirk for fighting, when it could be used in much more ordinary and mundane ways. I think that as he gets more character progression, he will start to get more competent in his abilities and gain confidence in himself. I really wanna see him get more screen time and more epic attack’s in the series too (much like what happened to Jay in Ninjago with season 10 and 11), supporting his classmates and friends no matter the cost. And does anyone else agree with me that ChargeBolt is by FAR the downright, most EPIC hero name out of the litter?!?!

Other than his quirk, Its good to know an idiot like him can also be able to enroll in a academy of gifted students. It makes me feel good about myself.

The Contenders

11 Momo Yaoyorozu

Yaoyorozu, while not being my favorite character, is a great character. She's smart, kind, and has a great and very useful quirk.

I like her as a character already and I think she has the potential to be even better than she is now

Need more screen time and love her quirk and was a useful character from the 1st movie two heroes

She deserves better she is an underrated character in the series especially given the fact of what she wears so people judge her cause of that but she is really smart and nice and is personally my favorite character

12 Fumikage Tokoyami

I really like his quirk, it's so unique and the personality Dark Shadow has during the daytime is amazing

Look past his bird-head and realise how incredible this guy is. His control over Dark Shadow is awesome, his dedication is amazing and I'd love to see more of him.

He's underrated once you get past his bird head you realize he's powerful with an amazing quirk.

His character has so much development throughout the seasons and its amazing

13 Tomura Shigaraki

He is one of my top favorite characters. First, I can sorta relate to him, and second has a very nice backstory and good motives (considering how he was raised). It's weird I like him because I really despise hands.

THIS IS OBVIOUS he is powerful, and does his best to reach his goal. Has anyone seen the cover of the new book with white hair shigaraki with books all over his face? I hate it

My favorite league of villain! :O

He may be a villain but I love him in many ways. He's just so precious and adorable to me! Especially in season 4 he just looks so soft.

Most characer development in the series.
Also original to have a villain start off weak

14 Tamaki Amajiki

ok. I can relate to this character so much it is crazy. With his anxiety and like only having one friend he really clings to is all too familiar to my life. Otherwise, I just think he is pretty cool and lucky that his quirk is food-related lol.

I love him he is quiet, shy, and sweet I don't understand why you wouldn't like him

I can relate to him and so can other people, he's shy but cute, strong and has nice hair, he's not very good with socialism like lots of people.

Most relatable character in the whole series! I love him a lot my baby boy! His quirk is amazing probably one or powerful/useful quirks in the whole series!

15 Dabi

the fact that he might me an todoroki makes it really exiting, he is a very mysterius boi and awesome quirk

DABI IS TOUYA TODOROKI AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE MY MIND! (He's also hot but no one would even try to change my mind about that)

He is a todoroki and no one can change my mind! And his quirk is really powerful(also hot guy)

Hot boi with awesome quirk. He's one of the best villains ever written in fiction and he has a mysterious backstory which will probably make me cry. This guy definitely deserves more screentime.

16 Yuga Aoyama


So I personally think Aoyama has to be my 2# favorite. Sure, lots of fans kind of find it creepy when he stares into the camera and acts all full of himself and all, but I LOVE it. He's one of those character who truly expresses himself with no shame unlike most anime characters and that's the kind of development I admire very much.

NONONO I just read the end of book 18 Yuga is a STALKER of Deku He weirdly fed Deku cheese. Its HIS true colors, this is not Toga. Even YaoMomo cannot change my mind.

The greatest most badass character ever
"Never stop twinkling"

My sparkly cute best Boi!
I love his standouty yet shy and timid personality.
He is so cute I love that smile

17 Yu Takeyama

She looks awesome. I wish she had a better role than being fanservice. - girlcool

big lady

That was my debut

Mt. Lady is best girl

18 Kai Chisaki

I don't know. I always liked him. I have legit no reason to. I mean I guess I like his mask and shirt but, as for most of the characters I like, I have no clue why I like him.

He basically has the most useful quirk ever, even with his twisted mindset he's still the best villain in the series

He is honestly q good villan and even though he used his daughter she is to powerful. #kais cult

His quirk makes him one of the best

19 Kyoka Jirou

Pretty epic girl right here! Love her character and wanna see how her powers are used in the future. Would LOVE to see some more boom box like development from her!

Jirou is basically me. When she gets annoyed by Kaminari I'm like "mood'. When she just chills and listens to music I'm like "mood'. Basically, she's an all around mood and she's amazing.

Her quirk is awesome in multiple ways (stealth and brute force) even though it's unexpected. She's a good person who wouldn't let anyone mess with her and the way she deals with situations (like USJ and her final exam) makes her an amazing hero.

Absolute favorite character. Jirou is the best character, similar personality as me, cool quirk, etc. "My hero Academia" has NO hero without her. She really should be in top 5!

20 Mei Hatsume

All I can say is that I would really wanna be friends with her. Do I have a small crush on her, maybe. But that's not the point.

Fun fact if you translate to English it says nails so she born to build (and make commercials inside the tournament)

When it comes to attitude and having unique persona She instantly wins, none of the others manage to make Ochako annoyed in the way that She does, and most other character interactions are unique

She is amazing

21 Inko Midoriya

She’s such a cinnamon bun and the most underrated character please protect her.

Pure Mama Midoriya is best girl and no one can tell me otherwise.

This absolute Cinnamon Roll deserves love and affection!

Mama Midoriya is TOO PURE!

22 Stain

What type is his blood and also what if he licked his own blood

He’s one of my favourite villains in the series. He’s also kind of like a hero ?

Oh this guy is just amazing one of MHA BEST villain and characters he show he's resonse and why he is THE hero killers.I was mad to the fact he got DEAT by three kids, I exctremly wish he come's back in the series and interac with Toga and the league of villains.Bring back the man Stain

Best boy

23 Mirio Toogata

He is the hero figure. Honestly I prefer Mirio over Izuku become the main character, he is so hardworking to work through his quirk which is so poor and pretty useless at beginning.
So chill and heroic in saving Eri too, honestly underrated.

He is so upbeat even in the wake of tragedy and loss. How could you not like him!

this guy is so awesome his power is also awesome I think he showed I the last episode of season 3 - dr_badass419

He is overpowered he saved eri at the cost of his quirk He will be the finest hero of them all

I fell in love with Mirio the first moment I seen him. His appearance is very unique and same with his quirk! I adore his confidence and being the social one! Defiantly my number 4 spot!

24 All for One

Boku no Hero Academia's version of Darth Vader, only he's more powerful. - Baconshark

god of sex

I love him so much

Goddess of sex and inko

25 Hizashi Yamada

This man is a pro hero, radio show host, and an English teacher at a Japanese school. He fights crime by screaming "YEAAAH", and is just a great guy. He needs more appreciation.

If my friend knew how low he is, she'll be pissed He is da best, reminds me a lot of Jacksepticeye, and he's fun! Whats not to love

ARE YOU READY?! his funny and his powerful perspnaloty makes him more awesome. he need more love

Cockatoo man

26 Eri

So adorable kid, really I want to have a daughter like her, so cute..

She needs to be given the mother of all hugs and be told that everything will be ok. Season 4 ep 23 made me cry in happiness from seeing her smile!

Adorable little girl.she has been through so so much she deserves all the attention and love she can get

I feel like she’s so powerful and has gotten through so much and is so strong and now she really deserves a better life.

27 Itsuka Kendo

She is the big sister that I wish I had. Class 1-B needs more screen time, especially Kendo.

You need someone to keep monoma in line also she’s like the big sister of class 1b

Kendo is the best

Most overrated character

28 Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki and is the delinquent protagonist of Stardust Crusaders .

He's not a boku no hero acedemia chrecter he's a jojo charecter

Best my hero academia character

Best Boku no Hero characters ever

He is strong buff man with ghost boyo to help him

29 Gran Torino

He adopted all might lmao but still jet is underrated but just imagine him in his prime

Used to think his name was grand tostito - AnimeIsCoolMaybe

one word, fast and strong

An awesome Teacher

30 Hanta Sero

He's a stoner and needs more screen time. I can also relate to his crackhead energy so like yeah.

Okay, like what doesn't this dude get much screentime, he's just so awesome. His quirk may seem basic but he cooperates with it, which is very cool! His development and personality is very chill and I like chill.

Boi needs more screentime, people don't know how hard it would be to become a hero with a quirk like this but he seems to manage perfectly fine. He's smart and hardworking and have you SEEN his mobility? Also he's definitely the rational one in the Bakusquad we stan

So underrated, he's actually such an amazing character and deserves more looove

31 Hawks

My favorite character. can't believe that he is so underrated

Manga fans already know who the cutie is.his quirk is amazingly powerful and he is funny,considerate,and a great actor for love

He is a new hero from the manga he has big wings that make him fly and do the hero work for him, he says whatever he likes but his design is simple amazing to look at it.

I love one sassy bird man

32 Nejire Hado

Super upbeat, super curious, absolutely adorable, and is incredibly passionate about her work!

An airheaded kid like myself, an awesome quirk, gets serious when neccisary.

One she awesome character and has a great personality and for two she would be the best match for izuku hands down

First of she is adorable and she has the personality of my bff

33 Koji Koda

he is such an underrated character he needs more screen time

Sooner or later he will his own arc and he will show to all idiots, who hate him, that he is a powerful character!

The purest boy of the manga, and if everyone say the opposite... then they're all wrong

What are you joking I love him but he is afraid of bugs and also he has a lot and I mean a lot of pets

34 Mezou Shouji

Shouji is a baby and I love him, he's used to being scary to people so he WORKS for it, he wears a mask to keep people comfortable, he always puts others before him and I think people forget that he really makes a great hero.

He is my favorite character in my hero academia I wish I could know why he hides his mouth

He is a really awesome character, defiantly my top 5 favorite MHA characters. I just really don't understand how he doesn't get much attention nor does he get that much screentime. He is just an awesome person with a unique quirk, personality, etc. If only I knew why he wore a mask because as an anime watcher only and I don't read the manga at all, spoilers ahead warning. In the last episode in season 3, Nejire asks Shoji why he wears a mask and he said these key words, "Well in the past.." But then she just HAD to interupt my boy like come on! That's why I kind of hate Nejire :p.

I love him so much this dude needs more love nobody mentions him and it's sad peps LOVE THE DUDE OWO

35 Himiko Toga

She's strong, cute, and determined. Yeah, she's a little... or a lot insane, but that just adds to her amazing personality! I bet if she was a hero, she'd be atop this list. But sides don't matter! Let's just appreciate this beautifully crafted creature.

She is very pretty and is unique. Instead of planning revenge or whatever the other villains want to do, she is out there calling people 'her type' and stuff. Now, I know she doesn't mean they are actually her type but, its cute in a way and gives her much more personality than all the other villains. Sometimes I don't get why there's other villains because they don't show emotion, are they depressed or something? I mean, no hate and I'm not trying to offend anybody but, I don't get why the others are so 'important'.

Even if she is insane she has a good quirk and is pretty stylish to

a lot of people don't really like toga because of her Yandere like personality but she also just wants to be love which I relate to a lot

36 Kurogiri

Kurogiri, while not having the flashiest quirk or design, is extremely important to My Hero Academia. Without him, the heroes would have no trouble. Kurogiri is like the neck of the villain's body (all for one would be the spine, and shigaraki would be the head if you were wondering)

I never really liked him. I mean he is one of the better characters and is pretty chill/ funny, but after his backstory, I love this character now.

I care about every single one of the villains more than I care about myself

Now this is a villain who knows what the most important factor of a villain:

A dapper appearance. - Baconshark

37 Ms. Joke

She's a cool character and definitely deserves more attention.

Funniest teacher, should have more attention.

hahaha I been movin em out

Haha. Very funny

38 Endeavour

He may have been hard on shoto or as the fan girls call him the cinnamon roll Endeavors flames are very slightly weaker than Dabi's but the way hell flame works is the user takes les damage and flame boost but at a risk of a heat stroke so people should start respecting his quirk more since he could die at any moment of course shoto would be happy though

I feel like this list is more based on the anime then the manga because in my opinion he gets a lot better over time.

Get this thing away from me

Endeavour is a interesting character in the series he is apart of a dark backstory and he is sure he can take down all might by also getting his son involved and he was more showing he can save people in the ending part of season 3 when he helped take care of some of the nomu's and he has a really powerful quirk which is apart of why he's #2 close to all might

39 Mashirao Ojiro

he is such an underrated character he needs more screen time and he's cute so bonus points

This boi gave up on the sports festival because he thought he didn't deserve it. This boi held his own in the fire zone during USJ, while others almost got defeated with multiple allies. This boi wAGS HIS TAIL WHEN HE'S EXCITED. He's a plain guy but he doesn't need to be flashy to be remembered. He needs more damn screentime.

I have to say, Ojiro. Imagine, you're in a world where EVERYBODY has quirks, including you. Most of your class have emitter types, while a few have mutants and transformation types. That's Ojiros life. Even the other mutants get more recognition because of their quirks! (Sero has tape, Tsuyu has frog, Iida has engine, you get my point). Ojiro? Ojiro has a tail. And I hate to admit it, but it seems plain in the world of BNHA, where Izuku can literally blow holes in walls with a punch, and Bakugou can create explosions from his hands. Ojiro should be higher! He was accepted into the hero-course, for gods sake, with his tail! Sure, he may not have been top ten in the entrance exam, but still.
Not to mention, the use of his tail is actually incredible. He uses it to his advantage. Ojiro is the best boy, and deserves a role at the top. I know, you all love your edgy anime boys who are cold and quiet, but really, ya'll overlook characters that are incredible.

Precious boi I wanna pet his tail - chilinuggetuwu

40 Mitsuki Bakugo

Depending on how u spell it if you translate to English spelled bakugo it says staying language and if you spell it bakugou it is explosion so yes

One of the best anime moms forever and always.shes literary one of the only people who can keep bakugou quite

Shes best girl mom

I love her she is best mom in mha

41 Camie Utsushimi

I loved her ever since I.met her.shes hot and has the same taste in anime boys as I do

Best girl cute sexy and amazing overall

I don't like her

She is just the best every since she called todoroki hot...

42 Nomu

One sexy beast

He scream At top of his non existent lungs

Zombie birdo

Sexy Bird

43 Yo Shindo

UH hotly thotty

44 Hol Horse

Hol horse good - AlphaQ

45 Ugne

What a brilliant character. - SpicyYurio

best boy


A villain hero who loves being gay and loves yaoi and yuri and hentai, Catch phrase -STOOOP- and -SHUT... UP-

46 Chico

"Umm... Hi Chico! I'm sorry little boy that you ended up on the wrong page. If you want to be a BNHA character, I'm sorry I can't change that."

47 Kamui Woods

Kamui woods is best hero

I like groot he was the first person who appealed me

48 Pixie Bob

I actually like Pixie Bob very much because she may not appear often but I love her.

49 Inasa Yoarashi
50 Rikido Sato
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