Top 10 Boku No Hero Academia Fights

The Top Ten Boku No Hero Academia Fights

1 Midoriya vs. Shouto Todoroki

It was so heartwarming and that's when the ship tododeku blossomed

It was a fight like no other. Not only was it a fight of physical strength, but a fight of philosophical strength too. Izuku truly wanted both him and Shouto to give it their all in their fight together. While Izuku ultimately lost against Shouto, he won against Shouto's struggle to use his father's fire Quirk because of Endeavor's abuse of his family. All in all, this fight had everything. Thrilling energy, thought-provoking philosophy, character development, and an explosive finisher of epic proportions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shouto's had such amazing character development in this fight - Goku02

I like this fight

2 Midoriya vs. Bakugou Round 2

Probably one of, if not THE, most important fights for these two. This is the starting point for them, and I'm excited to see where they'll go!

Seriously, this manga develops and show us what the characters need to learn so well. It puts into contrast the characters, while making them have a real talks for the first time...And this fight basically started the mending of the two mains' relationship... It was awesome.

This is the fight where Bakugou's character starts to develop and we start to understand him more, as a manga reader, this fight help these two grow a little closer. Even though Bakugou still is himself, he's growing as a person and as a hero as the manga goes on

This was the fight that cleared things up because they understood each other more.

3 All Might vs. All For One


Also I liked how everyone had faith in All Might even in his true form.

All For One is savage.

I can sum up this fight in 4 words: UNITED STATES OF SMASH! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The greatest fight both in the manga and in the anime.
Describe the battle in 8 words: 'UNITED STATES of SMASH! Farewell, One for All.'

The greatest fight in the manga so far. No doubts.

4 Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Shouto Todoroki vs. Stain

The intensity and feels- I loved everything about it!

My Favorite Fight

Hell yeah this was so eoic

Stain is one of my favourite villains. He’s kind of a hero ?

5 All Might vs. Noumu

Almost quite watching until I watched this fight

Best fight ever, true hero

Go beyond...PLUS ULTRA!
Sarani mu koe...PURUSUURUTORA!

6 Midoriya and Kota Izumi vs. Muscular

This fight truly shows the hero spirit in midoriya

The best fight in the world

Cute little Kota

So sad

7 Midoriya vs. Bakugou Round 1

When bakugo pins deku to the wall ts cute

8 Midoriya and Bakugou vs. All Might

I don't know why but I laughed so much at this episode especially when All Might punched Bakugou into a building. 🤣

So depressing

9 Ochaco Uraraka vs. Bakugou

uraraka just want to make her family proud and bakugou in the way

1:Bakugou’s face looked so worried.
2: I ship them for other reasons as well.

Sue me.

Uraraka is so strong

For me is the best fight

10 Shoto Todoroki vs. Katsuki Bakugo

I loved how Todoroki though he was better than everyone then Bakugou countered all of his attacks. by the way Todoroki’s a coward at the end

The Newcomers

? Tododeku vs BakuDeku

Tododeku wins

? Denki Kaminari vs Seiji Shishikura

The Contenders

11 Izuku "Deku" Midoriya 100% vs. Kai "Overhaul" Chisaki

Definitely the best fight. Insane animations and change within characters. The best

This fight was honesly, the best of the best. Deku finally got to show people that he was going to dedicate everything to save Eri. Kai, ON the other hand, was also fighting really good.( I really hope that Overhaul comes back to the series tbh)

Best fight as of yet. Hoping we get more arcs like the Overhaul one. It was superb.

This is a good fight too - KittyWolf

12 All for One vs One for All (Season 3)

Coolest fight till ought to be number 1

13 Shota Aizawa vs. Villains

My favorite fight scene! It was so cool, especially when since he was fighting against tons of villains

14 Mirio vs Overhaul

15? SERIOUSLY? Should be at least top 5. Probably my favorite fight so far.

Deserves number 1 to be honest

Best fight of the series hands down.

This was a really good fight - KittyWolf

15 Kirishima and Fat Gum vs Rappa and Tengai

I like this one for the sake of kirishima being in it he's my favorite c:

kirishima is a good boi

Kirishima is the best

Fantastic fight. Honestly thought Kirishima’s character arc was better than Todoroki’s.

16 Amajiki “suneater” vs Tabe, Setsuno, and Hojo

I mean tamaki is the best he only has one weakness self esteem and I relate to him

The faith of Amajiki, his childhood was very lonely. However Mirio changed his life. They are such good friends.

Suneater is underrated. Dude took on three precepts on his own!

Amajiki is so sweet
Cute elf like introvert

17 Endeavor & Hawks vs. High-End Noumu

Endeavor is the best character in the series.

18 Hanta Sero vs. Shoto Todoroki

It shows how todoroki feel... and I like sero

I must say sero was so cool

I can’t express how much I HATE Todoroki

19 Endeavor and Hawks vs High End Nomu
20 Class A vs Class B

I love monoma

21 Deku and Bakugou vs Nine

You need to watch my hero academia:heroes rising, it's so sad it made me cry

22 Deku vs Toga


23 All Might and Deku vs Wolfram

The only time Deku got to fight with his idol before he retired! You guys need to watch the movie smh

This fight was amazing I feel it's underrated becuase not everyone sees the movie!

24 Izuku Midoriya vs Evil Izuku Midoriya
25 Eraserhead vs Nomu

This whole fight shone a new light upon Aizawa and how he does actually care for his students. Its also the first anime fight to make me gag, so hats off, nearly threw up once.

He got his ass beat lol

26 Tsuyu Asui vs Himiko Toga

Tsuyu is so strong

Tsu is the best

27 Ibara Shiozaki vs Tenya Lida

This fight was hilarious

28 Tododeku and Tokosu vs. Kirbaku and Momojiru

I don't ship Tokosu, but Tododeku IS THE BEST SHIP EVER! I also ship kiribaku but not todomomo - ShrekBoi_IcyHot


29 Ejiro Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

I don't even know why I voted for this one

30 Endeavor vs High End Nomu

2nd best fight so far in my opinion. Endeavor nearly losing his eye was brutal.

31 Tenya Iida vs Mei Hatsume
32 Shigaraki vs Redestro


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