Top 10 Boku No Hero Academia Ships

This is a list of the most popular Boku no Hero Academia Ships
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Katsuki Bakugou x Eijiro Kirishima

Honestly, if I could have any ship in the entirety of BNHA become canon on a whim, I would want it to be these two. Kirishima was the first peer Bakugou ever showed any sign of respect to, and Kirishima is one of the few people who truly cares for Bakugou and wants to spend time with him. Kirishima is the only one they knew could call to Bakugou and get him to come, and Bakugou gives Kirishima a pep-talk (in his own way) when he's doubting himself, something he's not seen ever willing to do for anybody else. It's a relationship built on mutual respect and genuine appreciation, one that has wormed it's way into my heart since joining this fandom.

I respect all people's ships if they are within reason and are humane. So I will not be saying why not to vote for something but why I voted for my ship. Kiribaku is a ship that has the most chemistry, in my opinion, they compliment each other and both respect each other. Bakugou sees Kirishima as his equal and even calls him by name. Kirishima is inspired by Bakugou to make a new fighting move 'Unbreakable'. They study together and cheer each other on at the sports festival. They save each other on numerous occasions too. Bakugou gives money back to Kirishima after Kiri buys expensive Night vision goggles to save him. Bakugou, who doesn't try to cheer his classmates up and normally insults them, tries to cheer Kirishima up when he's sad or in doubt. Kirishima likes hanging out with Bakugou and looks past his... Explosive personality, to his ambitions and his good qualities that other people may not see. Kirishima is the first to step up to save Bakugou when he gets kidnapped and ...more

THIS IS MY REALITY! This ship for me is my favorite! Peoples do a lot of videos of when best friends will get feelings for each other and eventually if you hate this ship then I can't believe it! This ship is my favorite- It's sometimes in my search history and I get caught by my sister but she enjoys it either ^^ Kirishima and Bakugou became friends- Bakugou is hard to be tamed as a friend. Kirishima respects Bakugou so that's why Bakugou accepted Kirishima's friend request ( I look like I am talking about roblox ) Shark boy and Explosion boy. There are some episodes of why I especially ship them so much! Bakugou just didn't like Deku since he believes Deku will be more stronger than him. I just really enjoy this ship! Even if you try to take this off IN my ship list... You can't and will never take it off my ship list! It will always be there! Bakugou allows Kirishima to be in his shoulder/s ( I am not talking about the for couple one but I would love that, but what I'm saying is ...more

I used to be in love with the ship 'BakuDeku' until I watched the anime times and times again and I really thought about it when ones in danger the other immediately rushes to save the other. Kirishima is allowed to talk to bakugou without being yelled at might even be a world record. But in the end this ship will always tug at my heartstrings just because they are the CUTEST ship ever in my opinion

Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya

This is my guilty pleasure ship. But honestly because it has so much potential. There is this depth to their relationship that intrigues me and with how intertwined their lives are its impossible not to see more. They are opposites, but have the same dream. They need one another to grow and inspire each other to be the best they can be. Which for a healthy romantic relationship is what you need. I believe once they work through their past trauma and continue to fix their friendship it is not impossible for them to see the deep love they have for one another. Their relationship has the potential to grow into more. There is a strong mutual attraction that definitely has some sexual chemistry thrown in there. And I love it. I feel like even though Midoriya has a crush on Uraraka, deep down he is in love with Kacchan. Faults and all. And I can see it being reciprocated in due time.

They understand each other really well. Todoroki had a thought about Izuku and All Might's relationship, but Katsuki was the one who noticed Izuku's physical and mental changes and differences in personality in character and ultimately got a revelation that All Might passed down his quirk to Izuku. And even though Izuku kept his mouth shut in front of Todoroki, he told Katsuki the truth.

There is a lot of chemistry between them, and I'm pretty sure Izuku was the only one to ever witness Katsuki crying. Proves how they're now comfortable with each other, in my opinion.

My friends who ship someone else with katsuki and izuku think that my obsession with the childhood friends to lovers trope conflicts my thoughts on bakudeku, but honestly? IT DOESn't!

I LOVE the fact that they're childhood friends, but what makes me ship them most is how they grow together and make each other stronger!

People who say that these two are 'tOxIc' clearly did not watch or pay ...more

They have been together almost all their lives it is as if they lived to complement each other, they also care for each other as seen in the scene where they kidnap Bakugou, Izuku cried out in despair when they saw how they took him away and Katsuki asked him not to. It was because he already knew that Izuku would run to look for him.
Izuku sees in katsuki what others cannot and perhaps that is one of the reasons why katsuki decided to show him his feelings.
The path they have taken in their relationship is one that many times is not seen but they have shown that no matter how difficult it is they will always face it together as in the second movie, izuku trusts katsuki and katsuki trusts izuku, it is simply beautiful the feeling when seeing them together.

I mean, When I started watching the show I thought that if Bakugo and Izuku got together I would flip. But now, after reading the manga, and watching the series, I love this ship. They've been childhood friends, and in the manga, Katsuki says that he bullied Deku because of his own self weaknesses. They have such a good relationship, people say that if they got together it would be like abusive, but that's not true. They have got a very good relashionship now in the series, and they are just so good together, also, almost everyone else that are shipped with the two only met them at the beginning of U.A, while theyve been together since childhood. Izuku admires Bakugo, and Honestly, I really hope this ship sails.

Shoto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya

It is the best ship! Midoriya changed Todoroki for good, After meeting Midoriya, Todoroki was so moved and changed by him that he thought about him all the time, He even said this iconic line "I understand now why you love him and want to protect him." Midoriya is like the closest person to Todoroki.. Midoriya always supports Todoroki and actually cares for him. Todoroki cares even more. The way Todoroki cares for Midoriya just warms up my heart. They're the best pair when together. They're definitely soulmates.

During the sports festival, Todoroki and Midoriya were kind of rivals, Midoriya told Todoroki to use his flames, and that's what helped him move onto the finals. Todoroki also always had Midoriya's back after the "rival thing" ended. They make a pretty good pair, and there's WAY TOO MUCH evidence for this ship, in my opinion. When Iida and Midoriya were hurt from the Hero killer, If Todoroki hadn't come, Midoriya wouldn't be saved. Todoroki has a sad past but Midoriya helped him get over it a little. There is so much evidence to this adorable ship. Cool, handsome, strong and calm Todoroki plus a shy, powerful and intelligent Midoriya equals adorable!

This is my favorite ship. It makes since too. Because if midoryia didn't help todoroki at the sports festival then Todoroki would probably never be able to help deku in the fight with the hero killer. Funny thing real quick , when Todoroki got Izuku's location he came faster than a bullet! Also Todoroki deserves midoryia. And Midoryia deserves Todoroki , its such a nice ship. There is also some gay drama between those two. They also complement eachother. Todoroki admires Midoryias quirk as well as midoryia admires his. Please save this ship and protect it. This ship is most likely to be canon in my opinion. Plus its very healthy.

Tbh, I love this ship and I'm not going to hie it. People have definitely created some odd ships but this one was the one that caught my eye because of all the positive opinions and attention it got. Some people don't like it but to me, it's the one ship that I will remember FOREVER. I guess maybe the reason I support this ship so much is that it's the very first ship I ran into when I started watching BNHA. Maybe the whole anime doesn't really drop any hints about making them a couple but I support this ship with my whole heart. I would die for it. All the fan art is adorable and makes so much sense when you think about it. Their personalities don't match that much but with Todoroki's kinda cold side and Deku being a straight-up cinnamon roll, I think this ship is just PERFECT.

Izuku Midoriya x Ochaco Uraraka

The story is pushing for this and I can see why. They are mutually supportive of one another, communicate effectively and genuinely enjoy being in each other's company. Have a similar energy etc. On paper they make an excellent match, but I can't really feel the chemistry between them, and even though I think they look cute together and would make a good couple. It doesn't feel very deep to me, and more crushy I guess. Which is fine, but I honestly like Midoriya with other people more than Uraraka because of deeper connections. Hot take.

I just love them both so much- Deku and Uraraka are so cute together. You shouldn't deny this ship, I ship this and Tododeku- Just think of this.. Pink and Green! I LOVE those two colors! Uraraka and Midoriya are together I guess..? If you don't agree with me... Then please search " Who is Midoriya's boyfriend/girlfriend ". I had to add the boyfriend since the result is still the same. If the result is not Ochako Uraraka, then it's not my fault. I will be making a video next time by searching who Midoriya's girlfriend is ( KIlfy Angel ) I am done.

This is definitely the ultimate and closest ship to become canon, also, there is a rule in the shonen main characters ( Like Goku or Naruto.) that there is some girl that in some point of the history, she falls in love with the main character, and later the main character also start to have the same feelings, and they start a romantic relationship

This is definitely the cutest and closest ship to canon in my hero academia. I love how this relationship has had development in the story since the beginning so It gives way for them to have a possible relationship in the future and it wouldn't feel rushed. Ochako is also Midoriyas first real friend and she helped him to change the nickname know as "Deku" which was meant to mean useless and was made by his childhood friend/bully Bakugou Katsuki in order to degrade him into something positive as she described it as "the name of a hero" prompting Midoriya to use it as his hero name. Ochako is also often inspired by Deku and is actually revealed to canonically have a crush on him in episode 52 but we see this as she further continues to become jealous while Midoriya is around other females such as Mei Hatume and Toga himiko while she was masked as Camie. However she is yet to act on this crush and has decided to bury it and focus on more important things such as becoming a hero.This is ...more

Mineta Minoru x Death

Best ship ever. They are there for each other, brought into the world for each other. Correct me if I'm wrong, but literally NO ONE likes Mineta Minoru in the slightest way. Maybe he's a good paper weight, but he would just stick his "hair" on it, making a sticky mess. Does anyone have a purpose for him?

In all my years of shipping, I don't think I've ever seen a pair more meant for each other, really, Death would COMPLETE Mineta. Absolutely better him as a person, let's make this canon, people.

This ship is an amazing ship they have so many things in common, except that somepeople, including myself, crave death and are not afraid of it. This ship needs to become canon, and if it does, I can't wait to see it happen. Until then, maybe the kiribaku fanfics I read will have it as a side ship. Please author dude, make it happen!

My favourite ship lol

Make it happen yesterday

This is a great ship with many heartfelt moments during the manga series and anime. They are meant for each other, I just know it. Hopefully it will become canon during the next series of Boku No Hero Academia. Over all, it's the best ship and deserves to be #1.

It's such a great ship, I just- I just can't contain how cute it is

Denki Kaminari x Kyoka Jiro

In my opinion this would have to be one of the most well developed ships in the whole of my hero acdemia others including Izuocha & kiribaku. These two characters have been seen together and have had a relationship with eachother since the very beginning of my hero academia which a lot of my hero academia relationships are missing. The manga and light novels has also foreshadowed a possible crush or relationship developing between these two in the future and I'm happy to see it. This is also one of the more accepted ships In the fandom and does not heavily receive a lot of backlash as not a lot of ships directly conflict with it and people tend to enjoy these two characters relationship.

These two are a cute match. They are supportive of one another, but also have excellent banter. I can see them having lots of fun together, but I can't really picture them having soft moments. So I'm not sure how balanced they would be in a romantic relationship. But I still like it. Similar powers etc.

They might not talk a lot but I felt it when Denki got into that dumb mode and Kyoka laughed about it because it was too funny for her.
I'm sure she didn't wanted to laugh about it in a bad way but Denki didn't seem to be bothered about it later. That's why they are so cute

Encouraged Jiro to sing and play, their personalities and traits would be good, like the opposite trope, has similar quirks, they are understanding to each other and good. HAVE YOU SEEN THE FANART?! You can feel the Bi energy from a mile away.

Shoto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu

This seems like a very fairy tale Princess and the Prince pairing and I must say I'm not complaining. They have had quite a few moments together this ship was first introduced during the final exam with Aizawa. From then we see this ship little by little in the background as todoroki seems to care for Yayorozu vice versa. Yaomomo is also the only girl who see's todoroki for more than his appearance and has never once mentioned it only his skills, quirk and intelligence. They have a lot of similarities but also differences for this reason I believe they would be able to perfectly balance out each other and I can't wait to see this relationship grow in the future.

Although their interactions initially had been minimal, Momo and Shoto are friendly towards each other. They have many similarities: both are students who got into U.A. through scholarships, hail from famous yet strict Hero families and have powerful Quirks. As a result, Momo would always compared herself to Shoto and believed that he was always a step ahead of her; not having self-confidence in herself. However, this also caused her to admire Shoto for having brimming self-confidence as a hero.

For his part, Shoto has a deep respect for Momo's observation skills and natural leadership, even telling her that he voted for her during the Class President election, as he thought that she excelled at the role of being a leader. He later chose Momo for his team at the Human Cavalry Battle in the Sports Festival, but she felt she was only following his orders

I believe they would be really cute together. They both respect each other well and I think Momo is exactly what Shoto needs. However I do wish we had more moments. Like Kaminari and Jirou have cute moments but Shoto and Momo not so much. And Uraraka and Midoriya have cute moments too! We need more Shoto and Momo content because if they end up together without actual development, I won't be able to ship them. The manga is still ongoing though so fingers crossedddddd.

Already, from what we've seen, they already work very well together. They trust and respect each other so much. They have one huge piece of chemistry, and have a very solid foundation. In just the small moments, you usually see them near each other. When one is down, the other is always one of the people comforting them. Todoroki helped Yaoyorozu with her self-confidence, allowing her to really shine. They follow each other with little question and know that the other has their back. Yaoyorozu can help bring Todoroki out of his shell and be someone he can really lean on. Horikoshi-sensei also seems to like drawing them together. If I'm typing this much for what it is now then you know they have chemistry.

Tenya Iida x Ochako Uraraka

This is definitely the best ship for tenya iida by far only because him and Ochako are best friends all apart of the main deksqaud. However neither of these have shown romantic interest in eachother thus far and I doubt it will happen any time in the future either. But I really don't understand why people do not ship this more as it's actually a great ship when compared to ships such as Kacchako.

This ship is amazing. I love this ship. It makes a lot of since because they are close friends. They would be healthy too. Not to judge but Dekh and uraraka seems too fanon. I mean lile uraraka has feelings for Deku. But Deku sees her as a friend. So the second most likely would probably be iida.

I'm a multishipper but this is one of my favorite ships. Iisa know how to make Uraraka laugh. He know how to cheer her up. He respects her. Uraraka finds him funny and helps him when he needs help, just like how she made him float when the students were panicking because people broke into UA. There's a lot of evidence.

I have no opinion on this, but if there was a slight. chance that it became canon then I would not be mad. Its cute and I see the chemistry. Also I like that they have different personalities, unlike Uraraka and Deku

Momo x Jirou

I really like this ship. They have such a beautiful friendship and I can see the two of them organically shifting into a romantic relationship. They have fun together and are able to communicate on a deeper level. So in my eyes they have the perfect balance for a romantic relationship. I like how they're opposites in many ways but still enjoy each other's company. They are very much on the same page about their dreams and goals, but have different hobbies they can share with one another.

In the anime, it shows they are close. I can see them forming a romanic realationship. And lets face it, these two BEAUTIFUL women, are lesbains.

This is one of my favorite lesbian ship of bnha I just see the chemistry I guess. If bnha had lgbtq+ ships then I think this would have been a definite ship.

The School Festival Arc made it more clear than ever that ship is adorable and should happen. Especially with the image shown during the ending montage that featured Momo and Jiro sharing a drink.

Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada

Not that many moments together but, they seem to have feelings for each other because they had the same school when they were kids! And Hizashi is the one who gave Shouta the pro hero name Eraserhead

Honestly this is my favourite pro hero ship. Aizawa and prez mic are always together plus Aizawa looks like he enjoys his company. Aizawa is so chill and Mic is bringing it to life. I can kinda imagine Shinso, Mic, Eri and Aizawa living together and being a family.

This is just adorable. They'd always been together, even when Aizawa didn't want him there. Present mic cares for him and always talks to Aizawa, mostly to annoy him.

Polar opposites. The definition 'Opposites attract' plays nicely into this ship. They've got chemistry and they've been best friends since they were students. Aizawa got his hero name from Hizashi, your hero name is one of the most important things about being a hero. They have a healthy relationship.

The Contenders
Izuku Midoriya x Tsuyu Asui

Its cute but I don't see it. I do admit, I shipped it at oe point, but then I loathed myself for it after. I see them as the most wholesome friends ever.

I think it would be a very intresting ship because they both support everyone the best they can and are always spreading positive vibes!

I love the compatibility these two share. I see these two as best friends working together as heroes in the field and growing closer overtime. I also see her as someone who would stand up for Izuku and how her boldness could help him overcome his shyness and awkwardness. Tsuyu is the kind of girl Izuku can rely on and they are just too cute together

Honestly, they work very well together. They are both intelligent, and Tsuyu being very pragmatic helps ground the nervous side of Deku. She is the only girl with whom he has interacted without feeling shy.

All Might x Inko Midoriya

I agree with Todoroki Izuku is All Might's secret love child. And when Deku got his quirk from All Might and told his mom he got a quirk she didn't look surprised at all it was like she expected it

Dad might and Deku have a father son realationship. When Deku got his quirk, his mother didn't seem suprised at all. ANNNNND, Dad Might calls Deku, "Young Midoriya" instead of just Midoriya.

All Might and Midoriya share a father-son like bond with each other. The first time I saw the scene between Inko and All Might, I was in awe of this ship. All Might said he would devote his life to Midoriya and be there to protect and train him. Inko trusted All Might with her son's life.

The reason I ship them is because izuku has no dad. He said he went to go get milk️. and all might is like my dad a bit and INKO IS AN ANGEL.

Eijirou Kirishima x Mina Ashido

These two are really cute together! For these two to get together would pretty much make sense. When they were in middle school Kirishima admired her for her personality, how she handles things, and other things. Kirishima pretty much even says that he has a crush on her by describing her. But just seeing them together in the anime and manga made me love this ship so much!

Kirishima and Ashido have been friends ever since high school, Kirishima has always looked up to Mina and Mina has seen Kirishima go through a lot of change over the years, they have a deep understanding of each other, which is why they would be a pretty good ship.

Okay, um- I see this happening but I don't ship it because it just not that cute. I mean, Kiri and Mina are two of my favorite characters, but them as a couple? I don't know. I see them more as idiotic best friends.

They were childhood friends and Kirishima looked up to Mina. He wanted to surpass her, knowing that she was very strong. If it weren't for Mina, Kirishima wouldn't have the courage that he has today.

Denki Kaminari x Hitoshi Shinso

This is one of my favorite ship like denki is stupid and shinso is smart and I can see denki waking up in the middle of the night and just shinso staring at him and him staring back and them just sitting there staring at each other until denki falls asleep again.

This is my second favorite ship! Love it! If you're reading this comment and you read fanfiction, check out my Shinikami book on Wattpad. It's titled Pacify her and my username is Emerald_Brookes

So. Freaking. Cute. I think these two would go well together because they would be awesome supporting each other. I also like to think that Aizawa and Hizashi adopted him and just imagining Aizawa tell Shinso 'No loud blondes' I just like it overall. 10/10

I have no idea how this ship even came to be I've seen them both work together in the manga and all but- I love this! even if it has no logic behind it I love it!

Izuku Midoria x Mei Hatsume

Because of their opposite personalities, they balance each other out in a way that I think both can learn from one another. Also, I know Midoriya admires her in some way for her dedication, confidence, and how much she isn't afraid of failure

Hatsume is the brains (directly & indirectly) behind the end of Deku's self destructive use of his power. She's HIS HERO the way David Shields is All Mights. I would prefer this character as a love interest over Ochaco, we know little about her, sure she's absent minde, intense, oblivious to social cues but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a soft side or is a one dimensional person.

If Deku didn't inherit OFA, making support items would probably have been an alternate career for him. She's actually quite similar to him, him being previously quirkless and her having a quirk unsuitable to hero work, the way Midoriya is able to relate to Melissa and Shinsou, he would also be able to understand Mei Hatsume and develop a relationship with her.

I think this would be a much nore interesting pairing than the predictable one with Ochaco.

Honestly, I don't see them working out. Mei and Izuku aren't really close. And I just believe that they're interactions with each other is just comic relief. They don't show any romantic feelings for each other too.

Ochako x Deku would probably work out better.

I don't see it working out. I ship Izuku and Ochako Uraraka more since Ochako obviously goes through pain whenever Izuku is "admiring" Mei. Plus, Mei is kind of full of herself and her inventions and I don't see her with someone as gentle and caring as Deku.

Mashirao Ojiro x Toru Hagakure

I noticed the little spark between these two immediately. They seem to communicate effectively with one another with Ojiro charmed by Hagakure's energy. They have opposite vibes which I feel would work nicely in a romantic relationship and even though we don't see much of them (ha lol cos she's invisible). I think they have the potential to be a really lovely couple.

This is probably one of the most noticeable ships in the series like during the USJ attack Ojiro looked away even though Toru is invisible. Most guys would probably not have . So it proves that he is a good man.

I feel like Mashirao is always looking out of Toru. While she could be forgotten being invisible and such, Ojiro tries to include her if she's somehow forgotten(hard to be forgotten with her personality though). Also, they seem comfortable around each other. They seem cute with each other.

I feel like Ojiro is always looking out for Hagakure. They were paired up from the beginning and still continue to have some scenes together where they interact. I feel a ship coming on!

Fumikage Tokoyami x Tsuyu Asui

Tokoyami and Asui work well in a team and they're both creatures. It's just so adorable and I'm pretty sure Dark shadow took a liking to her.

I Literally Ship this So Much! My Top 1 Favorite Ship. Those two work together as a Great Team. I don’t ship just because they are animals, it is because they both have calm nature in them. They are really cute together I must admit. I know that this ship will work out a 100% in my book.

I really agree with this ship I think that they should totally get together. They are always on the same team together and they both represent animals. If you ask me Tokoyami x Asui is the best ship.

I can really see this ship happen ! They are both animal - like they both act like their animals. I also see fanart of them to and its 100% adorable!

Dabi x Shimura Tenko/Shigaraki Tomura

My friend always said "ShiggyDabi" around me and I thought it was A TERRIBLE ship. UNTIL I really thought and looked at it for hours. I found that it is a PRETTY good ship

Their ship cosplays are exquisite and portrays what they could be like. I mean, Shigi is hot, Dabi is hot, you see what I’m getting?

This is my favorite ship. I know it may seem a little weird. But once you start to think about the characters. And there pasts the ship starts to make more sense. Plus it's just adorable.

It is beautiful dabi could calm his childish personality and maybe be his player 2 and I just really love the ship. It's the best villain ship in the franchise! (In my opinion)

Denki Kaminari x Eijirou Kirishima

I think this ship is really underrated! They both have hella chaotic energy and are friends so I’m pretty sure they know more about each other than most people would.

They're so great together, perfect even! They're a lot alike, and they're f-ing ADORABLE! Plus, Kiri-chan's Quirk goes well with Kaminari's. (By that, I mean Kiri's Quirk helps him keep safe from Kaminari-chan's. (cough) I don't mean Kaminari accidentally discharged in a way unintended-- (cough)) They get along so well, and they're Kacchan's wingmen! I'm really surprised and disappointed that this is as low as it is (although 25 is a nice number--).

Falling for your best friend is something that I think everyone in the LGBT can relate to. these guys are so fun for each other and their relationship would be filled with fun and laughter!

At the start of the series people seemed to ship it but now everyone like BakuKiri more. Not that I don't like BakuKiri I just think these two are cute!

Mirio Togata x Amajiki Tamaki

This is just an easy ship on sight. Mirio is always hyping Tamaki up and caring for him. Tamaki looks up to Mirio because even when he fails, he keeps a bright smile on and still strives for a goal.

The first time I saw them in the anime it was clear they had a special bond and close friendship. This is up there with Kiribaku in the healthiest relationships, as they both encourage and comfort each other.

I feel like Tamaki has a huge thing for Mirio and I totally get why. Mirio is a pure bean. These two have been in each other's lives for a long time and mutually inspire each other to do better. They are supportive and sweet, and I think have potential chemistry.

I feel like... there is a lot of gay things going around with MHA/ BNHA ships. But I like it U-U Togata and Tamaki are just... CUTE. Tho Tamaki is really negative and down and Togata is just.. happy heart-warming. THAT THE THING! It makes it even CUTER! I have NO clue how but it does what it does. I LOVE tamaki but he shound have Togata!

Toru Hagakure x Mashirao Ojiro

they are always together and if you think about it she has been naked around ojiro multiple times. not to mention they are almost always put on the same team.

It's so obvious that these to would be together! Ever since their first fight together during the hero vs villains training.

Apparently she spends more time with him than any other guy... alright no real proof aside from the wiki :/

Basically the same one that was two ships ago just the names of the characters placed differently!

Izuku Midoriya x Jirou Kyoka

I feel like Jirou is secretly sad and or has depression and our little cinamon roll would fix that for her and make her happy while vibing to some music!

If we go for the whole "Opposite but not too opposite, similar but not to similar, each of them with complementary traits that make them grow" then Deku and Jirou are made for each other.

I love it so much in theory their personalities are made for each other. every time they talk manga or anime it flows so well

I can see how this can happen
They both can learn from one another

Hitoshi Shinso X Izuku Midoriya

Mah OTP. They really compliment each other. Izuku being full of energy and Shinso looking eternally tired XD. Also Izuku is one of Shinso's first friends in the hero course despite the whole, "I'm not here to make friends."

I just think that these two are so cute together plus if you take Dadzawa into consideration as basically Shinso and Eri's dad. Plus if Izuku and Shinso were to get married in the future that would make Eri his sister-in-law which would be awesome.

This would be wholesome and cute I feel like deku could pull Hitoshi out of is tired nature and make him a bit more happy they would be so cute

To me they would be and good couple and they kinda have a similar backstory with the bullying and stuff like that and can help each other

Izuku Midoriya x Mina Ashido

Izuku and Mina should be a couple because they're so cute and funny

Flustered and Pink. That's their ship name. Think about it, Mina's all bubbly and outgoing while Midorya's introverted and nerdy. They're opposites, for sure, but the chemistry from their conflicting personalities is so dang cute.

They're cute and best couple in My Hero Academia ever

I think Midori and Ashido should be a couple

Katsuki Bakugou x Uraraka Ochako

At first glance, this may seem like a ship that doesn't make sense, but looks at it closely. Bakugou may be a harsh person, but there are many times where he can be kinder to people. Let's set up a scenario, let's say Uraraka has fallen into some hard times. We all know she is in a very poor family. She might have to starve herself sometimes. Bakugou sees this and feels bad, and he tries to help, because he is still a slight softie, no matter how mean he seems. Uraraka likes how Bakugou did this, and so they spend more time together. Bakugou still is harsh sometimes, but is less harsh, because Uraraka keeps him in check!

Bakugou is like that yelling type of guy and Uraraka is the type to just give a smile and yell back. For me they are like candy;s Uraraka is the sweet one and Bakugou is the sour one and if you put them together they are like a sour patch kids they taste great together ( the sour patch kids not Uraraka and Bakuhoe)

Honestly, this ship had me a bit confused at first, but once I started to read a few fanfictions about them, I started to understand why.
The two are almost complete opposites, which make a good ship. (If you've never heard of the saying "Opposites attract")

Kacchako is my favorite ship, and has been for a very long time. Bakugou respects Uraraka, and she talked to him about his rivalry with Deku. They seem to hold strong respect for each other, and I can see a possibility of them getting together if Deku rejects Uraraka.

This ship has to be one of my OTP's. Bakugou is really aggressive, strong and REALLY wants to destroy Deku but Uraraka is one of Deku's friends so she's around Bakugou sometimes. Bakugou even calls Uraraka "Round Face"? I don't get that at all buts it's a cute way to tease her. He was raised from tough love, so he's giving his tough love.In the movie "My Hero Academia: Two Hero's" When Uraraka sent off Deku and Melissa, she was about to get attacked, but then Bakugo came to save her last minute. Bakugou also seems to be interested her because when they battled face to face, Uraraka didn't give up. Bakugou is agressive, strong, bold and "manly". Uraraka is the complete oppisite. She's sweet, supportive, encouraging and funny. Their opposites make a cute match. Theres so much evidence for this ship I can't name them all! Forget about

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