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1 Shoto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya

If you ask me, this is hands down the best couple in my hero academia

They help each other grow, and they are the purest, of the pure cinnamon rolls of My Hero Academia

Both help each other grow & develop as a character and their personalities compliment each other very well.

Aside Izuocha, I do love and respect that ship, which would be my 2nd favorite ship. But this Tododeku is the best otp ever hands down. Todomomo is just meh not feeling it for me but I respect people's opinion/their shipping.

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2 Izuku Midoriya x Ochaco Uraraka

They're some of the cutest nerds ever and it's most hinted ship in the entire show

They totally deserve to be together. They understand one another and they're comfortable around each other. They are so cute too! They are really meant for each other. They are my ultimate ship I've never ship anyone more than them!

They're the star's in this show in my opinion they were made for each other and I really hope they get together in the series

It is great

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3 Shoto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu

The best couple

They balance each other out very well and plus they would be very cute together!

I think they make a great couple because if they had a kid it could a cool quirk either way. Plus they look cute together.

my otp~

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4 Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya

After reading the manga, this ship has won my heart. I think that most of the people who watch the anime just find this ship abusive without looking into it. As a manga reader, Bakugou actually has some pretty good character development

Has so much potential, growth throughout the manga with mutual rivalry that inspires everyone in the class 1a (aizawa says that) trust me, this ship is all about friendship and beyond

I really love their dynamic! I believe they have potential to become friends again! I love seeing their development improve! Yes, Katsuki once told Deku to kill himself in the early part of the series, but, Deku still followed Kacchan. It was Deku's choice! Despite all the bad things Katsuki did to him! It's because Deku admires Katsuki's strength.
But now, they have become proper rivals. Katsuki reflected on all the things he have done to Deku. All Might said they can become the greatest heroes, to win and to save. Their growth is what makes this ship interesting. If they were to become friends again, they'd be an amazing duo! I realllyyy love them so much!

Me gusta como se ven junto la mejor pareja de bnha

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5 Katsuki Bakugou x Eijiro Kirishima

They like to watch disney movies together. Especially Tangled and Mulan. Try to change my mind.

Bakugou gave Kirishima his jacket because he was cold. Bakugou wore matching suits that Kirishima picked for them. Kirishima is the only hand which Bakugou would have held. Bakugou helped Kirishima study one on one. Bakugou used Kaminari to distract the rest of the class so him and Kirishima could talk one on one. There's SO much evidence.

Like is this even a question there is so much evidence for this pair

They have so much cute scenes and the best friendship in mha!
only kirishima could hold his hands..kiri trying to grab katsuki's hand again...he gave kiri is jacket...kiri is katsuki's dragon..they spend Christmas together...went hiking..matching couple halloween costumes...when katsuki is mean kiri tells him to be nicer..the official art...the sunset scene...kiri thinking how katsuki praised him and then getting harder aka RED RIOT UNBREAKABLE ""...they work so good together💕...katsuki was sick and kiri take care of him..kiri saving him 2 times...THE MOVIE!..
krbk canon kings💥❤

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6 Denki Kaminari x Kyoka Jiro

Electric Guitar

The cutest couple

Love this ship! It's so cute. They are always talking and make one of the cutest couples!

so cute!

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7 Katsuki Bakugou x Uraraka Ochako

I will say that this ship is good, base on my opinion... Uraraka is just like someone who wanted to know bakugou better, and she believes in her self that theirs more emotions bakugou have not just angry or revenge every time, and Bakugou respect uraraka base on what she sees on his fight with uraraka in the Festival, he completely can beat up by a girl that she never expects, and he sees on uraraka a strong girl and not giving up so easily...

My ship. I admit it. Though for the sake of clarification, I ship them less as they are and more as what they could be. I just think they'd be a very well-rounded pair and a good team. Bakugou's already demonstrated the beginnings of a rare respect for Uraraka, and once he gets his head screwed on straight and realizes that the universe does NOT revolve around him, he might actually be able to act on it. And Uraraka's got enough fire in her, which could feed off his both on and off the battlefield; I think he could help her realize her own strength and push her to surpass her own expectations. Plus, as we've seen, she's not afraid to confront him. She's got guts in spades and deserves someone who doesn't give a rip that she's a cute girl. Someone who trusts her instincts and actively helps her grow as much as she helps them grow. And to me, that person would be Bakugou.

Strong willed girl and a passionate man. Love it!

Yeah, seems good except everything else about this ship is forced and really bad. - AzkaNesia

They have the same competitive spirit when it comes to competition and respect each other. Although the ship can be a little rough around the edges, it's the development between the two characters that count. Uraraka can bring the best out of Bakugou's emotions and help him calm down - not react so aggressively all the time, while Bakugou can push Uraraka to her limits so she can win against tougher opponents.

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8 Mashirao Ojiro x Toru Hagakure

Yep, just cause

Cause just yes

just cause

9 Izuku Midoriya x Tsuyu Asui

They are both green. Also, I really think that their personalities would work well together.

Favorite pairing. It better happen. They just look so cute together

Its ship name is called tsudoriya

So pure, so innocent, so fluffy

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10 Denki Kaminari x Eijirou Kirishima


Pure Perfection

Literally my otp of the series, they're just so cute


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11 Eijirou Kirishima x Mina Ashido

They should end up as couple

They are sooo cute toghether

Best Couple ever

I vote only for them because of Mina - Kirishima

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12 Fumikage Tokoyami x Tsuyu Asui

This ship deserve to be in top 10 at least

They go together so well

Both of them are so cute!

I like them - Kirishima

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13 Izuku Midoriya x Mina Ashido

I think Midori and Ashido should be a couple

Izuku and Mina should be a couple because they're so cute and funny

They're cute and best couple in My Hero Academia ever

They're pefrect for each other - Kirishima

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14 Momo x Jirou

The way they look at each other

In the anime, you can see Jirou getting blushed lots of times with Momo. She loves her!

I mean- who wouldn't ship it! They're always hanging out together, and it's honestly not the biggest stretch to think they're already a couple


i mean ik there are better ships but these two girls belong with eachother and eachother only

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15 Tenya Iida x Izuku Midoriya

Its less of a ship, and more of a BROTP in my opinion

I mean this ship is ok but I don’t think it will work out

16 Shouta Aizawa x Emi Fukukado

I love the "do you want to marry me? "

Lol love it

So kawai

17 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu x Itsuka Kendo

He gets so hype whenever she does anything, its cute lol

18 Mineta Minoru x Death

My favourite ship lol

Make it happen yesterday

Honestly same

Otp am I right

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19 Shouto Todoroki x Katsuki Bakugou

Their dynamic is hilarious - Yuxune

Greatest ship ever

Perfect for each other

I just love their dynamic. Can you imagine if they actually got together? It would be great aesthetically and it would make great entertainment!

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20 Toga x Twice

I actually think this is an awesome ship

If you read the manga you know this ship is cute uwu - DiahAlaydrus

21 Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada

I'm a sucker for the contrasts in ships, and honestly this ship does it for me. The fact that they were so close in school also helps this case, and how they probably own at least 5 cats. 10/10, best "opposite's attract" ship in the show.

Screaming cockatoo x sleepy emo cat is the best ship ever

Literally the only ship in this show that makes sense and is perfect

Best ship yet

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22 Nomu x All Might

This is the best ship I've seen in my whole life

I will sacrifice my self for this ship

Would definitely die for this - idontreallycare

23 Tenya Iida x Ochako Uraraka

They are a pure and simply couple! (Sorry for my enghlis)

They both look cute together! :D

24 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu x Eijirou Kirishima

They go from wanting to beat each other to the ground to supporting one-another and building a positive relationship so quickly. I personally feel that if their relationship was exploited more in the anime, then people would see that they actually have good chemistry and start to ship them more!

25 Todoroki Shouto x Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku

The dynamic they all share is really cool and interesting.

I wold love to sea all the 3 together

I can never settle with one so...ot3

Threesome is da best UWU

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26 Sero Hanta x Denki Kaminari

Such an underrated ship
Pikachu x Captain office supplies For LIFE

I love this ship so much, its way too underrated!

Cute but underrated - idontreallycare

Ahh best ship, so cute <3 ^-^

27 Shouta Aizawa x Toshinori Yagi

I always thought this ship was cute. It's my favorite ship, 2nd being Aizawa and Yamada. All Might being a center of attention guy and Aizawa avoiding the press as much as possible. And not to mention I can see them constantly worrying about each other.

I just really love those two together

This is the funniest one

28 Bakugou x Tsuyu

They're so cute together

The two best characters! Love this ship. Look up KATSUYU pics and you will too. So adorbs.

With how blunt Tsuyu Is she could really help out with Katsuki's problem

Tsuyu’s personality really fits well with Bakugou’s and it would be super cute!

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29 Minoru Mineta x Nomu


What in the hell


30 Mirio Togata x Amajiki Tamaki

These two are a little too close to call it just bromance.

31 Tsuyuy Asyi x Uraraka Ochako

Because the hand holding moment.

Beautiful perfect girlfriends

Best LGBT Ship In The Series - Kuro

32 Dabi x Shimura Tenko/Shigaraki Tomura

Fight me, it’s great.
Both are very complex characters and neither have good backrounds. I think they could really help eachother get over their demons, and help us see them grow. They’ll always be villains, but I’d love to see some chemistry between them.

33 Izuku Midoriya x Momo Yaoyorozu

Izuku and Momo. Sounds alright.

Think about it. One for All and Creation. That sounds like two and two together. - NaruHinaBlaze1

One for All and Creation. Sounds legit!

Deku and Creati. Sounds legit!

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34 Dabi x Himiko Toga

If two characters stand next to each other, it's already a great ship. Plus they're both very attractive and scary.

35 Todoroki Shouto x Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Kirishima Eijirou

Todobakudeku is a thing, it's cute and I like it but todobakudekukiri is also cute

It’s precious, and I absolutely love how different each of them could be together. I honestly don’t see enough of poly ships such as this!

36 Midoriya Izuku x All Might

Boku No Deku - Kuro


37 Katsuki Bakugou x Momo Yaoyorozu

In all honesty, I see it's potential for a really engaging and interesting relationship, especially due to the interactions these two have had already. Bakugou being the "I'm doing it my way! " type guy, and Yaomomo pointing out how his immaturity isn't going to help for the situation, really serves for a refreshing yet subtle dynamic. Unfortunately, I highly doubt this ship will ever grow from just that, them being classmates who interact from time to time, but it still holds a place in my heart as my favorite rarepair.

Because their conflicting personalities make them so cute together!

She'd help him calm down a lot, and I've seen some fanart where he helps put up her hair into a ponytail and he's secretly good at hair and I just thought it was super cute.

38 Izuku Midoria x Mei Hatsume

I think they would work

39 Tenya Iida x Momo

I agree that these two would be good together. I'm not really feeling Momo and Todoroki.

I feel like they could make the perfect couple cause I really don't ship momo and todoroki because I ship these two 1000% 😭 Does anyone else agree

40 Yu Takeyama x Shinji Nishiya

cute ship

41 Mineta Minoru x Izuku Midoriya

Because I'm high on Flintstone Gummies

Funny fast DR

42 Izuku Midoriya x Tsuyu Asui x Minoru Minita

I Honestly See Them, And I Want Them To Be A Thing, Badly.

Minita is a perv - Ooooof

43 Todoroki Shoto x Uraraka Ochaco

I mean... I kinda ship Uraraka with everyone!

44 Toru Hagakure x Mashirao Ojiro

Cute! And I kinda think they suit each other. - Aradokami

I like them <3

45 Katsuki Bakugou X Mina Ashido
46 Shinso Hitoshi x Ojiro Mashirao
47 Todoroki Shouto x Asui Tsuyu

I really hope this couple will become true, I see them at the same arts many times but they hardly talk to each other... But, I still support ShouTsu!

I know they're not going to end up together, but I think both of them would look cute together. Their blunt personality is just too cute! ~~ ^^

48 Mineta Minoru x Aizawa Shouta


49 All Might x Momo Yaoyorozu
50 Minoru Mineta x Tsuyu Asui

It's Obvious, also #BestShip, not to mention I LOVE Asui

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