Top 10 Boku No Hero Academia Ships

This is a list of the most popular Boku no Hero Academia Ships

The Top Ten Boku No Hero Academia Ships

1 Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya

After reading the manga, this ship has won my heart. I think that most of the people who watch the anime just find this ship abusive without looking into it. As a manga reader, Bakugou actually has some pretty good character development

In the manga it explains the dynamics better than the anime. I believe that once they overcome their problems that they could be really good friends! Heck I hope they become a hero-duo in the future.
They compliment each other in ways that some people don't realize, Deku is the more passive side of things, whilst Katsuki is the "Act first, question later" sort of person, even though he is incredibly smart! Deku can learn things from Katsuki that he's missed out on when he did not have a quirk, and Katsuki's already sort of helping in his own little way.
They're learning to get along, and that's all I need. I don't care if this is not canon (let's get real it's a shounen anime), all I need is for my boy's to put things aside, look towards the future and work together. I will cry even more once it happens, already shedding tears at the end of season 3. Lord stop doing this to me my heart can't handle.

Is not it the best ship you can have? Bakugou and Izuku have known each other since they were little and were best friends there. They have deeper feelings for each other than anyone else. The time they spent together, and that they are still together, means that fate has tempted them to be together forever. I love this ship, and I think that there are many other signs that they feel more for each other. You can see in their fight that Bakugou suffers greatly, and he always has his shield on to protect himself. Izuku wants the old days back where they played together, but there is a lot more to it. He worries about him and if he does not like him, he would not always call him by the nickname Kacchan. Maybe he is scared and afraid that Bakugou hates him even more and he does not want to do anything wrong. Bakugou also still calls Izuku Deku. Although it means useless, but still Izuku has taken him as a superhero name to show Bakugou that he appreciates the name. In my opinion, there ...more

After having to watch the anime and read the manga they have become my comfort ship. My favorite. Seeing how they started and to see where they are now its touching and I find it sad that people still find it abusive but at the end of the day it doesn't matter what they think it is that they have character development and have developed so much from when they started. It shows much more dynamics between the two in the manga now that Bakugou knows the secrets of One For All and it much more aware of Izuku (who is trying to get to the top in a friendly rivalry way). They have a history with each other that started bad but is coming to an understanding and I want to see how they will be by the end of this.

2 Katsuki Bakugou x Eijiro Kirishima

Bakugou gave Kirishima his jacket because he was cold. Bakugou wore matching suits that Kirishima picked for them. Kirishima is the only hand which Bakugou would have held. Bakugou helped Kirishima study one on one. Bakugou used Kaminari to distract the rest of the class so him and Kirishima could talk one on one. There's SO much evidence.

Their relationship is the one of the most developed ones and they've only known each other for about a year. Kirishima isn't Bakugou's only friend, but he's certainly his first real friend. Kirishima was one people that saw Bakugou as an equal and not as a leader or a surrogate for All Might. He supports Bakugou, but is also a good friend by standing up to him when he believes Bakugou has crossed a line. Bakugou has only acknowledged Kirishima as his equal and even Midoriya states that Kirishima is the only person Bakugou would accept help from without feeling weak, indicating that Bakugou trusts that Kirishima wouldn't think less of him or make him feel weak.

Bakugou is also important to Kirishima. Kirishima respects how sincere Bakugou is in his motives and sees him as incredibly manly! He has a dark past regarding his quirk and when the chips were down who does he think of that motivates him to use his full power? Bakugou. He's risked his safety to help Bakugou on so many ...more

They like to watch disney movies together. Especially Tangled and Mulan. Try to change my mind.

Like is this even a question there is so much evidence for this pair

3 Izuku Midoriya x Ochaco Uraraka

They're some of the cutest nerds ever and it's most hinted ship in the entire show

They totally deserve to be together. They understand one another and they're comfortable around each other. They are so cute too! They are really meant for each other. They are my ultimate ship I've never ship anyone more than them!

They're the star's in this show in my opinion they were made for each other and I really hope they get together in the series

While I'm normally not as invested in the "main guy & main girl end up together" trope, it's actually done pretty well here. These two are ' adorable together and have legitimate chemistry. Gotta love a couple of cute, flustered goobers like these two. - OPZoroark

4 Shoto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya

If you ask me, this is hands down the best couple in my hero academia

They help each other grow, and they are the purest, of the pure cinnamon rolls of My Hero Academia

Both help each other grow & develop as a character and their personalities compliment each other very well.

If it weren't for Midoriya, Todoroki would've isolated himself from the class and still act as cold towards his family and his classmates that will hold a huge step back in his aim to be a hero. Midoriya opened his eyes and for the first time, he was able to consider friendship and forgiveness. If it weren't for Todoroki, Midoriya would've died at the Hero Killer arc and he was able to learn that there were other people who had sad pasts that have affected them.

5 Shoto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu

Already, from what we've seen, they already work very well together. They trust and respect each other so much. They have one huge piece of chemistry, and have a very solid foundation. In just the small moments, you usually see them near each other. When one is down, the other is always one of the people comforting them. Todoroki helped Yaoyorozu with her self-confidence, allowing her to really shine. They follow each other with little question and know that the other has their back. Yaoyorozu can help bring Todoroki out of his shell and be someone he can really lean on. Horikoshi-sensei also seems to like drawing them together. If I'm typing this much for what it is now then you know they have chemistry.

Although their interactions initially had been minimal, Momo and Shoto are friendly towards each other. They have many similarities: both are students who got into U.A. through scholarships, hail from famous yet strict Hero families and have powerful Quirks. As a result, Momo would always compared herself to Shoto and believed that he was always a step ahead of her; not having self-confidence in herself. However, this also caused her to admire Shoto for having brimming self-confidence as a hero.

For his part, Shoto has a deep respect for Momo's observation skills and natural leadership, even telling her that he voted for her during the Class President election, as he thought that she excelled at the role of being a leader. He later chose Momo for his team at the Human Cavalry Battle in the Sports Festival, but she felt she was only following his orders - AwesomeChloe

Mutual admiration, support and respect really go far in relationships and Todoroki and Yaomomo does not beat around the bush with it. When Yaoyorozu is down, Todoroki immediately noticed even before the their practical exams and that means that he has been observing her for since day 1. His first act of admiration was when he voted for her and that is incredible for someone who is so caught up with his own personal issues. And Yaomomo in her part with all her snippets of 'I trust Todoroki' is just so cute. We still have yet a big scene of her emphasising her faith in Todoroki but we know it's there. They're also the kind of couple with a very 'natural' vibes, they have a natural progression of their relationship that you can't help but be curious of them. (Also, keep an eye on Todoroki he always seems to look at Momo)

The best thing about TodoMomo is the fact that it's based on a mutual respect and admiration from both parties. They support and care for each other. And they work pretty well as a team, being able to bring the best qualities of the other. There's quite a lot of equality between them. Also they're really a cute and healthy ship. Their interactions are so natural. As recommended students and kids, coming from more elite families, Shouto and Momo share some similarities. But I feel like they really need each other, it doesn't matter if it's platonic or romantic relationship they'll have, because they help each other grow as both heroes and people. Shouto is helping Momo to believe more in herself and her abilities, without letting her doubts cloud her mind. Momo on the other hand is bringing the more soft and friendly part of Shouto, helping him see the the big family their class is. There are plenty of beautiful things about this lovely ship. I'm so glad they're so popular.

6 Denki Kaminari x Kyoka Jiro

Electric Guitar

If this ship comes true I wil eat my shirt and I wont regret eating it

If you read the manga Jiro blushed when Denki commented on her musical talents. She always blushes when Denki is around. The show has it too.

After noticing that they are pretty good friends I have wondered why not ship them? Then the clue came that maybe they do like each other and that they just may not show their feeling for each other... this ship is the main bomb!

7 Eijirou Kirishima x Mina Ashido

They should end up as couple

They are sooo cute toghether

Best Couple ever

I love this ship so much - Kirishima

8 Tenya Iida x Ochako Uraraka

Since Deku is usually into problems and hero work I just imagine Ochako asking out Deku and getting rejected then Tenya asks her and she accepts due to heartbreak and listen here I'm not a stuck up tododeku shipper and I ship this because deku and todorok are the perfect couple cause there not get over it because deku stopped him from being doesn't do anything that's like shipping me to my friend for stopping me from being shy

I wish this one was more popular because I love it so much. I want more scenes between them like they had in the beginning.

I personally think that Uraraka is his best friend. She takes his worries seriously, but still gets him to lighten up when needed. They are pretty cute and you can tell he cares about her and she cares about him.

They are the ones that start out slow and grow into the best relationship.

9 Mineta Minoru x Death

My favourite ship lol

Make it happen yesterday

This is a great ship with many heartfelt moments during the manga series and anime. They are meant for each other, I just know it. Hopefully it will become canon during the next series of Boku No Hero Academia. Over all, it's the best ship and deserves to be #1.

It's such a great ship, I just- I just can't contain how cute it is

10 Izuku Midoriya x Tsuyu Asui

I love the compatibility these two share. I see these two as best friends working together as heroes in the field and growing closer overtime. I also see her as someone who would stand up for Izuku and how her boldness could help him overcome his shyness and awkwardness. Tsuyu is the kind of girl Izuku can rely on and they are just too cute together

I love this ship because they are so compatible! They work well together and Midoriya is always there to save Tsuyu when they are together it is so cute! My favorite parts are when Tsuyu uses her tongue to save Izuku!

Honestly, they work very well together. They are both intelligent, and Tsuyu being very pragmatic helps ground the nervous side of Deku. She is the only girl with whom he has interacted without feeling shy.

So listen at this mind-blowing theory I just got I've seen asui many times during s1, s2 blushing when she sees all might so here is what I think asui will get a crush on deku because he will become like all might someday when he controls one for all its not the best theory I got but right now it's all I can think of

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11 Mashirao Ojiro x Toru Hagakure

ojiro was especially nice towards hagakure even at the beginning of the year when they barely knew each other

I saw them working together that one time and now I'm just like: "PLEASE, PLEASE END UP TOGETHER!"

When I first started watching the show and I saw them together I was just like,"YES A SUPER CUTE SHIP RIGHT THERE! "

This ship isn't recognized enough! I can see all their chemistry throughout the series and I just love it soo much!

12 Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada

I love these two characters so much bro, it's becoming a problem lol. Seeing that they've been friends since high school is just great. And I know it's a bit repetitive, but Hizashi came up with Shouta's hero name, too! They both seem to enjoy each other's company, and they're complete opposites, even with their character designs. And opposites do attract, after all. So yeah, I think this is the best ship.

They are so cute together! I often visualize them as Kakashi and Gai because Present Mic is always positive especially to Eraserhead. Even Yamada was the one who decided for Aizawa's hero name. They are so cute!

I love this ship! Aizawa is always annoyed by him but that's cute (I also think he's not actually that annoyed and sometimes enjoys it). Yamada clearly admires him. It's cute and I just imagine them as the gay uncles.

I used to hate this ship but then my stupid ass realized that its literally amazing and cute

13 Mei Hatsume x Tenya Iida

I have seen this ship a bit and I think its really cute, they both try really hard and are really passionate plus Mei would be good for Iida because she is way more relaxed, however, it works the other way with Iida being good for Mei because he has rules and structure.

if these two got together they would help each other. I mean one is to uptight and the other is super loose so why not!

Could be great for both, his sensibility could keep her from going overboard and she could make gadgets for him to improve on his hero costume

I saw the first episode with Hatsume and immediately shipped it's really cute and would be a really healthy relationship

14 Fumikage Tokoyami x Tsuyu Asui

I'm honestly not OK with this. I prefer Tsuyu with Katsuki. My opinion, though. - jlee549

they both share animal quirks and and we have seen them work well together, its another case of polar opposites which always makes a cute pair

Animal puls animal. Simple as that and they work together really well.

their quirks and personalities work so well together especially during the exam arc

15 All Might x Inko Midoriya

After watching season 3, this ship sailed for me. All Might is really kind to Inko and Inko obviously admires All Might too. Inko even said "Izuku needs you to protect him, to raise him," this proves to me that All Might would make a wonderful father

cute plus Midoriya would finally have a father figure and Inko and All might would really care for each other and be perfect and sweet

This ship kinda makes sense because all might is teaching Izuku, so why not ship him with Izuku's mom?

All Might is like a father to Deku. They could be like a family. Obviously that's not the only reason I ship them, it's just so cute!

16 Minoru Mineta x Tsuyu Asui

NO. Asui deserves better. - RoseWeasley

W-Why is Mineta here?!

Fine, Asui keeps Mineta in line, I'll take that point. Otherwise, this is a horrible ship. - MirajaneStrauss

Just for fun, I like this ship. This ship was my first if I don't count in Kiribatin ship

17 Dabi x Shimura Tenko/Shigaraki Tomura

I just really love the villains. I have an unhealthy obsession with them

To be quite honest, I don't really know why I ship this. But, I do know that they would be really cute together.

PeRfEcT sHiP rIgHt HeRe no but for real it is the perfect ship

I have no idea why but this is my OTP for the villans and it's perfectly legal unlike some of the other ships I have seen shipping minors with people well in their 30's

18 Denki Kaminari x Hitoshi Shinso

This is perfect, you can tell if they ever were to get married their house would be a mess, cat food everywhere and Kaminari would have stuffed animals everywhere, soft boy

Words can't describe how sweet this ship is Shinso doesn't really like people or want to make many friends but I feel like Denki could definitely change that

I love this ship! I could see them talking and becoming friends or even more

Literally Denki and Shinso are both criminally underrated.

19 Katsuki Bakugou x Uraraka Ochako

While I questioned it at first, this ship has had my heart for a long time, each interaction they have makes me want it to happen even more. I'm not going to give a million reasons why it's the best cause their is plenty of other sources. But when I look at it as a writer I think it is the best twist. Bakugou from a young age has wanted to be the best. He works his tail off day and night to be like that and he is passionate about it. Yes he is aggressive but in a way, he is more encouraging, dare I say, than Deku even. He was raised with tough love so he gives tough love. He may not word things correctly but he's right and gets his point across. Uraraka has the opposite, she is sweet, bubbly and just best girl.( even if they are all best girls) however she has a strong core. Like Bakugo she gives her all and is over the top passionate about everything, sometimes scary () they have that same drive and when I look to the future I find they will be the happiest together. When Uraraka is ...more

I will say that this ship is good, base on my opinion... Uraraka is just like someone who wanted to know bakugou better, and she believes in her self that theirs more emotions bakugou have not just angry or revenge every time, and Bakugou respect uraraka base on what she sees on his fight with uraraka in the Festival, he completely can beat up by a girl that she never expects, and he sees on uraraka a strong girl and not giving up so easily...

My ship. I admit it. Though for the sake of clarification, I ship them less as they are and more as what they could be. I just think they'd be a very well-rounded pair and a good team. Bakugou's already demonstrated the beginnings of a rare respect for Uraraka, and once he gets his head screwed on straight and realizes that the universe does NOT revolve around him, he might actually be able to act on it. And Uraraka's got enough fire in her, which could feed off his both on and off the battlefield; I think he could help her realize her own strength and push her to surpass her own expectations. Plus, as we've seen, she's not afraid to confront him. She's got guts in spades and deserves someone who doesn't give a rip that she's a cute girl. Someone who trusts her instincts and actively helps her grow as much as she helps them grow. And to me, that person would be Bakugou.

He may be really harsh, but in the Sports Festival he showed that he respected her by not underestimating her... and we are talking about Katsuki here! The guy who literally always is so rude to others, and I feel because they are very opposites they can complete one another. Uraraka can bring out the soft and passionate Katsuki while he can bring out a more confident and determined Uraraka! They both would be perfect for each other! Did I mention that Katsuki even trusted her to put up a great fight on him while others were worrying Uraraka was losing!

20 Denki Kaminari x Eijirou Kirishima

If they were canon gay they would go together like ketchup and mustard.

People see them as best friends but I think their is something deeper than that I feel like they are closer than friends and more of a couple and they show this in scenes of the anime as well

they are already best friend. I honestly think they could develop into more.

Falling for your best friend is something that I think everyone in the LGBT can relate to. these guys are so fun for each other and their relationship would be filled with fun and laughter!

21 Tenya Iida x Momo

They both have similar thoughts and motives and agree. This would keep from a lot of fights and make for a better relationship. Momo is very sensible like him, but has a little bit more of a chill attitude and sense of fun so she can keep him from going too far.

They are very simular in almost every way, they both have rich familys and are very sensible, yet great heroes.

These two would be the embodiment of a perfect coupling. Tenya is dad friend while Momo is the mom friend. Working together is when they are shown to get the most done. The way they praise each other's strengths shows how much they do care about each other.

They respect and admire each other. It's clear that they share similar values. This ship needs more love.

22 Hanta Sero x Denki Kaminari

Sero and Denki are really good friends and they clearly hang out a lot. Sero and Denki also look like a very cute couple.

Really underrated ship! These two are adorable and so memey together and I just love it

crackhead x crackhead is the best ship dynamic in my opinion

They are good friends, I ship this because I don’t like the Kirishima x Kaminari

23 Izuku Midoriya x Momo Yaoyorozu

My second favorite shipping! Kinda wish they interacted more in the anime! So cute!

Nerds who are adorable together and can help one another- Izuku can help Momo with making quick decisions on the fly and in the opposite side, Momo can help Izuku consider the dangers in each situation.

I really like momo so I wouldn't mind if her and Deku got together.

I agree w/ the person that said
"Both intelligence
Both are cinnamon rolls
And both have crippling self-confidence
It's my favourite, yes my"

24 Neito Monona x Hitoshi Shinsou

Look, just read "freeze frame" by strawhat_pirate on Wattpad and you'd understand.

I think these two would make the best pair I mean there so cute and the fan art is amazing so I think people should care for this ship more.

Only people who have read the manga will understand this ship. This ship is so cute!

This is incredibly underrated! I love these two so much and I personally think they'd make a pretty funny dynamic. Especially with Monoma stealing Hitoshi's quirk every now and then to mess with him. These boys are heckin' cute and you honestly can't deny it.

25 Shouto Todoroki x Katsuki Bakugou

they are the best things to have happened in the entire show like season 4 and that movie basically said that they getting married, try and prove him wrong

Honestly, this is very controversial. But if there was a canon-divergent way to get them to communicate, this ship would sail.

I love this ship because they can be great partners in fighting the villains and todoroki can handle bakugou's angry issues

I just think this ship is hilarious but comforting in a way. Both just emotionally constipated and don't know what to do with each other.

26 Shouta Aizawa x Emi Fukukado

These two are meant to be together! I love it when ever Emi asks Aizawa to marry her and he straight up denies her. I'm just waiting to see that moment when Emi catches Aizawa off guard and makes him laugh!

I fell in love with this ship as soon as I saw them interact. Mrs. Joke is clearly madly in love with Aizawa. It's almost sad Aizawa shuts her down so bluntly.

Challenging and full of twist and turns! Would love to see more them in canon.

Best ship of all the adult characters so far! Love this one! They are so perfectly balanced in their personalities!

27 Izuku Midoriya x Mina Ashido

They're cute and best couple in My Hero Academia ever

I think Midori and Ashido should be a couple

Izuku and Mina should be a couple because they're so cute and funny

This ship's the best - Kirishima

28 Tsuyuy Asyi x Uraraka Ochako

This ship is just so cute! I honestly love these two so much and if this becomes canon I will lose my marbles!

This ship is adorable in many ways their friendship could blossom into a cute healthy relationship

My friend and I agree on this. They're always around each other.

I don't really have an opinion just I think they are cute together.

29 Midoriya Izuku x Kirishima Eijirou

Its underrated but they actually are pretty similar (Or at least how they started)

I vote this because one of my friends gets mad when I ship them

It's actually really adorable. They both struggle to keep up as they grew older. I really loved seeing them work together on the gag mission with Overhaul.

Good ship, But have you thought about this, Tenya Iida X Ejirou Kirishima X Izuku Midoriya?!

30 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu x Itsuka Kendo

He gets so hype whenever she does anything, its cute lol

during the camp arc they just automatically seemed wonderfully intimate

just the teamwork between them with the fight against mustard, it was just WOW

There's not a lot of scenes for them, but I think it's a great ship

31 Momo x Jirou

They are best friends. I saw this coming after season one and they look perfect for each other and they work amazing together. Cousins them to have lots of trust in between them witch makes the perfect ship

Badass lesbians get together to chew ass and kick gum. This is such a girl power ship, I love it so much.

They have a perfect chemistry together, and it really just works

They are SO cute with their little teamwork and friendship. Now on the road to relationship.

32 Tenya Iida x Izuku Midoriya

I LOVE THIS SHIP! Not to mention there is a picture that is kinda cute in 'School briefs' the 2nd book in a my hero academia series, where it shows Tenya Iida lifting the covers next to Izuku Midoriya. (Sadly it wasn't to ship them... AT LEAST NOT YET! )

At fist I was like. Meh

But now I wish that this ship had more love. It's actually really cute and I really like it.

Its less of a ship, and more of a BROTP in my opinion

It's so cute mainly because Iida is literally mother mode all the time, and midoriya is always a caring soft daddo.

33 Izuku Midoria x Mei Hatsume

Hatsume is the brains (directly & indirectly) behind the end of Deku's self destructive use of his power. She's HIS HERO the way David Shields is All Mights. I would prefer this character as a love interest over Ochaco, we know little about her, sure she's absent minde, intense, oblivious to social cues but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a soft side or is a one dimensional person.

If Deku didn't inherit OFA, making support items would probably have been an alternate career for him. She's actually quite similar to him, him being previously quirkless and her having a quirk unsuitable to hero work, the way Midoriya is able to relate to Melissa and Shinsou, he would also be able to understand Mei Hatsume and develop a relationship with her.

I think this would be a much nore interesting pairing than the predictable one with Ochaco.

I don't see it working out. I ship Izuku and Ochako Uraraka more since Ochako obviously goes through pain whenever Izuku is "admiring" Mei. Plus, Mei is kind of full of herself and her inventions and I don't see her with someone as gentle and caring as Deku.

Honestly, I don't see them working out. Mei and Izuku aren't really close. And I just believe that they're interactions with each other is just comic relief. They don't show any romantic feelings for each other too.

Ochako x Deku would probably work out better.

I think they would work

34 Toga x Twice

the only thing that I don't like about this ship is that Toga is 17 and Twice is like 30...but overall, an amazing ship!

It's cute, the only thing I find annoying is that Twice is somewhere around 30 and Toga is 17.

When they were together near the middle of s4, I knew it had to happen.

I love how the personalities and characteristics of the two for together so well! The only thing I have against it is that Toga is 17 and Twice is 31

35 Koji Koda x Mina Ashido

They just feel like they'd work together, I guess? - Aradokami

Never considered this ship... But I like it

36 Dabi x Hawks

Seriously, just, I love these two together, I kept on wondering why I saw these two together so I looked it up, and then u finally understood. And from there I was like, YES.

Just yes, I will admit I originally shipped Dabi with Toga, however once a friend showed me this ship, I fell in love, I think there is a lot of possibility for arcs if this ship were to actually become cannon

Yes I mean just yes not to mention (Dabi is totally Tough Todoroki) the bonus Hawks pisses of Endeavor

Possibility of the enemies to friends trope + contrasting aesthetics + the chance to explore both their issues and the problems of the hero society? It doesn't get better than this

37 Todoroki Shouto x Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku

I kinda ship these three, it's just that Bakugo would make the relationship a bit toxic. Just my honest opinion.

I Love this so much. It could really balance everything between the characters.

I love this ship because everyone would kind of balance out each other

I can't even explain how much I love this ship or why. That would be a very long essay.

38 Mirio Togata x Amajiki Tamaki

My favorite ship by far. I think it is probably the most probable gay ship in the entire show. I wish I could have a relationship like theirs

After watching season 4 I fell in love with these 2 boys and they just work so well together.

They are just perfect for each other, Tamaki obviously has a crush on Mirio. Just look at his face every time he sees Mirio. Tamaki doesn't smile a lot, but around Mirio he does.

I just love this ship I mean like me and my friend did I whole rp on this in discord it was so sweet but like Nejire is lonely no ships for her I can nust see it like when fat gum talks about Tamaki being shot and losing his quirk for a while and Mirio got up and was like "Tamaki are you okay!?" Plus Mirio is the only character in the school that calls my best boi Tamaki by his first name

39 Toru Hagakure x Mashirao Ojiro

Hagakure has show many love signs toward ojiro causing this to be the second most shown ship in the show

Apparently she spends more time with him than any other guy... alright no real proof aside from the wiki :/

It's so obvious that these to would be together! Ever since their first fight together during the hero vs villains training.

Cute! And I kinda think they suit each other. - Aradokami

40 Todoroki Shoto x Uraraka Ochaco

Todochako deserves more attention as the ships actually make sense. Todoroki so reserve that I think he would end up with a cheerful girl like Uraraka. Besides Todoroku and Uraraka looks cute together.

If Todoroki ever ends up with someone it should be a girl who is very sociable and bubbly bringing out most of his personality and reinforcing positivity in his life. Probably girl like Uraraka.

I'm actually kinda surprised they haven't had any significant interactions yet. They're both pretty prominent characters, so you would think they would talk more, but no.

They've got a lot of potential for some great stuff, so I hope we get something for them eventually.

Its weird that these two are supposed to be in the same friend group yet we rarely see them exchange a couple of words

41 Dabi x Himiko Toga

They're a perfect match because they both kill people plus they're pretty cool together to

SO CUTE! if they had a child it would be in constant war with itself because Toga's gene of instant reaction might go haywire, and Dabi's considerate gene might try and drag Togas side away from the conflict.

A evil couple trying to take over the world, my type of agreement ;-;

Evil boy and evil gal, a badass couple trying to rule the world!

42 Bakugou x Tsuyu

She's straight forward and caring whereas Bakugou is closed off and ill tempered. They contrast yet compliment each other (bringing different traits to the table while sharing dedication and inntelligence). I think it could work if it progressed over time at a believable pace. A tough guy like him would probably find her frogginess appealing - a girl who's not too girly but cute nonetheless.

They're so cute together

The two best characters! Love this ship. Look up KATSUYU pics and you will too. So adorbs.

With how blunt Tsuyu Is she could really help out with Katsuki's problem

43 Todoroki Shouto x Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Kirishima Eijirou

Who other than Midoriya would be bottom though not Todoroki not Bakugou and not Kirishima

I absolutely love how cute this is but how would Todoroki and Kirishima fit together in this?

Wait... this ship is a thing? I'm kind of scared and happy at the same time... - Kirisunshine

just want to see if denki would electricut icyhot, bomber, and broccali boi

44 Sero Hanta x Denki Kaminari

They are best friends! And are so cute together I think they would make the dumbest yet cutest pair ever!

In all my ships these are kinda just leftovers so sure they can go together

Sero needs the love of everyones favourite sparky boy. Such a cute dynamic!

I just imagine them screaming vines at each other to show their affection, seriously the best ship of all

45 Toga Himiko x Katsuki Bakugo

They are perfect for each other and if you can't see that your CRAZY!

They both act the same way toga is a pshyco path and bakugo is a jerk I think they would be pretty well together

I mean there both just so cute together and they totally match

Underrated ship

46 Minoru Mineta x Nomu

Nomu deserves better - RoseWeasley

What in the hell

otp to the MAX the MHA FANDOM NEEDS TO know MINETA found his soulmate MHA community met nomu minetas wife UwU what do you think of my oTp


47 Hitoshi Shinso X Izuku Midoriya

Something about these guys is strangely appealing, not sure what it is tho.

This ship is so underrated and the fact that Izuku was Shinsou's FIRST friend just perfect ship material

Look, I Think This Ship Is Just Cute Okay? There's Weirder Ships On This List, Wheeze - SamronBrat

This is one of the cutest ever

48 Shouta Aizawa x Toshinori Yagi

ARE YOU KIDDING, DO YOU EVEN NEED A REASON? (Plus, Aizawa with his hair back is everything)

My favorite couple. They are more alike as them admit. Both love class A and am just want to protect everybody by risking their lives.

They are good friends and when they were in the attack in the USJ all might was so sad that he got hurt.

Uhh there's a lot of potential with this ship. I feel like Shouta has this motherly touch meanwhile Toshinori has this fatherly feel. They suit each other perfectly and they take care of class 1-A nicely like parents. You could feel this parenthood feeling in Season 3 episode 23 where Shouta scolded Bakugou and Deku then there was Toshinori who calmed him easily. Plus Shouta become softer around Toshinori and feels like respecting him a lot. All in all, this ship is so underrated.

49 Midoriya Izuku x Himiko Toga

So toga has a crush on deku since season three and since that is so I feel like he could get her to the hero side for how convincing he is. This would have to be my most favorite ship of them all

maybe toga can convert deku to villain which would be awesome YES!

Hero and villain love story and I think it's great.
Also the yandere

Izuku will change her just like he did with todoroki and both will live happily ever after

50 Nomu x All Might

This is the best ship I've seen in my whole life

UMm I jUst aHh wHat THis Is a ThiNg... HoW

Would definitely die for this

I will sacrifice my self for this ship

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