2017 NBA Mock Draft

Here is my Mock Draft for the 2017 Draft. I will only do the lottery picks. I will try to include trades I think might happen. Remember this is only a opinion if you disagree with anything please state it in the comment section.

1. Philadelphia 76ers Via Boston Celtics MARKELLE FULTZ
This pick just fits in the system they are going for. Fultz is one of the best prospects we've seen in a long time. He is a all a round player. He also has decent enough defense to guard NBA talent.

2. Los Angeles Lakers LONZO BALL
In my opinion Lonzo is the best player in the draft. Like Fultz is defense is good enough. Lonzo plays a lot like Magic, his future GM. He could recreate Showtime. It's just you have a small problem named Brook Lopez I will talk about that more on my Lakers Season Preview after Free Agency.

THERE IS A TRADE! Of course this is what I predict. The Celtics trade the third pick and the 2018 Lakers pick they got from the 76ers for Paul George.

3. Indiana Pacers Via Celtics JAYSON TATUM
The Pacers need to start rebuilding. Jason Tatum could be a good start he is a pure scorer and a all-around player.

4. Phoenix Suns JOSH JACKSON

The Suns always take the best player available. I feel like Josh Jackson may be that guy. Of course the Suns are known to mess things up so yeah. Jackson would be a really good pick

5. Sacramento Kings DE'AARON FOX
This is a no brainer for the Kings. There trade might start paying off, because they also have the 10th pick. Fox could easily lead this team.

THERE IS A TRADE! The Knicks trade Kristaps Porzingis and a 2018 1st round draft pick to the Orlando Magic for the 6th pick and a 2018 1st round draft pick.

6. Knicks Via Magic MALIK MONK
Carmelo I feel is about to leave so you need a knockdown shooter for the triangle enter in Malik Monk. Monk is probably the best shooter in the draft. He could play positions 1 through 3 that is what they need.

7. Timberwolves JONATHAN ISAAC
Isaac is a perfect match. He can play D and Shoot. Just think of this starting 5 Khris Dunn, Zach Lavine, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Isaac, and Karl Anthony-Town. What a team.

8. New York Knicks FRANK NTILIKINA
Dennis Smith JR may be a better player, but Ntilikina fits the system better. We will see.

9. Dallas Mavericks DENNIS SMITH JR.
I think him and Yogi Ferrell can play together. If Ferrell is for real then you can trade Smith vice versa.

10. Sacramento Kings OG ANUNOBY
You need a SF and Defense so why not.

11. Charlotte Hornets LAURI MARKKANEN
Dwight Howard and Markkanen could by a really good backcourt combo.

12. Detroit Pistons DONOVAN MITCHELL
A really athletic person. He could be a sleeper.

13. Denver Nuggets ZACH COLLINS
Gonzaga prospect.

A big athletic player could really play in this lineup.

15. Portland Trail Blazers TERRACE FERGUSON
You need a athletic guy there you go.

So that is my Mock Draft please comment. I will make a grade of the teams in the draft then make predictions for Free Agency.