2018-19 NBA Season Preview

So it is that time of year. The NBA Season has finally started. After a starstudded off-season the NBA landscape is starting to look a lot different. Without further ado let's get started.

Eastern Conference.
15. New York Knicks - The Knicks are gonna be struggling this year. They have no Kristaps Porzingis. They do have a lot of young dudes to experiment with, but with no Porzingis I cannot imagine them getting a lot of wins. I do want to hand it to Scott Perry. He is turning out to be a good GM. I do disagree with the Knox over Porter choice, but it overall he has done really good. I like Fizdale as the coach and how they brought in Mario Hezonja especially. This though will be a hard Knox Life. #ItsaHardKnoxLife

14. Atlanta Hawks - This team has a lot of young dudes. Between Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, Omari Spellman, Taurean Prince, John Collins, and more. They will be a bad team. They have a nice young core though and they have a really good coach in Lloyd Pierce. The Hawks have adopted a Warriors like system in their team. This team will be really fun to watch.

13. Orlando Magic - The Magic finally look like they are on the upward trail. They have a lot of length and they are really athletic. I like the GM, John Hammond, he has made some good choices and a few bad choices. I like his pick of Bamba and Isaac in the last two drafts. I don't like the signing of Gordon. I feel like he was just given too much money. I don't like the hiring a Clifford, a bad development coach, and I don't like how they let Mario Hezonja walk. I do not like the trade of Purvis. They are now left with Isaiah Briscoe who I think can be something, but to have him logging all the minutes? I don't know about that. If I were them I would not pursue the Kemba trade and instead target a point in the draft or just trade or sign a younger point.

12. Charlotte Hornets - The Hornets are in a pickle. They need to trade Kemba. He will leave in the off season so why keep him? I like some of their young players between Devonte' Graham, Malik Monk, Miles Bridges, and Frank Kaminsky. But these guys and more of the younger players can't play when Kemba freaking Walker swabs up 40 minutes a night. I like their new coach. I like how they fired Steve Clifford who denied these young players minutes last year (example *Malik Monk). Good job Hornets now just trade Kemba.

11. Brooklyn Nets - The Nets are finally not suffering from the Billy King era. I like Sean Marks and I like Kenny Atkinson's coaching ability. Sean Marks has done amazing as GM bringing in D'Angelo Russell, Džanan Musa, Joe Harris, Treveon Graham, and Jarrett Allen. Kenny Atkinson is one of the best coaches in the league. Good job Nets. I want them to make the playoffs, but the East is actually good this year so yeah. Look for Russell to get MIP though.

10. Chicago Bulls - The Bulls have a nice young core. They are led by Kris Dunn, Zach Lavine, Jabari Parker, Lauri Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr., Denzel Valentine, and more. I like what Gar Forman has built. I don't know if Fred Hoiberg is the best for the job though. We will see. This team is a good team and will be competing for that 8th seed.

9. Miami Heat - It hurts me to do this, but the Heat may just miss the playoffs. The East very competitive this year and it will be hard to get in the playoffs for once and I think the Heat may just be that team that misses it by a game or two. This is Wade's final season which is really sad. Erik Spoelstra is one of the best coaches in the ever though and Pat Riley is one of the best GMs so they could pull this off. I think they should pursue the Jimmy Butler trade. At the time I am making this the trade is trying to get started back up after 2 collapses the first being caused by the Heat the second by the Timberwolves. If they get Butler they make the playoffs.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers - After losing the GOAT is free agency the Cavs look to rebuild. They have Kevin Love (unless they trade him) who might revert back to his Timberwolves form. They have my pick for ROY Collin Sexton. They have a bunch of competitive veterans (That they should probably trade). And they have a bunch of young players. I like what Koby Altman did with this team. I don't know if Ty Lue is a good coach for this team since LeBron was practically the coach while he was in Cleveland. It will be tough, but I think the Cavs can make the playoffs.

7. Washington Wizards - The Wizards are a mystery team. It should be very interesting to see how they do. I think if the Dwight Howard experiment works they could be a threat. If not well...total collapse. We might just see their stars traded.

6. Detroit Pistons - The Pistons I feel like are going to be really good. I like Casey as the coach and I like Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond as a duo. They really need Reggie Jackson to show up to make this team affective. I like their role players like Reggie Bullock, Luke Kennard, Stanley Johnson, and Khyri Thomas. This Pistons team could be very exciting.

5. Indiana Pacers - The Pacers look really scary. No one wants to face them. The defense is real and they have really taken steps offensively. Nate McMillan is a great coach and shows real potential. I like Chad Buchanan as GM. Of course they are lead by Victor Oladipo. Myles Turner looks like he is about to break out. Doug McDermott took a huge step last year. The Pacers are scary I'm telling they might upset some teams.

4. Milwaukee Bucks - The Bucks look like a great team. They finally got a good coach and of Antekutompo looks like he just got better which is pretty scary. This team is extremely athletic. People should be scared of this Bucks team. Expect some huge improvements from this team.

3. Toronto Raptors - The Raptors are going to be really fun to watch. They have a great defense between Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Serge Ibaka, Kyle Lowry, OG Anunoby, Norman Powell, Pascal Siakam, and Fred VanVleet. The Raptors should be interesting. They definitely contend for the title. Kawhi could end up being DPOY and MVP. I don't know if Nick Nurse is the right coach for the job.

2. Boston Celtics - The Celtics are definitely contending with a great coach in Brad Stevens. Some great players including Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier. They have a great defense. It's just the injuries man. If they can keeps these players healthy then they could make some noise. I am also worried about everyone getting touches with this team and having enough money to pay everyone.

1. Philadelphia 76ers - The 76ers will be the best team from the East. They have a great defensive lineup between Joel Embiid, Robert Covington, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, Amir Johnson, Emeka Okafor, and more. They have a great offense and they a young and improving. I think they have a great chance to go to the finals. Brett Brown is a great coach and they have a new GM in Elton Brand who will be assisted by Brown. I am anxious to see this Sixers team in action.

That concludes the East. Here is a quick summary.
Worst Team: New York Knicks
Best Team: Philadelphia 76ers
Best Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo
Best Rookie: Collin Sexton
Best Coach: Erik Spoelstra
Best GM: Sean Marks
Best Defensive Team: Toronto Raptors
Best Offensive Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Now on to the West

Western Conference.
15. Sacramento Kings - The Kings are a really young team and have one of the best young cores in the league. Marvin Bagley is one of the best rookies in the league. De'Aaron Fox I thought was snubbed from the All Rookie Teams. He could get MIP. He looked really good in the Summer League. They have some nice players that need development, but they have high potential in Buddy Heild, Bogdan Bogdanović, Justin Jackson, Harry Giles, Willy Cauley-Stein, and more. My one problem is administration. I'd don't really like Dave Joerger as coach or Vlade Divac as GM. This team should be a team to look out for in the future.

14. Phoenix Suns - The Suns are a up and coming team. They are lead by a Shaq/Kobe like combination in Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton. They are surrounded by players like Mikal Bridges, Elie Okobo, Josh Jackson, and Dragan Bender. They also have veterans in Ryan Anderson, Tyson Chandler, and Trevor Ariza. We also get to see if Igor Kokoskov is a good coach. They should be a fun team to watch.

13. Los Angeles Clippers - I don't think the Clippers are a playoff team like some people think. I can't see this team making it. Their best player is Tobias Harris. I mean I like Harris, but he shouldn't be you best player. I like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and hopefully he can be something in the future. This team is just very confusing. They are hard to predict.

12. San Antonio Spurs - The Spurs are going to miss the playoffs for the first time in a long time. With Dejounte Murray out I just can't see this happening. They will not have the defense to compete. I don't think DeMar DeRozan and LeMarcus Aldridge can do it by themselves in a tough Western Conference.

11. Denver Nuggets - I think the superb offense of the Nuggets will not be able to counteract its awful defense. The Nuggets are a fun team to watch, but their is a time when the defense will fail them. I think Paul Millsap could improve the defense a little, but it just won't be enough.

10. Dallas Mavericks - The Mavericks are another hard team to predict. They have a good mix of veterans and young players. I do think Luka Dončić is overrated. I will admit he is a good playmaker. I think Dennis Smith Jr. is better and he has a higher ceiling. I think him and DeAndre Jordan area nice combo. This team should be very interesting to watch. Too bad the west is so deep.

9. Portland Trail Blazers - I can see the Trail Blazers blowing it up this year. I honestly don't like the GM and the coach. They are in a even tougher West. I just don't think they have the talent to compete overall. They have lost confidence since they got swept by the Pelicans.

8. Memphis Grizzlies - With Mike Conley finally back I can see them making the Playoffs. I like the addition of Kyle Anderson. I don't really see the point of Jaren Jackson Jr. I thought they should've traded for Kevin Love. Otherwise I like what Chris Wallace did with this team. I honestly don't like J.B. Bickerstaff, but who knows. I have high hopes for this team and hopefully they can get back in the Playoffs.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves - They need to trade Jimmy Butler. Hopefully they can get a good return to build around Kat. Towns is really good even though he got battered in the off season. People are forgetting the fact he has improved every year of his career. Hopefully Towns can come in and just destroy and prove Jimmy Butler and the rest of his doubters wrong. I don't really like Tom Thibodeau. I think his time in this league is done. Hopefully Scott Layden can make the right decisions.

6. New Orleans Pelicans - With Anthony Davis leading this team, I don't think anyone will want to face this team. They are great defensively with AD, Jrue Holiday, Elfrid Payton, Julius Randle and more. I could see them making some noise in the league next year if Alvin Gentry can use Davis the right way. I like what Dell Demps is doing.

5. Utah Jazz - I think the Jazz are overrated. They are really good defensively with Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles, Dante Exum, Jae Crowder, Ekpe Udoh, but they are not the best defensive team in the league. I like Quin Snyder. He is a good coach. Donovan Mitchell is like literally their only source of offense. We will have to see how this Jazz team does.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder - The Thunder are really underrated. They lost Carmelo, who was pure drama. Sure they will be missing their defensive captain in Andre Roberson, but they still have a ok defense. They got Dennis Schroeder and they kept Paul George. This team should be very good. I think Billy Donovan is ok and Sam Presti is starting to turn into one of the better GMs.

3. Los Angeles Lakers - Where do I start? Well the Lakers have LeBron. Luke Walton is one of the better coaches and Rob Pelinka is one of the best General Managers in the league. I like their young players in Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and more. They also have really good veterans. Their defense is amazing. Any offense led by LeBron is at least decent.

2. Golden State Warriors - The Warriors are a really good team Steve Kerr is a good coach and Steve Myers is a great GM. The only problem is their team is getting old and they are decreasing in defensive talent. I don't really see how DeMarcus Cousins makes them better. They are still great though and they are contenders for the championship.

1. Houston Rockets - The Rockets are the best team in the the NBA. They have the best Coach and the best GM in Mike D'Antoni and Daryl Morey respectively. Carmelo Anthony looks like he has bought into this team. CP3 looks like he is aging well and James Harden is in his prime. It is now time to watch magic happen for. The Rockets.

That concludes the West. Here is a quick summary.
Worst Team: Sacramento Kings
Best Team: Houston Rockets
Best Player: LeBron James
Best Rookie: Marvin Bagley III
Best Coach: Mike D'Antoni
Best GM: Daryl Morey
Best Defensive Team: Utah Jazz
Best Offensive Team: Houston Rockets

Overall Summary
Worst Team: New York Knicks
Best Team: Houston Rockets
Best Player: LeBron James
Best Rookie: Collin Sexton
Best Coach: Mike D'Antoni
Best GM: Daryl Morey
Best Defensive Team: Toronto Raptors
Best Offensive Team: Houston Rockets

MVP: LeBron James
DPOY: Kawhi Leonard
ROY: Collin Sexton
COY: Mike D'Antoni
MIP: D'Angelo Russell
6th Man of the Year: Kyle Kuzma

And that is it thanks for reading in a few more days I will be posting a Playoffs Prediction it will be a collab with other TopTenners.