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1 Galliyan - Ankit Tiwari

Awesome song. Best in generations. - Raghavbakshiultimate

No wonder this song from bollywood 2010s still sticks with me even today! One of its music directors comprises of Pakistani band Soch. Pakistanis make the most mesmerising music, in love with this song

I love the lyrics

Most sound lyrics to an amazing tune - unbeatable

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2 Bang Bang - Bang Bang

How is this a Bollywood song?

Greatest song of benny dyal Hrithik Roshan dance steps are mind blowing

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3 Baarish - Yaariyan

I love this song

It is a romantic, lovely & sweet & slow song

Its lyrics are also awesome

Superb! Song by mohammad irfan

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4 Tu Meri - Bang Bang

It is the best I have ever listened


Tuu tu tu Mr. hone laga

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5 India Waale - Happy New Year

Best ever song of K.K. with among other singers

Proud to be an Indian

Proud to be Indian

This song is siick

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6 Uff - Bang Bang

It is the best song of the year

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7 Zaroorat - Ek Villain

Love song because of siddharth

Best song for 2014

Love song for me

Heart touching song and music

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8 Baby Doll - Ragini MMS 2

Most sexy song of the year

Awesome song! Sunny looks stunning and Kanika's voice is awesome!

Oops sunny you r awesome

Humdard of ek villain should replace this

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9 Manwa Laage - Happy New Year

One of my most favorite song... it's so romantic and the beat is lovely

I like this song so much

One of my favorite of sharukh and deepika


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10 Lovely - Happy New Year

This song is very osame great song

Mein also lovely ho gaiya gana ye sunn ke

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The Contenders

11 Palat Tera Hero Idhar Hai - Main Tera Hero

Palat tera hero... Just make me dance when ever I hear this song...

My best song

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12 Kabhi Jo Badal Barse - Arijit Singh

Most emotional song in the world

I love this song very much

Best song of arijit

Love this song... It's my favorite

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13 Muskurane (Arijit Singh) - City Lights

Are yar this song should be at the top.. Don't you think... And if not then I'm not understanding why.. Such a beautiful song it is.. Anything will love it..

Arijit Singh Best singer of Bollywood this time

Love you Arijit Singh

It is the best song in the Bollywood

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14 Chaar Botal Vodka - Ragini MMS 2

Kinda bar song


Kaam mera roz ka na mujh ko koi rokke na ksi ne roka

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15 Tune Maari Entriyaan - Gunday

I love the voice of K. K forever

My favourite song : since the time of its release!

K.K. & Vishal are come together so... It's just rock and there is another one in this year
India Wale From happy New year...
I just love the voice... Of K.K.
K.K. can sing any kind of song

new sogs

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16 Banjaara - Ek Villain

Best song in my life

One of best this year. - Raghavbakshiultimate

Best song till now I have ever heard

Great song... A heart touching song...

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17 Party With Bhootnath - Bhootnath Returns

By yo yo honey singh

Come on it's the best song of this year you gotta be kidding suckers if it's not placed at a higher rank and iam john levy the future writer of India.. Honey Singh is best rapper of India

I hate this song I hate you hirdesh sing urf yo yo honey singh

18 Zehanaseeb - Hasee Toh Phasee

Love this song and also the movie

Love the song and even movies because of sid

I Love The Movie And This Song Awesome Track

It is a lovely song

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19 Nonsense Ki Night - Happy New Year UListen to Sample
20 ABCD - Yaariyan
21 Harry is Not A Bramchari - Shaadi Ke Side/Effects

Shaddi ke side effects is very nice, ilike it

22 Love Me Thoda Aur - Yaariyan

Just love to hear this songs..

One of ma favorite song

Best song... Ever... And because of arjit amazing

23 Suno Na Sangemarmar - Youngistaan

This song is the most wonderful song from my side

Its best in world

I love this song

24 Jashn-E-Ishqa - Gunday

A great song for inspiration

25 Yaar Naa Miley - Yo Yo Honey Singh

Very lovely & very best song I like very much

This song is so cool I'm lovin it

My favourite Song of the year

I love this song

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26 Sunny Sunny - Yaariyan

Come on it's the best song of this year you gotta be kidding suckers if it's not placed at a higher rank and iam nimesh dash the future writer of India

Paani paani sunny sunny

27 Samjhawan - Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

On 18? Really? What happened to this society?

Wow what a lovely song it is.

I love you arijit singh

WHAT? ON 22? This should be the 1st song. & 4 bottle vodka.. Baby doll... ? These are on top? Please... !

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28 Soney Do (Arijit Singh) - City Lights
29 Gunday (Title Track) - Gunday
30 Tumko Toh Aana Hi Tha - Jai Ho
31 Sawan Aaya Hai - Arijit Singh

Love you Arijit Singh for this most beautiful song

Just love this song

I like it very much best song of the world

Sawan aya hain best song in the world

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32 Besharmi Ki Height - Main Tera Hero

I love you varun

33 Hamdard - Ek Villain

I love this song because lyrics are amazing

Fantastic song because of sid

Love you arijit sir

I love this song

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34 Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya - Shaadi Ke Side/Effects
35 London Thumakda - Queen

It should on 1 St

I love her thumka!

36 Hamari Atariya - Dedh Ishqiya
37 O Heeriye (Ayushmann Khurrana) - Bewakoofiyaan
38 Mast Magan (Arijit Singh & Chinmayi Sripada) - 2 States

One of best love song

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39 Raat Bhar (Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghosal) - Heropanti
40 Phir Mohabbat - Dil Sambhal Ja Zara

Arijit singh very well singing
Mohd. Irfan very bad

I think it deserve to be in top 10... Very ossaaam song

41 Meri Maa - Yaariyan
42 Allah Waariyan - Yaariyan

What a lovely song

43 Badra Bahar - Queen

Seriously no.54. It should be at least in top 5

44 Galat Baat Hai - Main Tera Hero

My vote is for galat bath hai

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45 Iski Uski - 2 States UListen to Sample
46 Humdard - Ek Villain

I Love you sharda

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47 Khushfehmiyan - One by Two
48 Gulcharrey - Bewakoofiyaan
49 O Gujariya - Queen
50 Tere Naina - Jai Ho
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