Best Bollywood Movie Albums Composed by Nadeem Shravan

Nadeem Shravan is one of the greatest music director ever in India. Maximum biggest hits of bollywood are of Nadeem Shravan. Here is a list of best bollywood movie albums composed by Nadeem Shravan. Please vote like a judge, not like a fan so that his composed movies can get proper rank.
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1 Aashiqui

Nadeem Shravan first big hit and possibly their best album till date. Every song was just brilliant! Aashiqui ki liye, nazar ke samne, ab tere bin

No music directors in the history of Indian cinema created music like this. Fantastic music really God gift music. While singing the songs of Aashiqui you will feel the inner depth of the song. Khudos to Sameer for wonderful lyrics. Apart from asshiqui, go for films such as Rang, Junoon, Sapne Saajan Ke, Dil hai ki maanta nahi What a melodious songs. I have almost all the collections of nadeem Shravan.

2 Raaz

This was one of the best albums of the duo after making a comeback.

Aapke pyar mein, jo bhi kasmein & shanti shanti are highlights of the cd. They shpuld have composed for Raaz 2 & 3

Best music apke pyaar me and tum agar saamne

3 Saajan

I really loved this film and it's music was one of the best. Every song from this film was awesome weather dekha hai pehli baar, bahut pyar, jeene to jeeye, or mera dil bhia!

What a movie! Three of biggest actors plus great soundtrack! Dekha hai pehli, bahut pyar, jeeye to jeeye, mera dil, too shay hai.

Jiye though jiye kaise Nadeem Shravan only you & only you 2 can creat such a soul ful songs. AR rehman is big 0 infront of you

4 Deewana

Who can forget this films songs. I will hug you my favourite music directors. I want to meet you once in a life time

Srk debut film with some very nice songs like aise deewangi, sochenge tumhe pyar, teri umeed, tera dard. Just very nice songs!

5 Dhadkan

Evergreen music composition, arguably one of the best albums from duo

6 Sadak

I am really surprised from where these music giants got such a wonderful music. Really they are God gift to us. Sameer you are also a great

7 Raja Hindustani

My favorite movie of 90s and one of Aamir khans. Music was a rage at that time. Pardesi pardesi, kitna sona, aaye ho meri.

My favorite movie! With some of the best songs like pardesi pardesi, aayo meri zindagi, kitna pyara, and others.

8 Afsar Ali
9 Raja
10 Phool aur Kaante

Dheere dheere pyar ko bada na hai what a music who can forget Sanu

All tracks are best of Nadeem-Shravan...

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11 Kasoor
12 Salaami

One of the best song in this movie Milen tum se bichhadke
Kumar sanu Alka & Kavita ji
I like this song
My feelings are related with thus song
Feelings in 2008

13 Dil hai ki manta nehin
14 Dil hai tumhara
15 Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke

Super hit national award song ghoonghat ki aad se for alka

16 Sirf tum
17 Pardes

I loved this film. It has desi value to it. All songs are very nice. Meri mehbooba, ye dil deewana, do dil, ye duniya

All super duper hit songs

18 Saathi

Very underrated film, but highly entertaining. Songs like zindagi talaash, aisa bhi dekho, aaj hum tum were very nice.

19 Dilwale

One of Ajay Devgan best performance in this film. Songs were superb like Kitna haseen chehra, jeeta jiskeli, saato janam.

20 Jeet
21 Hungama
22 Stuntman
23 Judai
24 Bewafa
25 Dil ka rishta
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