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21 My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms

Oh my god that final scream should definitely be top 10

Always will always have its special place in my mind, but this deserves to be in top 10 at least, the power of this song is amazing. underrated

One of their little known songs, should be way higher in the list, so emotional

The most powerful song of bon jovi. This is top one

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22 What Do You Got? What Do You Got?

I love this song because of everything that is one of. The best song, s from Bon jovi ever the reason why I love this song
Because. Of the devilry to Jon, s voice it is. Just most amazing that Jon ever did this song is actually will in my new. Phone
One. Of the. Most influenced song, s from Bon jovi but richie and the guys are all great I love the clothes that you guy, s are
Wearing in this video you and the guy, s are off the charts I love you guy, s with all of my heart you are the guy, s made me
On the map man

Awesome song, much better than the common mainstream crap. Definitely the Best Bon Jovi song.

This maybe bon jovi's 10th song I've heard, and till now, its been the best.. Very underrated song.. Needs more votes.. Very meaningful song..

It's a really beautiful song! Lyrics of this song are so cute and I think that its one of the 15 best song

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23 Living In Sin Living In Sin

Most underrated song of bon jon jovi, he has expressed himself to extreme in this one.

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24 (You Want to) Make a Memory (You Want to) Make a Memory

Love this tune! Definitely one of the best bon jovi songs although saying that there is a lot of amazing songs to choose from. Bon Jovi is definitely the king of music. Such timeless pieces

This one boggles the mind, granted the songs in the top ten are quality any day any time bon jovi music, but this one grabs you and doesn't let go.

WOW! Great song for me, so emotional.

Very emotional song

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25 We Weren't Born to Follow We Weren't Born to Follow

The best ever Bon Jovi song, although it's really close with No Apologies. It should be rated loads higher than 30th after all it is on their greatest hits album whereas lots of these other tracks are not.

This is a great song to pump you up along with born to be my baby and bad medicine it's my favourite, can't believe it's so low on this list, I mean it's just pure awesome

Best bon jovi song after it's my life... Definitely should be in top 10

It's just awesome. And so is the rest of The Circle.

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26 Thank You for Loving Me Thank You for Loving Me

This song is really beautiful. One of the best Songs I have heard, for the least this should be in the top 5!
This song really touched my heart.!
Those of you who likes love songs, I suggest they should listen to it!

This is song is really indeed touch my heart because my boyfriend dedicated this song to me. He's so sweet and I really love him

Loving unconditionally to someone you love is like leaving in heaven. So keep it up! Thank you for loving us Lord.

We used this as our wedding dance song as the lyrics said exactly how me and my wife felt about each other. No other love song has ever did something like that to us.

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27 Stick to Your Guns Stick to Your Guns

The best song from New Jersey album this is so underrated song the beginning of the song is so beautiful. Good song to relax to

Played back to back with Ride Cowboy Ride - absolutely amazing!

One of those reasons that albums are better than best of's. the way the powerchords give way to gentle acoustic guitar is fantastic. This is the precurser to songs like 'Sante Fe'

28 Raise Your Hands Raise Your Hands

I agree with richie4life, its a brilliant classic bon jovi song, didn't stand out because it was on a great album.

this should be much higher, it's a great bon jovi song and if it would have been on another album it would have been a single... - richie4life

Such a great anthem of a tune, and a highlight of the bands live shows

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29 Everyday Everyday

good song about independance

This is so good... Why don't people like it? ;/

Hard to believe this is not even in the top 10.
First Bon Jovi son I heard, and I instantly fell in love with the band.
The grunge music in this is just incredible!

I listen to this song, well, Everyday. Hands down one of BJ's Top Ten of all time. Uplifting. Rocking. Oh, and AWESOME.

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30 Shot Through The Heart Shot Through The Heart

For all you commenting, bon jovi wrote two separate songs. One is called Shot Through the heart and the other is you Give Love a bad Name, different songs

Hey! You guys gotta be kidding! My god... Here was I searching it somewhere in top 3 spots!

Well this song's not famous enough but it definitely is pretty damn good

Such a great song, should be much higher.

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31 Wild Is the Wind Wild Is the Wind

awesome lyrics, great songs. one the best ones form bon jovi. just can't understand why this song is 46th. it should be in top 10.

This should be doing much better than #34! lol what!?

32 Only Lonely Only Lonely
33 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

The best SONG by BON JOVI (seriously)!

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34 Misunderstood Misunderstood

The video of this song is awesome and the sing is also good!

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35 Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
36 Undivided Undivided

Great lyrics - an awesome call to arms! Great singing by Jon Boy - but the overall feeling is - it's so damn heavy and brutal for BJ! LOVE IT! Great for firing you up! And of course, always reminds me of 9/11 with its beautiful, sad ending. Such an emotional song. Wish they did more like it. Brilliant!

Hi jon bon jovi play that song for dawn she love you I get married play guitar with you now

Best unknown Bon Jovi song! Rocks really hard!

37 Lost Highway Lost Highway

Very inspiring, beautiful song, truly amazing. It deserves to be appriciated.

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38 Crazy Love Crazy Love
39 Work for the Working Man Work for the Working Man
40 Last Cigarette Last Cigarette
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