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61 If I Was Your Mother

Underrated song and probably the heaviest song by Bon Jovi. I love it!

62 Santa Fe

This song is incredible. Seriously. Incredible. I can listen to it multiple times in a day, and it never ceases to impress me. It brings out the best of Bon Jovi's amazing voice and has one of the best sounds of any of his songs.

His best song. From music to lyrics to vocal, everything is great. I can't believe it's not even released as a single.

His best song ever. Great music, great lyrics and great vocal!

Its jon bon jovi solo song not bon jovi

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63 She Don't Know Me

Or of their first songs, great instruments and lyrics, should be in top 10

One of the first videos I remember seeing back when MTV first aired, remember MTV when they played REAL music...

64 Burning for Love
65 King of the Mountain
66 Never Say Die
67 Room at the End of the World

! Jon's voice in this song is incredible! The way he sings the chorus sent shivers down my spine! This is absolutely the best song on What about now!

68 Let's Make It Baby

I thought the title was Let's Make A Baby for about 2 years - Ilikefishsticks

69 All About Lovin You

One of Bon Jovi's best song, typical love song. LOVE IT

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70 Hardest Part is the Night

This one rules for sure and anything else is just BS. Hands down the best tune from 7800° fahrenheit, get it to the top peeps!

71 Something for the Pain
72 Just Older

What a cracker. Bon Jovi has been my number 1 since I was 6 years old. Now I'm "just older" at 24, he is still my fave...

This is a great song. I love this song. It should be there at the top of the list...

73 You Really Got Me Now
74 Diamond Ring
75 Love Lies

Bon jovi jon bon jovi Richie sambora alec john such David bryan tico torres my sister Stacey Johnson having a baby I be aunt dawn

76 Good Guys Don't Always Wear White V 1 Comment
77 Dirty Little Secret

best song of the album have a nice day - richie4life

78 One Wild Night

Great rock music, perfect guitar rift that just slams in from nowhere, my favourite song, I'm not asking for a miracle here so not number one but come on! In the top ten at least!

I will always vote for the underrated song over my absolute favorite

One of the best Bon Jovi songs ever! Has got to be Number 5 or 6 at least!

Amazing Song
I wanted to vote for it's my life life but this one is far behind on the list it should be in top 15

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79 We Got It Going On

best bon jovi song on lost highway - richie4life

Love all songs on lost highway but that is my favorite song on the album.

Gettin' down with Big and Rich and Richie, and Jon
Just banging and singing, why don't you all come along.
'Cause we got it going' on.

Love it

80 Bells of Freedom

What a melody! Bon Jovi proved their versatility with this song. Very beautiful and soothing. One of their best without doubt..

The power and feeling in this song is just unbelievable! Definitely one of Bon Jovi's best!

Hello this should be in top 3. This is hell amazing song!

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