You Give Love a Bad Name


This is my favorite song even now here in 2012. I love listening to it and playing on guitar hero. I think this should be his top song. I never stop listening to it, I probably never will. I mean livin' on a prayer isn't that great. I listen to it non stop on the bus.

People should actually listen to the songs before voting because living on a prayer is number one because it is so recognizable even though it's not as good as this song.

Easily the best Bon Jovi song, in fact I'm listening to it as I'm typing this SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOUR TO BLAME

One of the greats- you gotta love this song- the beat is brilliant and it's more likeable when you can relate to it. The tune's good as well- can't get better than this.

Listen. Livin on a Prayer is cool. But it will NEVER match You Give Love a Bad Name. That little guitar riff Richie does is simple yet AMAZING. Best Bon Jovi song.

Such an amazing song overall, every part of it, from the instruments to the lyrics, the chorus and just everything. Not to mention that it has a great energy.

I listen this song everywhere every time, n this song the best in my opinion cause this song so gentlemen and romantic rock forever and ever

Way better than it's my life and living on a prayer. I wish people listened to this song more, and then they would realize how great it truly is.

Easily Bon Jovi's best song. 'Its my life' is kind of overrated and definitely shouldn't be above this song...

This song I s to Bon Jovi what jump in to Van Halen. Slippery when wet has the top 3 Bon Jovi Songs ever & this is the gold medal winner!

This one and wanted dead or alive are just classic love them to death when I didn't have this album it was wanted (pun intended)

The sort of song that makes you want to drunkenly sing along while playing guitar on the piece of wood you glued to your hand...

When you listen to this song, then to It's My Life, you realise that there's no comparison. This is the best. Although It's My Life is a masterpiece

The sort of song that makes you go "yeah. Life is awesome". Definitely the best by Bon Jovi and my favourite song ever.

THIS SONG IS SO THE TOP. If you don't think this song is good, your insane, the electric solo beats all! GO BON JOVI!

This is the best bon jovi song! It should be number one even though it's not as famous as livin on a prayer

This song is one of the songs on my get psyched mix... Awesome song... Deserves to stand first on this list..!

I thought for sure this one would be the first, or at least the second. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, it's awesome.

My favorite song ever. I listen to this every day and still adore it. This song should be rated #1 in all charts for Bon Jovi

The very beginning really makes an impact. It's great from the start and is simply awesome.

My favorite Bon Jovi song and the first to introduce me to the band! In my mind, this is one.

I wasn't partial to this song at first, but it grew on me. Now, it's one of my favourite songs.

More clever lyrics, better instrumentals, and stronger solo than "Livin on a Prayer. "

The guitar in this song is epic! Best song, awesome lyrics... It gives you so much energy!

Great bon jovi it's the song on How I Met Your Mother