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1 Fantasy

From harry potter to percy jackson, must read!

Fantasy is King of all genres.

Fantasy is the best it always lightens my mood

Harry potter is the best!

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2 Murder Mystery

Mystery and Murder Mysteries are the best. - Luckys

John Dickson Carr, Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, Hake Talbot, Christianna Brand, Rex Stout. Fantastic authors all around...this is the best genre, easily!

Mystery is great. - KKwing

The Pit And The Pendulum, Tales of A Ragged Mountain, The Tell Tale Heart etc

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3 Comedy

This should be #1. Fantasy is overrated - Peppapigsucks

4 Horror

Goes so well with stuff focusing on murder as well as mystery but also reality since truth is stranger than fiction.

5 Choose Your Path

I have never heard of this. Is it even a genre?

"Choose your path" is technically a genre. I think it started with the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, and a few authors must've picked up on that. You can find tons of choose your path books at your local library or bookstores. You may not have seen them if you're an adult because the genre mainly consists of children's books.
I hope this helped

6 Spy
7 Action


8 Sci-Fi

There's always a promising plot in a good sci-fi book, and a thought-provoking stance in the best ones. - PositronWildhawk

I LOVE murder mystery,I'm not a huge fan of horror, I LOVE fantasy,I don't really like comedy books, I LOVE Choose your own path, but Science Fiction just HAD to be it. Some of the best books EVER are sci-fi. Hunger Games,Divergent,Enders Game,Man in the High Castle,and so much more are all great sci-if books/series. Case closed

9 Psychological Suspense

Makes you think about everything a little bit more. Provides detailed character backstories and messes with your mind.

Please... anyone seeking a really good - no it's insulting to say "good" - let me start again. If anyone is looking for a shocking, totally addictive cat-and-mouse, mind-game psychological suspense thriller, then you MUST check out Behind Closed Doors by the incredibly talented B.A. Paris. I cannot stress enough how clever, addictive and extremely well-written this is. If you love this genre, I promise you will not be disappointed; you may even devour it in a day and then go straight back to the beginning to start reading it all over again. I exaggerate not - it really is that good. A definite must-read. Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. Go check it out. Now! - Britgirl

Shutter island before I goto sleep the shining kind of

10 Romance

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11 Thriller
12 Dystopian

Find this genre very interesting! my fave!

This needs to be higher

It is the best genre it Has Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Giver

13 Comic Book
14 Graphic Novel
15 Narrative Nonfiction
16 Realistic Fiction

My book will be this

I love this genre because it includes real life dilemmas and detailed character descriptions.

Too bland and limited for my liking.

17 Adventure

Adventures are fun to go through, sure it isn't choose your own, but it is fun to be like a sort of 3rd person in the matter.

18 Handbook
19 Historical Fiction
20 Motivational
21 Erotica


I'm surprised this wasn't added sooner; it has quite a large audience. Although, I don't personally own any or have hardly even read any, I'd rather write erotica than read it. - Britgirl

22 Coming-Of-Age
23 Urban Fantasy
24 Cyberpunk
25 Young Adult Fiction
26 Steampunk
27 Weird West
28 Autobiography
29 Drama

Drama is a book genre that is written in script. I love theater, so I love Drama books 📚!

30 Fiction
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