Top 10 Book Series for Teens

There are thousands of story books to read. From Harry Potter to Hunger Games to Alex Rider. Wondering which to read? Here you'll find the top 10 story-books having everything from action to a beautiful story to a topping of romance. Suggested by a hardcore, dedicated book-worm these books are mainly for the teenage type...

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21 The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

I really feel like this series never gets enough credit. People are always saying that Percy Jackson is so much better and I do agree, but just because this is by Rick Riordan doesn't mean that it's automatically a Percy Jackson book- even if there are crossovers. It's a different series and a totally amazing one. I totally fell in love with the characters and the plot and devoured it like I would any other good book.

Ancient Egypt needs to be out there how many book series are about Greek or Roman Gods. These books were great but I recommend reading them in order it makes no sense otherwise.

I was hoping for more books in this series :-(

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22 The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

I just like the 1st book

WHAT? This Series is atrocious!

Best novel series of all time, so low in the list because those poor potter fans feel insecure.

Bella Swan is an useless Mary Sue.
Edward and Jacob look like bald Rhesus Monkeys and are abusive and rude.

Twilight sucks. - Lunala

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23 The Saga of Larten Crepsley by Darren Shan

Couldn't put them down!

24 The Power of Five by Anthony Horowitz

It is a very action-packed story. Mixed with myth and modernity it makes the story a must read. With a new character every book it makes the story very interesting too.

25 The 39 Clues by Various Authors

The books are awesome, the site gives the readers a real life experience.The complex characters and different personalities makes the series a fun and interesting read for readers of all ages.

The 39 clues is a action-packed and well executed story It has a great variety in its settings which makes it very interesting. Only, the books are quite short. I WANT MORE!

26 Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

A very very beautiful story. The plot is excellent and very well executed. A bit more action and a little less stretched and it would be at the top.

27 Warriors by Erin Hunter

Warriors is an amazing series with many great plots. For one, the characters are all very well developed. Second of all, the overall story line is so creative and well developed. And the books are for, well, almost all ages! It is one of the longest series that I have ever read, which brings up another point: it is enjoyed by many people. It would have to be, or else the Hunters would have stopped writing at book five. Also, the quotes and words of these books are so true and can by applied to anything.
Finally, the authors' voice is strong and suspenseful, which enraptures and enganges the read and almost makes me (at least! ) feel like I am fighting beside Ivypool, laughing with Graystripe and feeling Briarlight's sadness as she was parelized from her hind legs down. This series can be applied to any time period from 2000 up and it is one of the best series I have ever read. I don't only read Warriors, I now live in a different world, a world of Warriors.

Warriors is AWESOME! I feel like I'm with the Clans.

This book is a song, one that makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you smile.

I LOVE warriors!
It's a really awesome series and you NEED to read it!

28 Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

This trilogy was one of the best I've ever read. James Dashner is an excellent writer and isn't afraid to add curve balls here and there. You will never put the books down, so don't expect a lot of sleep. I usually don't cry when I read, but reading this I was crying, laughing, getting freaked out, living, and dying with all of the characters. After finishing you won't know what to do with your life! This trilogy will make you forget that you even exist and you'll be transported to another world. Anyone looking for a good read should definitely go to the library and check out the Maze Runner trilogy!

Thou shall not read this series alone without a heap of ice cream and a big box of tissues. - Fandom_Lover

Newt is perfect. Why isn't this higher, Newt is perfect.

29 Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
30 The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott
31 Middle School by James Patterson
32 Goosebumps

Love goosebumps, amazing books

33 Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

The book should have seventh part...

34 Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness

Without a doubt the greatest book trilogy I have ever read. It's a series that can make it's way to your heart in the blink of an eye with it's tragedy, drama, action and of course, it's signature twists. The characters, their world and their situation creates one of the most memorable storylines in all of fiction. Like Harry Potter it's one of those series' you'll want to finish but you won't want it to finish, y'know what I mean? A mature, creative, fun and thrilling book trilogy that I will forever treasure. If you haven't read this masterpiece, you better because it's phenomenal. - Suspect

What can I say about Chaos Walking? Interesting characters, a story that twists and turns, one of the best relationships I've seen in fiction and a lot more. Patrick Ness created a world I cannot forget and an ending that will never leave you until the end of your days.

I LOVE Chaos walking! When (you know who) dies, I cried and cried so much. I'm crying right now just thinking about it! Heart wrenching, emotional, I couldn't put it down! EVERYBODY THIS IS A MUST READ! VOTE NOW! Not to be bossy or anything!

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35 Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard

Probably the best book series to have a television series of the same name. - playstationfan66

36 The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney
37 Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

What this non existent book doing on here - TheKirbyCreeper999

Haha yeah I loved this series... in fourth grade. this is supposed to be a list for TEENS books not elementary graphic "novels" / books for lazy middle schoolers

Guys? Why hasn't anyone said this series's yet? It's so funny and the books are so AWESOME!

Is this for teens? Not. - Fandom_Lover

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38 The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

This and amazing Series. I couldn't put it down it is an amazing twist on the usual Disney princess cliche you know prince saves princess . It is almost like Disney and the Terminator decided to have a baby.

Amazing twist on the classic princess stories I LOVED it

This series is the best! so many twist and...ughhh so amazing


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39 Guardians of Ga' Hoole by Kathryn Lasky
40 Ulysses Moore Series by Pierdomenico Baccalario
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